Susie Salmon was walking home from her school on an ordinary Wednesday afternoon through the cornfield shortcut. She was in a good mood as her crush Ray Singh had asked her out to the mall on Saturday, so she had a big smile spreading across her face. While she was walking she suddenly came across her paedophile neighbour Mr Harvey with gold-rimmed glasses and greasy hair. He said to her in a creepy voice, "I've built something back here, do you want to take a look? It will only take a minute." She replied briskly, "Nah I've already seen it." "How could you have?" He said, suddenly sweating and feeling very anxious. "I saw you building it last night. Don't be so discreet!" "Hmm, if you know so much what was I building it for?" Mr Harvey said ominously. "What do you take me for; I'm not an idiot Mr Harvey! I know what your intentions are. You're sick and messed up!" With this his face suddenly formed into a very comical expression and he replied in a croaky voice, "Oh my god, I've been caught!" and ran off screaming like a little girl. After Susie finished laughing, she steadily walked on home. When she eventually arrived home she noticed there were extra beans on her dinner plate. "Susie! What took you so long? We were starting to get worried." Susie's mother said anxiously. "Don't you worry mom, I'm absolutely fine, I see you have put extra beans on my plate. You know how much I don't like them." "Hey kiddo, that's what you get for arriving home so late. Dig in." Susie's father said, a smile in his voice with the knowledge his daughter was safe and sound; Mr Harvey was found that night by a passer-by having fallen down a cliff, he had been trying to take other young girls when a group of them pushed him and he fell head first off the edge. That Saturday Ray Singh and Susie spent the day at the mall together and she couldn't have been happier. Susie grew up and graduated high school and eventually married Ray. This is what should have happened!