Where's Are You, Pooky?

It was a quiet day at the Arbuckle house, Odie was running around outside, and Jon was reading the paper. Garfield, instead of eating lasagna, was searching for something. Where is he?, Garfield thought. He was looking for Pooky. The last time he saw him was when he was going to sleep. He rummaged around in the drawers of Jon's bedroom dresser. Jon heard the racket Garfield was making upstairs. "Garfield, keep it down!" Jon yelled not taking his eyes off the paper. Garfield then suddenly came out of Jon's room and sprinted toward the front door, slamming it on the way out, while startling Jon.


Garfield spotted Odie chasing a butterfly. Of course, Odie did have the size of a peanut. He than asked Odie if he knew where Pooky was. "Odie, have you seen Pooky?" Garfield ask with concern in his voice. He was mentally attached to that teddy bear. Odie simply shook his head.


After hours and hours of looking for Pooky, Garfield decided to take a break. "I'm really hungry" Garfield said while his stomach growled. He open the fridge and what he saw surprised him. He had to rub his eyes and blink. It was Pooky! He was wearing a birthday hat. A note was attached to Pooky's paw. It read "Happy Birthday, Garfield!" He hugged the bear and smiled. "Thank you, Pooky." Garfield said.