A Mira! Because the world needs more of them. Sora's POV.

"Ready Or Not"

You worry too much

About clothes and hair

To ever see me

Standing there

But you're still

My best friend

And if you were blind

I'd still be there to the end

So who really cares

What all the others say?

Ready or not-

Here we go anyway!

All I wanna do is be with you

No matters the pains

I'll be your umbrella

Every time it rains

'Cause you know

You're the best friend I've got

(And what really doesn't hurt

Is that you're pretty hot)

So I don't care

What all the others say

Are you ready or not?

Well, here we go anyway!

You give it your best and

I'll give it a shot

Here we go anyway

Whether we're ready or not!