Pong's Farting Problem

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: ...Once again, I define all logic and reasoning with another beyond wacked up fanfic. Enjoy.

The white colored pong ball sighed of boredom as she continued going back and forth between the left and right white paddles. The screen was black, with the pong ball and pong paddles being the only speck of color around.

"Back and forth, back and forth..." The pong ball muttered to herself in annoyance as she sighed. "Oh, this is boring! I wish something unusual and awkward happened to me!"

Suddenly, the pong ball stopped bouncing, floating above the dark abyss below. The pong ball suddenly began shaking violently, letting out a cute little poot. The paddles noticed as they moved up and down faster, chuckling.

"Well, look who broke up the silence," The left paddle joked as he laughed.

The right paddle scoffed the pong ball. "Such a young lass like you breaking the wind in a quite area is quite... naughty."

The pong ball growled as she shook. "Hey! I didn't do it intentionally! It was a coincidence that it was something other than the thing that we all do for all eternity!" She farted again, the flatulence being much louder and sounding like a deep pitched tuba.

"That coincidence of yours is starting to grow," The left paddle instigated.

The pong ball pushed against the left paddle, only to ricochet towards the right paddle. The pong ball farted right on the right paddle, causing the right paddle to panic as she shook violently.

"Oh sweet merciful Atari! It got on me!" The right paddle exclaimed, horrified.

The pong ball approached the right paddle. "Wait, I didn't mean to do it right on you!"

"You should have turned left on Albuquerque!" The right paddle screamed as she suddenly exploded.

The left paddle gasped, backing away from the pong ball. "Now hold on, bally... we can have a civilized conversation about this..."

The pong ball stopped approaching as she gasped. "You know what? You're right!" She then hurdled right towards the left paddle, farting right on him as he then exploded. The pong ball sighed as she was all alone. "Well, at least these two jerky paddles are gone..." She looked around, moving up and down slowly as a means of shrugging as she commented, "Well, at least I can awkwardly fart to my hart's content." And so she did, always violently shaking as she farted loudly, her flatulence being the only sound in the deep, dark abyss of nothing.