A/N: This wasn't written for a particular fandom originally, but once I reread it a couple of times, I realized that it reminds me very much of Ken for some reason, albeit an older version of him being stupid and angsty, overanalyzing his relationship in the rain instead of doing it indoors like a sensible person.

Ken's POV on- who else?- Daisuke. ^ ^

"Can We Please Be Objective?"

Walking down a lonely city street

Crowded with strangers like me

I pause before your apartment

Thinking, "Can we please be objective?"

Because I know we were great friends once

It seems a shame to waste it

All because of affairs of the heart

Love is not an option

When you're already closer than family

And we were kissing just for practice-

Kissing just for fun, you said

So if I look at you and blush

It's only out of misplaced lusting

And if I get butterflies in my stomach

When I hear your voice-

Well, who says it means anything?

I certainly can't see it

Can we please be objective?

Kissing just for practice

In the middle of the street

Doesn't happen every day

But I don't see why it can't

And here I go again

So much for only practice

Can we please be objective

At a more convenient time?

* ende *