A/N: A Daikeru, because Takeru makes such a cute uke and rivals make excellent lovers. It could be a Daikeru friendship, too, if you're into metaphors. The point is that they're buddy-buddy, okay? That was why I wrote it.

This was actually inspired by a fic I read with a similar backstory, but I've forgotten its name now . . . It was so cute; little chibi Takeru was looking for a boyfriend since his brother had one, and he found little Daisuke in the park and it was all so ADORABLE! Yeek! ^ ^

"A Strange Relationship"

Theirs was a strange relationship

Of love without sex, without passion

Or touches that felt like fire

Children, little more than infants

Still gawky in their skin

Collided one day on the street

Falling to their knees

One with soft blond tresses

Began to cry from pain

Clutching his scraped hands to his heart

The other, his hair spiked burgundy

Offered an insatiable grin

And helped the blond to his feet

Wiping the tears away effortlessly

As if he had known the other forever

And in an instant, it was like they had

For weeks, months, a single year

Neither was ever without the other

To them, it was an instantaneous infinity

Ending much to soon

When their families sought new lives

In new places

In time, they forgot each other

As children are wont to do

Until one day, years had passed

And they collided again

This time in vicious rivalry

For the heart of a girl like the sun

And a thousand other desirable things

That neither wanted to begin with

Theirs was a strange relationship

Of hate without reason, without focus

And touching only to hurt

For weeks, months, a single year

They fought their battles

Sometimes in tandem, more often apart

But then the gods of chance

Decided once again to strike

And the two, in strange coincidence

Collided in the street

Rocked to the ground, to their knees

The blond scraping his hands

And clutching them to his heart in pain

And realization struck with uncanny precision

The two were left staring at each other

Through wide eyes that brought up

Countless memories of past hurts and cruelties

Until the darker flashed an insatiable grin

And helped the blond to his feet

The memories changed

To recall gentle words and gentler actions

In a flash, both saw that the sun-girl and

The thousand other desirable things

Were nothing to the person before them

Who met their eyes with silent promises

Of sweet words and pleasures in darkness

That before now were forbidden and unknown

And though the blond was steady on his feet

Neither released the other's hand

Nor said a single word

They did nothing but smile

For theirs is a strange relationship

Of passionate love and violent fights

Of touches that sometimes burn with pleasure

And others burn with pain

Yet neither believes he would have it

Any other way.

* ende *