A/N: Believe it or not, a Kaidai that does not once mention either whips or delicious squirming. Believe me, I'm as frightened as you are. The Kaiser's POV.

"Perfect Fit"

I was walking through the forest

Going nowhere in particular

When I heard your voice cry out

A shout from an empty sepulcher

I looked around and found you

In a storm of your own emotion

Lonely in your hurricane

Your tears enough to fill the ocean

Looking at you through rose-

Colored glasses I couldn't see

You sorrowful expression

Or understand your misery

So I took them off and left them

Down by the riverside

And then I went to see you

And ask you why you cried

I took a seat beside you

Much to my own surprise

Asked you what was going on

But you wouldn't meet my eyes

So here we sit, the two of us

Are we friend or foe?

I used to think I understood

But right now I just don't know

So we watch the clouds go by

And I take your hand in mine

You don't pull away

And I am hoping that's a sign

The contrast of your skin

Against my glove is the most

Surprising thing in the world

Making me feel as pale as a ghost

I can't even begin to understand

The feelings in my mind

That have me reaching out to you

Trying to be kind

Suddenly you squeeze my hand

And for a moment meet my eyes

Instantly I know that you

Can see through all my lies

Then in a flash I understand

Your loneliness and pain

I smile without thinking

An emotion I cannot contain

So perhaps our strange companionship

Has more than meets the eye to it

That would at least explain

Why our hands are such a perfect fit.