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Last chapter, the 1.4 update feature was the zombie (and other undeads) armor and tools.

Chapter 3: The New Dimension

When I came to the villa, I met Ash's friends: Cilan, Iris, and Dawn. I learned a few things about this new world.

One thing was that there were many species of creatures called Pokemon. People use these Pokemon to battle others and protect themselves. It's kind of the equivalent of taming a wolf in my world.

Another was that they had never heard of creepers or Endermen, nor had they seen zombies or skeleton archers. That's a relief. I explained that those monsters were problems in my world by trying to kill Minecrafters. Plus, not a single sword or piece of armor was seen in the entire place. I guess they didn't need those because they had Pokemon, but I think it was more about the lack of monsters that try to kill you every night.

One bad thing I heard about the world was that there was no respawn system of the inhabitants. Like hardcore mode, if they died, they would not come back. Also, a full hunger bar would heal us Minecrafters. This was not the case in their world. They also lacked the crafting system that were evident of our race and couldn't destroy trees with their fists, which was why Ash found my tree punching so strange.

I had decided to stay a night in this world. I went outside of the villa and used my crafting table to turn the wood from the trees into wooden planks. I built a small hut with these blocks, plus a door. I placed my ender chest in it and took my stuff out. I then realized that I forgot my bed. I needed some wool to make one, which I didn't have.

I walked back and asked, "Do you guys have any wool or string I can use?"

"Not really," said Ash. "Although you can try this." He tossed me a light blanket which was made of string. I tore a piece off and pulled off some string.

"What are you doing?" asked Ash.

"I need string to make some wool," I explained.

Taking twelve pieces of string and placing them in a square, I turned them in to three blocks of wool. I placed them over three wooden planks to make a bed.

I was all set for the night. We went to sleep later. Little did I know of the invasion that was about to come.

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