Before I start, I should clarify that if you are a part of Light Clan on Toontown, or at least know simple RP styles of Light Clan, this story will make a LOT more sense. Most of the characters in this story are animals with human-like ways (they walk on two legs, wear clothes, etc.) Also, most of the characters in this story belong to different people. The only ones I own are Lemon and Full Moon Light.

Lemon was decorating the Light-Clan village of Nikkotochi with the rest of her clanmates. As soon as she stuck a decoration into a tree that made the tree look like it had a face, she called over to Lightning Pirate, a red, orange, and yellow rabbit, "Hey, Pie, mind handing me some more pumpkin tinsel?" Lightning pirate tossed a roll to Lemon and told her, "Just don't let what happened last year happen this year." Lemon's feline ears flattened and she blushed at the memory of what happened last year. She got tied up in a whole roll of the tinsel last year. It took two hours to cut all of the tinsel off, and for weeks after, any movement Lemon made would set off a flurry of glitter.

A young light named Full Moon Light was carving a pumpkin with Ashstar. She shook her yellow and orange fur free of some loose pumpkin seeds and turned to Ashlynn. Ashlynn was the leader of Light Clan, a red, orange, and yellow cat with phoenix wings, and it was her job to keep every spark in her clan safe. Moon asked Ashlynn, "Ashy, I think we can use some fire-berries to light the jack-o-lanterns this year. They last for a long time." Ashlynn liked the way that Moon thought. She nodded toward the young cat and said "Ok, but please take an older light with you. The nearest fire-berries grow very close to Dark Spirit territory, and with Halloween coming, they're bound to be as antsy as, well, ants." Lemon grabbed her sword and slider it in it's holster. Lemon stood at the gates of Nikkotochi "C'mon, Mooneh. Let's go pick us some fire-berries"

Lemon and Moon were picking the berries. Every now and then, Lemon and Moon would eat one or two of the red-speckled berries. They were sweet, but sour inside, kinda like a lollipop with a Hot Tamale in the center. Lemon thought she heard something rustle in the bushes behind them. Lemon grabbed her sword and said to Moon, "Stay here, I'm gonna go see what's in those bushes. The last thing we need now is a Dark Spirit ambush." Lemon looked in the bush, expecting a Dark Spirit to leap out and disfigure her face. When Lemon found that it was nothing but a squirrel with a hugely fluffy tail and, strangely, jet-black fur, she fed the squirrel when she heard a scream that only lasted two seconds. She threw the squirrel a fire-berry as she turned to where Moon was picking berries. Huh, Lemon thought, Where's Moon? She then remembered. She had heard Moon scream once before when Flamestar accidentally shocked her with her powers. That scream sounded exactly like the one she heard a little bit before. Lemon's stomach lurched, she almost felt as if her entire insides dissolved. She ran back to Nikkotochi, leaving the berries behind.

Ashlynn was working on her Circular Gallifreyan in her office within her castle when Lemon kicked the door open and stood in the doorway, trembling. Ashlynn put down her pencil and gave Lemon a confused look. "Lemon, what the heck is going on?" Lemon started to talk, taking a deep breath first, "IDONTKNOWWHATHAPPENEDIMSOSOR RYITRIEDWATCHINGHERBLAAAARGH !" Ashlynn threw a book that was on her desk at Lemon and told her, "Try talking again. The only thing I heard was Blargh." Lemon took another deep breath, then broke out on tears, "I don't know what happened, I thought I heard a Dark Spirit in a bush and when I looked back, Moon… SHE'S GONE!