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Hiccup could hear his dragon Toothless snoring away in the corner of his room. It wasn't a loud snoring like Hiccup's dad, who snored like a chainsaw, but a deep grumbling in the back of Toothless' throat. It was slightly comforting, knowing he was there.

Hiccup hoisted himself out of bed, fighting the urge to curl up under his warm blankets again, stretched and sighed. Toothless heard the noise and opened an acid green eye to look at his rider. Satisfied that Hiccup wasn't in the throes of a nightmare, Toothless stood and arched his back, stretching out his wings as much as he could in the small room.

The two made their way downstairs were a fire roared happily in the fireplace, lighting the room in a warm glow. Hiccup's dad, Stoic the Vast sat by the table watching the flames dance as he stuffed a large meat sandwich in his face. Crumbs hung in his great red beard but he didn't seem to mind. Probably saving it for later.

"Mornin' Hiccup! Sleep well?" Stoic managed past the food in his mouth. After the battle with the Queen Dragon, Stoic had made a huge change; welcoming his son home, saying goodnight or good morning, just the small things. But it made a world of difference to Hiccup. The Chief had even gone as far as to place Hiccup in charge of training the new recruits and dragons.

"Good, thanks. I'm gonna go fly with Toothless this morning before the training starts," he patted the dragon on the head who purred happily and dug into his morning basket of cod, his favorite, "I haven't had the chance in a while. Been busy and all…" Hiccup grabbed a few rolls of bread and a waterskin and headed out the door.

"Bye Son!" Stoic called as Toothless scrambled to down the last of his fish before darting out the door after Hiccup.

"You ready Buddy?" Hiccup asked as Toothless bounced around threatening to knock down several racks of weapons and fish. He strapped the saddle down and attached the waterskin. Hiccup hooked himself to the saddle just in time as Toothless bounded forward flapping his wings, propelling them into the welcoming blue sky.

"Woohoo!" Hiccup pumped his fists into the air as they flew over the Island of Berk. Flying was the most amazing feeling ever. The wind against your cheeks, ruffling through your hair; the way his stomach flip-flopped with every dive and spin the dragon and rider would pull off. It was amazing in the most indescribably way. It was truly something you had to experience to understand.

"So Buddy, where you feel up to going today?" Hiccup leaned forward and petted the black dragon on the head, earning him a deep purr. Just as Toothless was about to turn in the direction he wanted to go, when in the distance they saw a black…thing…streaking towards the forest just off Raven Point. A shriek pierced the air and Toothless perked his ears at the sound before speeding toward the black streak. As they drew closer Hiccup squinted and saw great black wings struggling to keep airborne. It was a dragon! A black dragon fall/flying to earth with dangerous speeds.

"C'mon Toothless!" Hiccup yelled over the wind tearing past them and the Night Fury pumped his wings to go faster.

They didn't make it in time.

The black dragon crashed into the forest with an agonizing screech that sent a chill down Hiccup's spine. Still, he willed his dragon fly faster. Hiccup spotted a great pine nearly torn in half and motioned Toothless to land.

The destruction was incredible; it was like finding Toothless all over again. The dirt was carved from the dragon's crash landing; branches broken and dangling uselessly from their owners; spots of blood smeared across the surrounding greenery. This was bad.

Hiccup and Toothless followed the trail of destruction to the cove where Hiccup had found and made friends with Toothless. The feeling of déjà vu nearly overwhelmed Hiccup and Toothless as they edged close to the cove and gasped.

Half lying in the pond and breathing heavily was another Night Fury! But something was off. It was smaller, larger wings yes, but it was smaller. And its left wing was bent at an awkward angle and it was cradling its front right paw. Toothless crawled down from where they sat, Hiccup right behind him. The Night Fury's head shot up and growled at the approaching dragon and man. Its electric blue eyes bore into Toothless, pupils slit as far as they would go. Hiccup took a slow, deliberate step forward but backed up as the injured Night Fury roared at him. Toothless took a defensive stance in front of his rider. No one threatened his Hiccup!

The injured Night Fury looked around itself frantically and struggled to stand. It yelped as it flexed its wing and growled when Toothless tried to approach. It limped heavily over to the side of the cove, not daring to turn its back on the other Night Fury and the man beside him. It carefully flapped its good wing and began crawling its way up the side, smearing blood on the white rocks behind it.

"Stop! You'll hurt yourself even more!" Hiccup cried as Toothless growled in a friendly way. The bleeding Night Fury slipped and crashed down painfully on its busted wing. Its ear-splitting screech of pain forced Hiccup to cover his ears. It turned to Toothless and whimpered. Toothless replied with a low grumble and motioned Hiccup to mount him.

Hiccup jumped on and strapped himself down without question and Toothless flew over to the injured Night Fury and slowly, carefully, wrapped his paws around its middle. It whimpered in pain again and slowly, carefully, Toothless and Hiccup flew up and over the edge of the cove.

"We have to get it back to the village ok Buddy?" Hiccup leaned over to look at the injured Night Fury dangling from Toothless' paws. Blood oozed slowly from one of its ears. Just as they passed the beginning the ruins of the crash landing, the injured Night Fury began roaring painfully and squirming in Toothless' grasp. The larger black dragon slowed and landed carefully before he dropped the squirming dragon who roared painfully into the woods. Hiccup hopped off Toothless as the other Night Fury crawled over rock and fallen trees. It roared again painfully looking around frantically.

The dragon must have found what it was looking for because it roared again before struggling up past a group of dead trees to a small clearing laced with mossy stones. It smeared blood as it went but it didn't seem to mind as it crawled frantically to the clearing. It was then Hiccup finally saw what the dragon was heading towards.

A tuft of red hair and a hand peeked over the white rocks.

"Oh mighty Thor," he whispered before darting forward to watch the injured Night Fury carefully nudge at the unconscious girl that lay crumbled over the mossy stones.