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The next day, Hiccup and Astrid headed towards the healer's house in the early hours of the morning. Hiccup yawned loudly, not getting much in the way of sleep last night. He'd felt too guilty and it had eaten at him, causing him to toss and turn all night till Toothless growled in his corner of the room and swatted at the boy with his one tailfin. Astrid had been on her way over to the healer's to see how Alani was doing when she saw Hiccup heading the same way so they walked side-by-side in silence. Hiccup yawned again.

"Sleep well?" Astrid asked sarcastically. Hiccup made a face and they laughed.

"What's so funny?" a voice behind them asked. Hiccup and Astrid turned to see Ruff and Tuff exiting their house and walking towards them. Ruffnut wasted no time in glaring at the Chief's son; still mad about yesterday he figured.

"Ruff? Tuff? What in Odin's Great Name are you two doing up so early?" Astrid asked shocked, "You two don't usually wake till noon!"

The twins shrugged nonchalantly and began walking towards the healer's. Soon after, Fishlegs and Snotlout joined them and the whole group was gathered in front of the little hut where Alani currently lay. Astrid stepped forward.

"Wait right here. I'm gonna go make sure she'd decent, unlike last time," the blonde mumbled under her breath before knocking and disappearing inside the hut. Grumbling was heard and something was scrapped across the floor. If Astrid's 'Where are her clothes?!' question was anything to go by, then Alani was not 'decent'.

After a few minutes, Astrid opened the door for the group and the all trudged in. Alani was sitting up in her bed, sipping a milk-and-honey concoction the old lady had come up with and chewing on a sweet roll. Alani smiled at them as they came in, waving a sweet roll in their direction. Spitfire lifted her head from her hiding place, under Alani's bed and chirped cheerfully at the guests.

"Hey guys, what's going on?" the red-haired girl asked. Ruff and Tuff sat on the bed beside her and began chatting about what they should do today, things that wouldn't involve reopening any wounds. Alani blushed slightly and apologized for ruining their day.

"It's no big deal," Tuffnut nodded, cracking his neck, "What bothers me is that you didn't even tell us about your injuries."

Alani stopped smiling and stared at her sweet roll sadly.

"I didn't want to ruin your fun," Alani started. Spitfire nudged the girl's hand slightly before stealing one of the sweet rolls off her platter.

The gang stared.

"Well I guess if you look at it the right way, you did ruin our fun by not telling us," Tuffnut stated plainly, not missing the way Alani stiffened under their gaze, "I mean with the blood and the feast yesterday and keeping us all worried all night."

Astrid shut the male twin up forcefully.

"What he's trying to say is: you really worried us yesterday. Although I guess Hiccup and I could've told them everything beforehand. Maybe then you wouldn't have had to get stitched up again," she finished smiling kindly at the crimson-haired girl. Alani smiled sadly, but in understanding. She brightened and looked them each in the eye.

"So what are we gonna go do today?"

She caught the looks everyone gave her.

"-that won't hurt me," she added.

The group visibly relaxed and Alani laughed. Spitfire looked around the room at the sound. Figuring everything was alright by the smile on Alani's face, Spitfire slid out from under the girl's bed and made her way out to Toothless hanging out outside by the window looking in. As much as he wanted to be inside where Hiccup and his friends were, the great black dragon knew better. There was only so much room in the healer's house and Toothless knew enough to not squeeze his way inside with so many people already in there. He chirped happily when Spitfire nudged open the door and slid out into the open.

Even though Toothless had never seen another Night Fury, not even his parents, Spitfire was something to behold. Her scales were as black as his and shone whenever she moved. She moved with a grace that he guessed could only be achieved through her being a female. Smaller limbs and body with the elongated tailfins and wings played a great deal in her higher agility. She was beautiful; there was no other way for Toothless to describe her. A warm bubbly feeling erupted somewhere in his stomach, like he was about to spew his deadly purple fire, only he wasn't. He felt his heartbeat speed up as Spitfire's blue eyes met his acid-green ones.

Meanwhile inside the healer's house, the gang was trying to come up with ideas on how to spend the day that didn't include Alani getting hurt further than she already was. Needless to say, they were coming up short. Everything everyone suggested involved moving in ways that would definitely the injured red-head.

Ruff and Tuff had suggested arm-wrestling but that was quickly shot down.

Astrid thought about sharpening hers and others' weapons but Alani couldn't even pick up the sharpening-stone without pulling at the newly-stitched skin.

Snotlout told Alani that she could come watch him work out but the gang declined, some more harshly than others.

"Damn," Ruffnut scoffed at the lack of good ideas flowing through the room, "This is harder than I thought. Who knew most of our games meant moving so much."

Hiccup laughed lightly. It was true; most of the games the Viking teens played were very much into the extensive activities and not something Alani would be doing for some time. A very long time if her wounds were to reopen again.

"How 'bout we take her out into the forest and draw? Spitfire could carry her out there and drawing doesn't require much movement," Fishlegs spoke up. The twins, Snotlout and Astrid all looked at each other. It was true that drawing wouldn't hurt Alani; the thought of sitting around all day drawing (something they were absolutely horrible at) bored them to death. But it was the only suggestion and by the smile on Alani's face, she thought it was a marvelous idea. Much better than arm-wrestling or watching Snotlout work out.

So not 5 minutes later, after convincing the healer what they were going to do would NOT hurt Alani, they were on their way towards the forest. Hiccup lead the way towards the cove where he had first found Toothless and where they had met Spitfire. The female Night Fury was slowly making her way around large moss covered boulders and fallen trees with Alani on her back. The ride was smooth but every now and then Alani would wince as she stretched or pulled at the stitches on her back. All the while, Fishlegs and Tuffnut would pepper her with questions about her home.

Alani came from an island in the far South, a warm and humid climate; completely different from the Isle of Berk, which was cold and harsh. If it weren't for the clothes donated to her by Astrid and Ruffnut, Alani would have frozen a long time ago. The island she came from was rich with natural treasures.

Before her parents died when she was 6 winters old, she had been part of a Pearl-Diving training team. She and others her age would practice diving to the bottom of the warm ocean floor and search for clams, conches and other shellfish that hid treasures within. Granted the teams never actually managed to bring up any of the oceans goodies, it was only practice. Alani had been the only one to ever manage to get to the floor of the clear-blue ocean before she had to come back up for air. Her parents had been so proud of her that day.

At this, she had the attention of every Viking teen in their group. Clam-diving was a preposterous idea; absolutely ridiculous! Sure all the Vikings learned to swim from a very early age but that was so they wouldn't drown, not to dive down the ocean floor to gather up things. That and the water this far North was too cold to swim in for long unless you were a big beefy Viking like Hiccup's dad, Stoick. But if wasn't for fun as Alani described it. Swimming in the ocean surrounding the Isle of Berk was only a test of endurance and strength; a show of who was strongest.

"What about the Sky Snakes that attacked you?" asked Snotlout out of curiosity. Neither he nor any of the other Vikings had ever heard of such a dragon. Alani giggled slightly and slid down off Spitfire with help from Tuffnut. They had finally reached the cove and were making themselves comfortable around Alani as the girl continued her tale.

"They're called Sky Serpents," Alani smiled. Snotlout's cheeks turned a light pink in embarrassment, "They're beautiful dragons that only Odin can control. Once a year, my village would set out offerings of pearls and food and other things. The Sky Serpents would take the offerings and fly off into the sky to Odin's palace to present him with our gifts and he would bless our island home with both peace and prosperity," Alani smiled, eyes glazed over in memories, "There would be great parties and feasts after the Sky Serpents left for Odin's palace. If the Serpents took the offerings it meant that Odin was pleased and he'd bless us for another year," Alani stared down at her hands, the smile disappearing off her face, "But then the Sky Serpents attacked my village and killed my parents. After that, I was seen at the reason why Odin's messengers attacked us; I became the cursed child and was run out of my home. Not long after that, I met Spitfire and she took me under her wing."

The red-haired girl chuckled at the play on words, but it was hollow.

Hiccup 'hmm'ed thoughtfully and then whipped out his sketchbook and handed it to her. She took it and eyed his confusedly.

"Think you can draw a Sky Serpent? It'd be great if we could add one in our dragon book," the son of the chief smiled kindly and Alani swallowed.

"What?" Hiccup asked. Alani looked at him and back to the sketchbook.

"I'm not very good at drawing."

Hiccup smiled.

"No problem. Just get the basics down and we can take it from there ok?"

Alani nodded and opened to a fresh page in Hiccup's sketchbook.

While Alani set to work on drawing the Sky Serpent, Hiccup took a moment to look at Alani; I mean really look at the across from him. He hadn't had time to do it before because she had been injured and there were tons of things keeping his mind occupied. Her red hair had been pulled back into a braid again, small strands of crimson escaping the hair-do swaying slightly in the breeze. Her sky-blue eyes darted back and forth across the page, losing herself in the picture she was drawing. Her freckled nose twitched and the girl stopped drawing for a second to scratch it before diving right back where she left off.

Hiccup sighed and rose from the ground. Alani looked up startled at the sudden movement. Seeing that nothing was wrong she smiled and went back to her drawing.

Hiccup walked over to where Astrid and the rest of the gang were talking about what Alani said about her island home.

"Doesn't it sound fantastic?" Ruffnut gushed, "Warm, sandy beaches and water you can swim in without freezing!" She closed her eyes and giggled at the thought.

While Ruffnut went off into her own little world, Snotlout and Tuffnut were excitedly chatting with each other about having some of the men from her village teach them how to spit fire like a dragon. That would surely get them a whole horde of girls.

"We'll be so popular with the ladies, we'll have to beat 'em off with a stick!" Snotlout exclaimed happily, butting heads with Tuffnut who grinned stupidly.

"Yeah and if all the girls on the island look anything like Alaniā€¦" he let the sentence hang, probably because he didn't know what say after that.

Astrid noticed Hiccup walking towards them and stepped towards him.

"Hey. Whatcha think 'bout Alani's home? Sounds cool doesn't it?" the blonde rested her hands on her hips, looking past him at Alani sitting by her tree drawing. Spitfire was leaning over the red-head's shoulder watching her intently, big blue eyes following the movements of the pencil.

Hiccup followed Astrid's gaze and nodded.

"It sounds really cool. Almost makes you wanna go visit, huh?" Hiccup asked. Astrid contemplated the notion but before she could get a word in, Ruffnut crashed into them with a grin that easily stretched from one ear to the other.

"That's a great idea!" she exclaimed loudly, drawing the boys' attention to them.

"What's a great idea?" Tuffnut asked stupidly. Snotlout nodded his confusion.

"Going to visit Alani's island! Hiccup, you're a genius!" Ruffnut threw her arms open wide, "I mean think about it; we could visit her village, see the Sky Snakes for ourselves and swim in the ocean and go Pearl-diving or whatever it is she used to do!"

"That's actually not a bad idea," came a voice from behind them. The gang turned to see Alani holding out Hiccup's sketchbook to him.

"Are you sure? I mean I thought you were kicked out. 'Cause of what happened with your parents and everything?" Hiccup said as he thumbed through the sketchbook for the page Alani had drawn on. Alani nodded.

"That way, we can bring someone who can actually draw," she smiled sheepishly as Hiccup finally found the page. Alani was right. She was not a very good artist. The Sky Serpent she'd been drawing didn't look anything like a snake with wings. It looked more like a cross between a yak and a chicken. That had squiggly lines all around it.

"What's this stuff around it?" Hiccup asked nervously. He didn't want to hurt Alani's feelings about her drawing but he really had no idea what most of this was. Alani blushed and looked at her feet as everyone gathered around to look at her horrid drawing.

"T-that's supposed to be the lightning they use to attack," she squirmed uncomfortably.

Nope, Hiccup could not see that it looked anything like lightning. Sighing he closed the sketchbook and put on a kind smile.

"I'll talk to my dad about going to your island Alani. I'm pretty good at drawing so we won't need any extra passengers and-"

Hiccup was interrupted by several loud 'wohoo!'s from everyone present, including Astrid. He could help but smile at their energy.

"But we'll only leave after Alani's all healed, alright?" he asked the group. They immediately calmed, nodding and muttering 'oh yeah's. Then Astrid piped up.

"Alright then! Let's head back to the village and let Chief Stoick know," she elbowed Hiccup playfully in the side, "Wouldn't want him worrying about where you've gone off to this time Hiccup."

The brunette smiled and started walking towards the village. Alani and Spitfire trailed after them slowly. Spitfire noticed the sad smile on Alani's face and nudged her rider gently. Alani gave a start, pulled out from wherever her mind had wandered off to and pet the worried Night Fury with another sad smile.

"Looks like I'm going home sooner than I thought, huh girl?"

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