Author's Note: This fanfic is based in the second ending theme of Mirai Nikki, "Filament" When I listened to it, It was like Yuno own's words. So I decided to wrote this one-shot showing how she feels towards killing and about protecting Yuki. It's my first fanfic here... I hope you guys like it. So... No more talking, enjoy your reading!

Disclaimer: Mirai Nikki is not mine.

Yuno's Sorrow

My heart was beating fast as always while I was here sited in this room, this cursed room, where I suffered so much. Staring that cage... I've already lost so much... It was raining, but it doesn't matter to me…

"Yuki... Are you okay…?"

I thought to myself while I was getting my future diary to check. Right now he was crying all alone…


I know the pain of being alone. Yuki lost both of his parents and was suffering so much... Of course he was not okay… Me? I've killed my parents. It was the right thing to do right? I was so lost in pain… the only thing that I have now is Yuki. He is not alone anymore I'm here to protect him, no matter what the cost. I know that it is impossible for Yuki to survive this game alone. He needs me; need me to protect him, to be by his side when anyone is. But to protect him, I had to kill people… I've killed so much people. My hands are stained with blood, so much blood... But I had to do this, those persons tried to take Yuki away from me, tried to hurt him, I had to protect him I wouldn't let anyone hurt him. I'm not afraid of killing in order to protect. At least, not anymore... The rain continued to fall as I walked an empty street. The rain was so strong that even with my umbrella I got a little wet. When I came to myself, I was already here, hugging Yuki who was crying desolated.

"Everything is going to be okay Yuki. I'm here with you."

I said to him, I love him so much, his agony pains me too. I wish he knew I will be here forever for him. Yuki was calmer by now. I was so relieved. It was a silent night, the only noisy were Yuki's sobs, and he fell asleep in my arms. He's still so innocent. He murmured:

"Thank you... Yuno..."

After listen to that I could do nothing but smile. I was more decided than ever. I don't want to see him suffer this much anymore. I would kill anyone who hurt him, without thinking twice. I don't mind what can happen with me, I will protect him.

"I will protect you Yuki."

I murmured while I was hugging him more tightly, but would he forgive me? Would he understand that I'm doing this to protect him? I believe he will understand. I'm doing this for his sake after all... I wanted to have a happy life with him, but I don't think this is possible anymore; we have passed through so much... Yuki is my present, a gift. I'm always prepared to sacrifice anything for him. After all, I love him, I truly love him. But this is killing me, why? Shouldn't I be feeling happy? He's here in my arms and I can feel his breath... I hugged him. He is my future. I will always protect him. Protect him... No matter what I have to do, or who I have to hurt. If it's to protect him, it's alright with me even if I only exist to kill. Even if it's the only thing I can do for him. I will be here. I'm the only one he has left.