I don't own anyone but Diamond.

We had never really talked to each other. He was a pitcher, but not just any pitcher the best pitcher in town. I was a girl who painted perfectly. I grew up in a family with 5 brothers and I was the youngest. I had straight auburn hair that I pulled into a lose braid and dull greenish eyes.

"Diamond!" Joseph called up the stairs. He was the oldest at 19 years old. Owen was the next one, 17 years old. Damien was 15, then the twins Alex and Jeremy were 14. I was 12 years old.

"What?" I asked looking up from my mural. I was painting a mural of one of my brother's old baseball cards. It was of someone named Babe Ruth, I don't know.

"When did Dad say he was coming home?" Joseph asked.

"I don't know I've been up here all day." I replied.

"It's too hot for you to do that," Owen stated. I didn't really care all that much about the temperature I only cared about getting this picture done.

"Well I'm ordering a pizza," Joseph taunted. I finished a few strokes and then decided that was a good place to stop. The card had been painted but I still needed to do the background.

"No mushrooms!" I called walking down the stairs. Mushrooms were gross.

The next day

I walked towards the old dusty baseball diamond that had allowed me to create some of my best works. They called it the sandlot. Kenny played there and he was good. We had never really talked and from what I had known about him, we had nothing to talk about. A bunch of boys in a little league uniform stopped in front of me.

"Hey Diamond haven't seen you in awhile, maybe you could get Damien to play for us again?" Their leader said.

"Maybe but he hasn't had very much free time since mom was diagnosed," I said.

"How is your mom doing?" The leader asked.

"She's gotten worse," I sighed.

"I'm sorry," The leader said truthfully apologetic. He was about my age and Damien had taken him under his wing when he was 7 and this kid had been 4.

"She'll be fine by Christmas," I sighed. That's what she always said.

"See ya," The leader mumbled.

"Yeah," I muttered. We walked in different paths and I hopped into an old oak tree. I started sketching a dog. It looked like a cross between a German Sheppard and a Rottweiler. It had sharp fangs and was smiling with innocent eyes. I didn't know whether to adore or fear my creation. I heard the trampling of footsteps and hid. It was only Benny but these guys were not ones to mess with. I knew each one by name. There was Benny a real baseball prodigy according to Damien at least, then there was Ham a real bully if you ask me. Squints who's a full on pervert, Yeah yeah he talks a lot, Bertram a weird kid. Timmy and Tommy a little weird as well I'll give you that, Scotty was the only real nice boy on the team. Of course there was Kenny as well.

These guys were not the type of people to mess with when they were mad. Somehow I think having a girl on their field would make them mad, luckily though once they started playing they got really into the game. Naturally once they started playing I started drawing.

I needed inspiration so I looked up. Kenny pitched and there it was. I took a mental picture and set pencil to paper. Drawing his curved arm, and twisted body, wasn't altogether hard. I roughly sketched the pitcher's mound and the background of trees and the fence. By the time they left for the day the sun had already started to dip into the horizon. I waited for them all to leave before I hopped down from the old oak. Scotty was the only one still there. Which I hadn't realized until he noticed me and it was too late to hide in a nearby bush.

"Hey what were you doing?" Scotty asked as I snatched my sketch book. I didn't acknowledge him. "What were you doing up in that tree?" Scotty questioned pointing at my past hiding place.

"Watching the game from the best seat in the house of course!" I lied enthusiastically.

"What's that then?" Scotty asked pointing at my sketch book which I desperately hugged in my arms.

"Uh it's my sketch book," I replied. "You can look through it if you want," I said handing it over. He flipped through it, examining each picture.

"You're really good, if you want tomorrow I could introduce you to the guys," Scotty offered.

"Mm no, I don't think that would help ether of our causes," I replied shooting down that idea.

"Okay, so what should I do?" Scotty asked.

"Pretend like this never happened. We never met," I said.

"Okay but what's your name any way?" Scotty asked.

"Diamond," I replied.

"I'm Scotty, nice to not really meet you," Scotty said. I smiled a little we walked home somewhat together. He lived in a very pink house, like baby girl pink. I walked into my house and ran upstairs to finish my mural.

The card on the mural was in varying shades of brown and dark orange with some reddish highlights. I decided to use a cream color and a beige color to make the background to look like a creased cloth. It was very detailed when it was finished.

"Dinner time!" Owen said walking into my room. "Damien got to you too much," He laughed noticing my latest canvas mural.

"It's not funny! Besides I worked on those posters for your band when you needed me to," I complained.

"True but tonight we're having ribeye steak," Owen teased. I loved ribeye steaks I really did.

"Dad's blitzed again?" I asked. The smile faded from Owen's face and he nodded in shame. "Figures, he almost always drunk," I sighed shaking my head.