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"Get up you lazy fuck. It's lunchtime, and you haven't even opened your goddamn eyes." I groan, turning over and shoving my pillow over my ears to block out Karkat's voice.

"But I'm tiiiirrred." I whine as he yanks the pillow away, glaring down at me.

"All you ever do these days is sleep. Get up. Lunch in almost ready." With that, he leaves, and fuck, the way he walks is sexy as hell.

I groan again, sitting up and rubbing a hand over my face, hand fumbling for my glasses off the nightstand. After slipping them on, I swing my feet onto the floor and stretch for several long moments before relaxing. Letting out a sigh, I let my eyes slowly meander around the room, so obviously the home of two college students. Clothes litter the floor, both desks are piled high with papers and textbooks, and there are about five different sized easels scattered here and there. Having got rid of the two twin beds to replace it with a queen, it left an entire wall next to the closet for Karkat's latest project, a eight-by-ten foot portrait of Rosa Parks on canvas cloth.

A smile tugs at my lips, and I stand, stretching again and leaving the room without putting on a shirt or changing out of my sweats. The hall is messier than our room, if that's possible, only a narrow path cutting through my spare computer parts and KK's art supplies.

There's an absolutely wonderful aroma coming from the kitchen, and you thank your lucky stars he'd moved in with you, 'cause if not, you'd be surviving on cup-ramen and takeout. On the door separating the kitchen and the hallway is a calendar of school photos Jade and Strider had made for last Christmas, and I have today starred in the corner. I'd marked the date immediately after getting it, refusing to tell KK what it was for. He'd asked at least once every week since then, keeping a constant reminder that I had to go through with this, or I'd never forgive myself.

I open the door quietly, leaning against the doorjamb to watch Karkat as he stands at the stove, throwing last-minute ingredients into a pot. He's muttering under his breath, probably measurements and insults, and you hold back a snicker.

He runs an absent hand through his hair, looking over at an open cookbook on the counter, moving his bangs out of his eyes. His locks are blacker now than I'd ever seen out of pictures, but several top layers are still a rather dark indigo. I don't know what kind of dye he'd used, or how he's managed to keep the color this long, but I can't say it looks bad, especially with his burgundy irises.

Do it now, you dumbfuck. He's not expecting it, and if you back out now, you'll never do it. With my stomach churning like an overfilled washing machine, I walk up behind Karkat and wrap my arms around his waist. He jumps in surprise, turning his head back and up to look at me.

"Holy fuck, Sollux! You scared the shit out of me!" I smirk, nuzzling my nose into his hair. I don't think he realizes how long I'd wanted to do this.

"I'm thorry." I mumble, only to be greeted by a snort.

"No you're not." I'm grinning now, sweeping in to peck him on the cheek.

"No, I'm not." Oh, the appearance of Karkat's glorious blush. He swats lightly at my hands.

"Get off, fucker. I'm trying to cook."

"Yeah, trying." I tease, pulling him closer.

"Shut up." I slowly inhale the scent of Karkat's shampoo. I've already memorized it, but this close, its just like heaven.

"Tho, what are you 'trying' to cook?"

"What does it look like?" I glance down into the pot Karkat is slowly stirring. It looks like some kind of soup...

"I don't have a clue. It jutht lookth like green water."

"Ha, uneducated fuck. It's called 'chicken noodle soup'. Say it with me: CHIIIICK-IIIN SOUUUP."

"Oi, I get it. Exthcuthe me for not being a nerdy brat, like yourthelf." This earns me another slap to the hands, but I don't let go.

And Karkat doesn't protest. Instead he settles in closer to my chest, and holy fuck he's going to kill me for not doing this properly, but I have to ask

"Will you marry me?"

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