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"Well here we are Viridian City!" Gary exclaimed as they approached the grand city, which was a sight to behold. After the evil Giovanni left the Viridian Gym, the intimidating Viridian City was not so intimidating anymore, and the town flourished with more trainers eager to win their badge against the new gym leader, who was indeed, Gary Oak. Although Gary was also a researcher, he managed the gym to maintain his Pokemon skills.

"Awesome, I haven't seen this city for a while," Ash said with a grin, and lightly slapped Gary on the back.

"Good job on getting the Gym Leader status by the way."
Gary sheepishly scratched the back of his head and nodded while he lead them to his house near the gym. It was already evening time, and Leaf didn't feel like flying in the night across Viridian Forest. Ash had wondered why they didn't just let Mew teleport them all to Pewter City, but Gary insisted that this was quality time to be spent together. Gary's house was very modest and ordinary but cozy, with three floors (not including the basement), three bath, and four bedrooms. Once inside Ash and Leaf stared in awe at the similarity of Gary's lab compared to that of his grandfather. Gary was sitting in his favorite recliner while Leaf and Ash were setting together on the spacious couch.

"Well Ash and Leaf, what Pokemon do you have on hand right now?" Gary asked after they got settled down and Gary saw that Leaf was getting physically closer and closer to Ash.

"Sure, besides these two," Ash motioned to Pikachu and Mew who were fighting over a bottle of ketchup and barely noticed looks going their way, "I have Lucario, Charizard, Sceptile, and Garchomp."
"Yeah yeah yeah I already know them I was there at the lab, how about you Leaf," Gary asked, giving the pretty brunette a grin.

"Uh, I have my Dragonite, Nidoqueen, Espeon, Scyther, Venusaur and Blaziken."
Gary and Ash both looked really impressed.

"Wow Leaf, you have a lot of rare and strong Pokemon! Where did you get Blaziken, I know May had one," Ash recalled, remembering how strong the fighting/fire dual type Pokemon was.

"Oh, Blaziken is one of the new additions to my team; May gave me an egg her Blaziken had to me a few years ago and I raised the Torchic that hatched to her final form," Leaf said while smoothing out her hair nervously, "Though she's not much of a battler."

"What do you mean? Usually fighting types are very aggressive," Gary asked; he had just spent a few months studying fighting types and they all seemed like they were meant to battle.

Ash sipped his coffee and thought for a moment before adding,

"If you'd like, I'll help you train Blaziken to be a better battler."
"Would you really?" Leaf replied excitedly and looked down embarrassingly, "Sorry though, I haven't got much experience with fighting types."
"It's all good Green Leaf," Ash said with a grin while Leaf blushed at his nickname for her, "I have a Lucario that I used to train with all the time. I'm sure he and I can teach Blaziken a few things or two."
"What do you mean Ash? How are you going to teach Blaziken fighting skills and the will to battle?" Gary asked, Ash wasn't a Pokemon, and he certainly didn't know any fighting type moves.

"Ah, I forgot to mention that I learned to fight with Aura, with the help of Mew," Ash answered chuckling at the fact that he left such an important fact out. Mew giggled at the expressions of Gary and Leaf's faces.

"What?! You know how to use Aura?" Gary exclaimed, remembering the childhood stories of the great Aura Guardians, who were said to be able to take on even Pokemon themselves.

"Yeah I learned that I could use it from that incident at the Tree of Beginning," Ash's face glinted with sadness for a bit. Gary and Leaf both didn't question though, as they knew what happened because of the newspaper. However the paper didn't state that Ash was involved in the incident where a several century year old Lucario saved his town again by sacrificing his Aura at the Tree of Beginnings like did his master.

"Mew took me there and helped me train my Aura. That's where I met my Lucario as well."
"Wait is your Lucario the Lucario?" Leaf asked, still surprised at everything that Ash was blurting out.

"No no no no, he was once just a wild Riolu that was interested in my Aura training with Mew and wanted to join me, so I gladly accepted him as a pupil," Ash replied, smiling as he remembered the determination of his Lucario to get stronger. That determination had also made him grow stronger.

"Can you show us something?" Gary asked excited like a little boy.

"Sure, come on out Lucario," Ash said while tossing the Pokeball up. A strong looking jackal appeared looking around and then said,

'Yes Master?'

"He can talk?!" Both Leaf and Gary exclaimed in shock.

"You can hear him too? Hm maybe Mewtwo activated Lucario's Aura communication power as well," Ash murmured quietly.

"What was that?" Gary asked.

"Oh, it's one of the powers of Aura, communication," Ash answered half lying.

"That's so cool!" Leaf and Gary gushed at the slightly blushing Ash and Lucario.

"Lucario attack me," Ash said while nodding, then closed his eyes. The blue jackal swung at him several times, only to hit thin air as Ash smoothly dodged. Leaf and Gary stared in awe, amazed at how effortless each dodge was.

"That's called Observational Aura, you can sense things around you even with your eyes closed and it helps me dodge as well," Ash explained after Lucario stepped back.

"We can also read people's minds, create barriers and attack with aura."
"Wait-can you really read our minds?" Leaf asked embarrassed at the thought of Ash knowing all the dirty things that popped in her mind when he was around her.

"Not at the moment, I haven't advanced that far yet," Ash sighed, clearly disappointed while Mew giggled.

"All in due time young Ashy," Mew said telepathically.

"Oh so you finally decided to communicate telepathically now," Ash responded

while Gary and Leaf were shocked frozen.

"YEP! I was busy with my mind on other things," Mew said mischievously, earning a sweatdrop from the three, none wanting to ask what sorts of things Mew was pondering about.

'Oh please, all she thinks about are food and toys,' Pikachu exclaimed to the glare of Mew.

'Do not!' Mew said aloud and was only understood by Pikachu, Lucario and Ash.

'Do too!'
'Do not!'

'Do too!'

'Do not!'

'Do too!'

'Do not!'

'Do too!'

'Do not!'

'Do too!'

'Do too!'

'Do not!'

'See,' Mew said happily, 'I don't.'

Pikachu was very confused then realized Mew had tricked him in saying 'Do not' and facepalmed. The rest of the group stared at them awkwardly before Leaf cleared her throat and asked,

"So would you please help my Blaziken? I want her to learn some fighting skills even if she can't learn Aura,"
"Sure Leaf, anything for my friend," Ash said with a wide smile.
"Yay! Thanks Ash," Leaf said while giving him a small hug. She then released her Blaziken. The bipedal, chicken like pokemon stepped shyly out of her Pokeball, looking around at two other humans, a Pikachu, Lucario, and surprisingly a Mew.

'Miss Mew,' Blaziken said while kneeling down.

'No need for such formalities Blazy, Ash here is going to teach you a few new fighting skills,' Mew replied with a slight giggle.

'Who is this Ash?'

'He is the Chosen One,' Pikachu responded to the shock on Blaziken's face, 'And my best buddy.'

'Why would the Chosen One choose to help someone like me?'

'Because he's friends with your trainer. You should listen to your trainer now since she's giving directions,' Pikachu added, pointing to Leaf, who was oblivious to her Blaziken's lack of attention. Her eye contact was focused on Ash, which did not go unnoticed by the Pokemon.

'It seems your trainer has quite a thing for young Ashy,' Mew said with a grin while looking at Pikachu, who smiled back deviously. Blaziken sweatdropped but decided not to question further but instead listen to what her trainer had to say. Leaf was basically introducing Ash and Lucario, who were going to be her mentors for a few days or until she got the hang of fighting up close. Blaziken had never really liked fighting, for battling as a Torchic and even as a Combusken she liked to stay out of reach and firing fire projectiles at her opponent. But now since she had evolved into the dual fighting/fire final evolution, Blaziken knew this would not help her for now as it was her duty to put her genetics to use.

"Alright Leaf, it's quite late so let's call it a day," Gary said while looking at the clock. They were all quite tired and it was already 10:30, so they recalled their Pokemon and headed upstairs to the bedrooms. Gary lead them to a guest room, fully equipped with a queen sized bed, a TV, and a lamp and stand.

"Anyone want this room?" He asked, while both Ash and Leaf looked at each other, indirectly asking if it was okay for him/her to take the room. After several seconds Gary groaned and said,

"Is it that hard? Stop being so polite! Leaf you can have this room."
Leaf nodded and smiled sheepishly at Ash who returned it.

"The bathroom is down the hall to the right, you'll have your own bathroom since there's another down the other way; that's the one Ash and I will be using," Gary explained and helped move her bags in.

"Thanks Gary," Leaf said flashing one of her beautiful smiles, almost making Gary faint from the pure sweetness.

"N-No problem Leaf, come on Ash your room is down here," Gary said quickly, waving Leaf a goodnight and motioning for Ash and his duo of Pokemon to follow him.

"Goodnight Leaf," Ash said with his own charming smile which almost made Leaf faint.

"Goodnight Ash," Leaf responded with a sigh. Gary raised an eyebrow when he noticed the lack of 'Gary' but waved it off because he was the one who didn't exactly say goodnight.

"Well here's your room Ash, it's my grandpa's when he stays over," Gary said, with a small sigh of relief that he finally got everyone settled.

"Thanks a lot Gary, goodnight," Ash replied with a small grin as he flung himself on the soft bed.
"Goodnight Ashy boy," Gary responded with a sneaky grin and left before the raven-haired boy could retort back.

"Well guys, it's been a tiring day, I wanna sleep as soon as possible," Ash exclaimed with a yawn.

'As do you always,' Pikachu said, rolling his eyes.

'You still have to shower and brush your teeth,' Mew said, giggling at Ash's loud groan.
"Alright... Be right back guys," The trainer grumbled as he went down towards the bathroom with his shampoo, pajamas and toothbrush.

'Us Pokemon are always clean!' Pikachu exclaimed while chirping in happiness at the softness of the bed.

'You still have to wash too,' Mew said with a glare at Pikachu's dirty feet and hands.

'Aw why do you have to be a hygienic Pokemon?' He responded with the same grumble his trainer had.

'I just don't like dirty stuff.'

"Ash! Ash wake up we're leaving in several minutes!" A voice shouted behind the closed doors of the said person. Ash slowly woke up from his deep sleep and peered around him. Pikachu and Mew were also slowly getting up; like trainer like Pokemon. He tried to go back to sleep but sighed at the persistent knocks.


"Alright is everyone ready to fly?" Gary asked ontop of his Dodrio. Leaf nodded ontop of her Dragonite along with Ash on his Charizard.

"Then let's go!"

The three pairs flew up into the air with amazing speed, causing some looks going their way.
"Wow the view's amazing from up here!" Leaf exclaimed, peering down at the vast forestry of Viridian Forest.

"Yeah it is," Ash agreed while admiring the life of the forest; Pidgeys and Spearows were flying under them while some Mankeys could be seen flying across the trees. There were also a few sightings of Caterpie and Weedle on the trees as well as the occasional Pikachu.

'Ah this is life,' Pikachu said, making himself comfortable on Charizard's heated back, and put on a pair of sunglasses. Mew giggled at her buddy and did the same; the breeze didn't feel as good as flying on her own though.

'Don't get too comforted we're landing soon,' Charizard huffed, bemused at the two sunbathing on his back. True to his word, in a few minutes they were on the ground in Pewter City, home of Brock. As they were walking to Pewter City, Ash suddenly spoke,

"Guys, you know what would be a fun thing to do," He paused waiting for one of them to respond but then realized they were waiting for him, "To complete the Pokedex."

"But Ash, you only have less than ten percent of all the Pokemon in the world! That's going to take years," Leaf said then added, "Plus Team Gram is still not put down yet."
"It'll just be a little sidequest; when there's more information about Team Gram from Cynthia I'll take a break. I'm going to finish Kanto first!" Ash exclaimed proudly at his new ambitious goal.

"Good luck Ash, you only have several Kanto Pokemon out of the one fifty hundred," Gary said sweatdropping at his ex rival's revived goal.

"It'll just be a rejourney through Kanto," Ash answered; Gary, Leaf, Pikachu and Mew had to admit that it sounded pretty fun, especially since all of them haven't really adventured for a while.

"Sounds great then Ash, mind if I tag along?" Gary asked, in hopes of spending more time with Leaf, that is if she was going to join, which she did.

"This is going to be great, adventuring with my two best friends!" All three of them said excitedly, then burst into laughter as they had a triple jinx. The joy was interrupted as Ash strayed from the path and challenged a Rattata to battle, easily catching it in less than a minute.

"I can't believe he never caught such an easy to catch Pokemon," Leaf said incredulously.

"Believe me, this is going to be a long journey," Gary commented groaning. The two sat down at a bench as they watched Ash catch a Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill, Spearow, and Fearow. The last two Pikachu took extra care of. After Ash had caught his Raticate Gary intervened.

"I think that's enough Pokemon being sent to the lab today, come on its already noon and we're still not at Pewter Gym," He said impatiently.

"Sorry I got carried away," Ash apologized genuinely, laughing sheepishly.
"It's okay, you managed to catch seven Pokemon in less than an hour, that's an accomplishment," Leaf encouraged with a small grin which Ash flashed back at her.

"Thanks Leaf, you always know how to cheer me on," He said making the brunette blush slightly.

"Ash why don't you just evolve the Weedle or Spearow or whatever so you don't have to catch multiple species," Gary asked, it was overkill to catch the entire evolutionary line.

"Well, I don't really have to time to train them, they need company from the same species, and I like having more Pokemon," Ash responded simply to the sweatdrop of Gary.

"Funny, I never knew you liked having more Pokemon," Gary muttered, very surprised.

"The more the merrier!" Leaf exclaimed lightly just as they reached Pewter Gym. There was a brown haired little boy standing outside, blocking the entrance. As the group approached the boy spoke,

"Are all you three trying to challenge the Gym?"
"No no, we're friends of the Gym Leader's son," Ash responded, and looked surprised at the boy's suspicious glance.

"Funny, you seem weak, you're just saying that cause you want to get in but you don't want to show how weak you are to me!"
"If its a fight you're asking for to get in, then a fight it is," Ash responded calmly. The boy looked even more suspicious at the change of attitude but then took a few steps back and threw his Pokeball, and a Geodude popped out.

"Lucario go easy," Ash said as he threw the Pokeball. The jackal glared unimpressed by his opponent, but answered that he would obey. The Geodude gulped at the intimidating steel/fighting type Pokemon staring straight at him.

"Ha, looks strong but my Geodude is stronger! Use Tackle!" The boy said with fiery determination. Both Gary and Leaf looked bemused at his expression; it reminded them of a certain black haired boy they had known for years.

"You know what to do," Ash said, while Lucario dodged. He nodded, then threw a weak Aura Sphere at the Rock Pokemon, who was KOed immediately.

"Geodude No!" The boy cried as he ran up to hug his Pokemon. "Are you okay?"
Geodude replied weakily before being returned into his Pokeball. The kid looked up glumly at Ash and said,

"Okay you win, you may pass."
"Just a minute, what's going on here?" A familiar voice rang as Ash returned his Lucario.
"Brock!" They all shouted, and went up to the Pokemon breeder.

"Timmy! What was in your mind in challenging my friends?" Brock exclaimed after a hurried greeting to his old friends.

"I thought they were challengers?" Tommy answered with great surprise, "Now that I think of it.. Oh my Arceus! You're Ash Ketchum the Sinnoh Champion!" Ash blushed at the sudden recognition from the kid who looked all excited all of a sudden. He then peered over at Leaf and exclaimed,

"And and you're Leaf Green, Kanto's Champion!"

Leaf smiled at the kid's innocent cuteness and waved.
"Gary Oak, son of Professor Oak and Gym Leader of Viridian City!" He gushed, "To think all my idols would be here and I would be able to battle one of them!"

Brock stood awkwardly at his little brother's outburst, not really sure what to say for a while. He finally said,
"Come on Timmy, go inside and help Mom with the dishes, you'll get to meet them again later."

"Okay big brother, I can't believe someone like you would have these famous people as friends," Timmy said genuinely as he ran inside, making Brock glare at him while his friends roared in laughter at the sibling teasing.

"So Brock, how's it going?" Gary asked as they walked inside the Gym. The Pewter Gym had not changed much ever since Lola, Brock's mother, and Flint, Brock's father, had the argument of what type of Gym it would be. In the end they decided it would be a water/rock type Gym, and it became one of the most famous and hard Gyms in the entire Pokemon World due to its unique combination.

"It's going pretty good, most of my siblings have left on their own Pokemon journeys discluding Timmy, Suzie, Salvadore, and Yolanda; its been pretty pleasant," Brock said with a relaxed look on his face, "Plus my parents have been nearly undefeatable this year, so Pewter Gym seems to be having an increase of challengers."
"That's good to hear Brock," Gary said, then looked around, "Where are your parents by the way?"
"Oh Mom's doing the dishes and Dad's shopping," Brock replied, raising an eyebrow at Gary's question.

"Brock! Wanna go on a journey with me to capture and fill the Kanto Pokedex?" Ash asked suddenly and bluntly.

"Wait, are my ears hearing correct? Is Ash actually going to capture more Pokemon?" Brock asked to the laughs of Ash's friends and Ash's blush.
"Hey, I used to like quality over quantity okay?" He muttered, but his voice was overcome by roars of more laughter.

"But the answer is yes, I'd be glad to. It'll be a fun experience, just like six years ago," Brock said with a grin.

"You're leaving again Brock?" A little girl's voice asked. The group looked around and saw the source of that voice, a short and adorable sibling to Brock.

"Suzie, I told you that I wasn't going to stay for long anyways," Brock replied with a sigh as the girl started to form tears in her eyes.

"But you promised you'd stay longer than a week! I miss my big brother!" She pouted, tears streaming down her face. Brock sighed again and kneeled down face to face with his little sister.

"Listen Suzie, I know that you will miss me but I promise I'll visit once a month," Brock said, but that wasn't enough for the girl.

"No! That's not enough! Why do you care for them more than you care for your family!" She shouted running away to a corner. Right then, Leaf's motherly instincts took in and she decided to approach the little crying girl. Brock stared helpless at the sight of his little sister crying and was surprised when Leaf stood up and began walking towards the heart wrenching sight.

"Who are you? Are you here to take my big brother away?" She spat venomously, at least it was venomous for a seven year old.

"No-well yes but that's not the point. You see Suzie, life's all about moving on," Leaf started before being interrupted.

"What's that?" The little girl asked, finally turning to look at Leaf.

"Moving on is when you let things that bother you go," Leaf explained before being interrupted again.

"I don't wanna."
"Listen Suzie, do you want to be a strong, brave and courageous girl for yourself and your family?"
The little girl thought for a moment before replying,

"Yes of course."
"Moving on is that. It's where you have the courage and brave heart to let things that you don't want to go away slip away because its for the best."
The little girl thought for a moment, maybe letting Brock leave was the best thing to do. After all, he had left Ludicolo, one of his favorite Pokemon, to play with them.

"Maybe... I don't know."
"You see, I've had a similar situation in my life," Leaf said and smiled when the little girl finally turned her whole body over to look at her.

"Yes, when I left for my Pokemon journey I left behind a special person. It hurt me greatly but I've came to accept it; I could have stayed and not left early but my parents disliked him very much. So in order to please my parents and do the best for them not to hate him more, I left early and never saw him again-"
The little girl gasped at the tragic end; she didn't want that to happen with Brock.

"-until a month ago."
"You mean, he came to find you?" She asked, fascinated by such a romantic story.

"Well, more or less but that's not the point. The point is, sometimes the things you don't want to happen will bring more positiveness to your life then not letting it happen at all."
Suzie thought for a long moment, clearly thinking very deeply about what the pretty older brunette had just said.

"You're right pretty older lady, Brock deserves to go, I can't stop him! Its for the best anyways," She said with a genuine smile before Leaf hugged her.

"There you go, don't worry you'll still see him. He loves you a lot you can just tell by the face he's making right now," Leaf said gesturing towards Brock. They both giggled before getting up and walking towards the group.

"So how'd it go?" Ash and Gary both whispered.

"See for yourself," Leaf replied with a wide smile at the scene of Brock hugging his younger sister, waving goodbye.

"Bye big brother! Bye pretty older lady!" Suzie shouted as the group left the gym. After a few moments of silence Brock exclaimed,

"Wow Leaf, how did you manage to move that little mountain! Its like she understood why I was leaving!"
"Just a girl thing," Leaf replied simply with a slight grin at the thought of Ash.
"Oh great, I'll never understand that then," Brock commented, groaning while his friends laughed. Everyone seemed joyful, Pikachu and Mew had enough ketchup stolen from the fridge to last them for a while, Brock was relieved of his sister's possessiveness, Ash was going on an ambitious journey and Gary was going to be able to spend more time with Ash. However, although Leaf seemed fine on the outside, inside she was much more sorrowful. She couldn't help but ponder about the little girl's question:
"You mean, he came to find you?"

Then it struck her. After all those years, Ash had indeed forgotten about her, and never even tried to find her. He even forgot how she looked like, and hadn't even tried to make contact with her, even when she was crowned Champion of Kanto. Leaf could feel her heart crumbling bit by bit.

He had forgotten about me. And he still acts like everything is fine, Leaf thought bitterly as she looked at the face of her eternal crush and heart crusher.

"Leaf are you okay?" Gary asked, concerned that the brunette was looking sort of depressed.

"Huh? Yeah I'm good!" She exclaimed, flashing a fake smile that Gary took to be real.

"If you say so," Gary replied dreamily.

"Alright! I got an Ekans and Arbok!" Ash shouted and then ran into the grass to find more Pokemon that he hadn't captured. Leaf looked at the disappearing trainer with a soft sad smile, knowing for sure that the feelings she had for him wasn't what he had for her.

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