The ache in my heart was throbbing like it was for the last ten months, except this time, it was different. This was the day that I met Claire, well I wouldn't call it meeting Claire, it's more of taking her hostage after robbing a bank and viciousely attacking her co-worker but I'm blaming the last part on Jem.

Even thinking about her made me ache for the way Claire smiled, the way she pressed her lips softly against mine. Hell, I even missed how she smelled like vanilla! The only thing related to her that I hate, is how I never told her how I felt before I moved to Florida. Now, she's gone, Jem's gone, even the fucking florist is gone! I have no one.

"Doug?" Wow, now I'm even hearing her voice. I must be going crazy! "Doug, is that you?" Holy shit, it's her, it's actually Claire! My Claire!"

I whipped around and gasped even though I was already knowing she was behind me; it was what she was holding that made me so surprised. In the brunettes arms, was a little baby girl. The few chocolate brown hairs on her head were pulled into a tiny ponytail and she was wearing a little yellow sundress.

"Who is she?" the words came out harsher than intended and I can see the hurt appear on Claires face. Way to go Doug, you hurt her the second you got her back. "I- I mean, is she mine? I thought..."

"Yes, Doug, she's yours. This is Maggie, your daughter." Claire said, wiping a stray tear away from her eyes. The second I saw her crying, I rushed to her side. "But you obviousely don't want her."

"No, no, no, please don't cry. Please, Claire, I didn't mean it like that, you just showed up and I- I..." I couldn't get the words out of my mouth, now was not the time to be tongue tied.

"You met someone else didn't you?" Claire snapped and I almost gasped again but she continued, "What, you kidnapped her too? Meet her on the plane over here, what?"

"No, please Claire, I didn't meet anyone else. I- I love you." I admitted.


"I love you Claire, I love you and I have since the day I met you. If Maggie is my daughter, then I'll love her too. As long as I have you, I'm happy."

"R-really?" Claire stuttered and a wide smile spread across my face.

"Really." I nodded and tears sprouted from her eyes, but this time I knew they weren't from being heartbroken, they were tears of joy.

"Well, that's really good because I don't exactly have anywhere to live right now." Claire laughed nervousely and I joined in.

"Actually, that's a really good thing because right now, I don't exactly have a roomate. So wanna move in with me?" I grinned and Claire simply laughed and pressed her lips against mine, still holding Maggie carefully. "I'll take that as a yes."

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