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Chapter 1

Kirigaya Kazuto POV

... ... ...

... ...



What happened!?

I forced open my eyes and leapt up from the ground into my dual blade battle stance with my hand drawn back to where my sword-

There was no sword.

That means that I am not in any game right now...

But then, where am I?

Surrounding me was just...white. It was plain white all over the area without anything in sight. The ground was also plain white and there did not seem to be a ceiling above me at all. It was just plain white all over the place.

No I should rephrase my description. The entire area was empty, it did not even have a color in it.

"...Oi! Anyone here!?"

I shouted. Seconds later I could hear my own echo coming back to me. It seems that this place is really empty-

"Oi! You there!"

A feminine voice that came from my back proved my assumption wrong. It is great that at least there is someone else here that can help explain or figure out the situation...

...Oh my 'Carnival'...

...I think years of playing SAO has made my eyesight gone worse. I should really get a spectacle soon.

"... ..."

"... ..."

Neither of us spoke a word.

The girl(?) in front of me has long black hair that almost reached her waist. She was in a matching black armor which I wore when I was in BoB in GGO. If my memory serves me correctly...she...or rather, he should be a M9000 type character in GGO.

That's right. He is simply just a M9000 character that happened to have a lightsaber and Five-Seven pistol. There is no way something as absurd as THAT could happen...

""Erm...May I know your name...""


I screamed in my mind when our synchronised voice entered my ear. From the look on her- I meant his face, he must have also freaked out. As much as I wanted to escape from reality, there was simply no denying that the person in front of me was Gun Gale Online's me.

"Ah I have no time to care about you! I need to get to Sinnon immediately! Where is the logout button!?"

...Sinnon? Why does he need to get to Sinnon?


"Damn it! I must go to Sinnon's place immediately or else-!"

"The Death Gun case has already been solved."

"...What did you say...?"

My GGO self stopped panicking and looked at me weirdly. I guessed that this would be expected, I would also have that kind of expression if someone said that to the past me. However if my theory was correct...

"You are Kirito. I meant the Gun Gale Online's Kirito, aren't you? You don't have to worry, the Death Gun case was solved half a year ago. XaXa and his accomplice were caught and Sinnon was safe."

"... ...You"

As I thought...

After hesitating for a few seconds, my GGO self started to calm down when he started to trust me. There was no more mistakes, the person in front of me was definitely me. Or rather, the GGO me who stopped playing GGO after I rushed out to save Sinnon from her friend, Shinkawa. who was an accomplice of Death Gun.

Everything that is happening now is still a mystery to me. However I resorted myself to explain the situation of what happened in the past first to prevent further complications. It was short and brief explanation but it seemed that he was able to get the main point of it.

"So assuming that the Death Gun case was over half a year ago and I, I meant you did not log into GGO since then, it's safe to assume that I am your GGO's self."

"I agree. However while you are wearing GGO armor, mine don't represent anything from any game at all."

"Rather than that, I would say that you are in a decent outside clothing. I think that the chance of you being the original Kirigaya Kazuto is fairly high."

Looking down at my own clothing once more, it was definitely a piece of normal clothing that anyone would have worn in the real world. However in SAO, there were also this kind of simply clothing too. But if I was really wearing normal clothes, then-

"-What is this place then?"

"I don't know. I think we should walk around to-"

"This world is our empty consciousness."

""! Who's there!""

Both of us cried out and prepared ourselves for any danger when an unexpected third voice echoed into the area. However there was still no one in sight.

"Oi! I am up here!"


My GGO self quickly dodged to the sides when a shadow figure landed between us. Like us he has dark black hair and was in black clothing. The only exception was that he had wings and darker skin than us. Don't tell me...

"Wa~~~~! There's three Papa!"


With her head popping out of my ALO self's breast pocket, she looked at us with a shocked expression. My ALO self then brought Yui out of his pocket, carefully without hurting her. As soon as she was out of the pocket, she started flying around the two of us.

"Yui, can you explain what is this place?" I asked.

Yui stopped flying around and floated herself in front of me. Expressions of concern and relieved was written all over her face.

"Papa, don't you remember what happened?"

"Me? What happened..."

Listening into Yui's suggestion, I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on the last piece of memory I had before I came here. I was at...Agil's cafe...talking with Sinnon...then Asuna...Brain Implant Chip...JOHNNY BLACK!"

My eyes snapped open. My other two selves were surprised by my outburst that they quickly took out their respective weapons. That's right, I was stabbed by Johnny Black with the 'Death Gun' springye. But then, what happened?

" I...dead?"


My other two selves cried out at the unexpected question. Yui looked at me, troubled.

"Before I came here, I was told that Papa was being hooked onto a Full Dive machine made by RATH for testing."

"Wait, you-I meant I- screw that. You became a guinea pig?" My GGO self commented.

"If my last memory in ALO served me correctly, RATH is a company that is independently trying to invent a FullDive machine right? They tried to hire you for testing but you refused. Well the irony here is that you become their guinea pig anyway."

"For some reason, I can't believe that I can actually be annoyed by myself..."

If we went by 'Last played' time, my GGO self stopped half a year ago while my ALO self only stopped one week ago. Since I have the most recent memory, I was the eldest.

"Papa, there's something Mama wanted me to tell you-"

"""What did Asuna say?"""

Yui jumped when the three of our synchronised voice scared her. She looked as if she wanted to hide behind our back but she don't know which one to hide behind. This is a trouble...

"Urm...I am talking to Papa over there..." Yui pointed at me.

The other two seemed to be depressed that they weren't the one being called. Nevertheless Yui continued.

"Mama told me to tell you to try to visualize yourself into the world of ALO. She said that the FullDive machine that RATH developed was able to link Papa into ALO if you can 'visual link' yourself into ALO."

"Visual link?" I asked one more time.

Yui pondered a while before she answered. "Basically imagine that this white room into our house at the 22nd floor."

"But if something like this is possible, would this be a violation into of ALO?"

"Well, this is an emergency anyway. I am sure they would not mind."

My GGO self started to engage into a conversation with my ALO self. From the outside, it looked really weird to have yourself looking at yourself talking to yourself.

First, concentrate. I closed my eyes and tried to visualize my room in ALO...


The synchronised exclamation of my two other selves and Yui echoed. I was still concentrating on the details of my room but I could feel the wooden floor starting to materialize beneath my foot. For the hundredth times, I thanked Asuna for helping to keep our room clean and tidy. It really helped me to visualize the room easier.

"Kazuto, the room is done." My ALO self called. I slowly opened my eyes.


The room was just exactly, or rather more detailed than I imagined. This must have meant that we really travelled into ALO. Sunlight that I did not bother to imagine penetrate into the room through the window. Bird-like creatures could be seen flying outside in the clear blue sky.

"Looks like your lightsaber and gun came along with you into ALO too, Kiriko. I wonder if you can use them here."

"Hey don't call me Kiriko! I am still a boy like you!"

"But you looked girlish in every way. Remember what happened at the changing room with Sinnon half a year ago?"

"Argh...don't mention about it...To me it only happened a few days ago..."

My GGO self sulked in defeat against My ALO self. Funnily they seemed to be able to get along quite well. So basically...

"Basically I am Kazuto, (pointing to my ALO self) you are Kirito and then (pointing to my GGO self) you are Kiriko then."

"That's the perfect way to identify us."

"Don't call me Kiriko!"

Kiriko argued back but was pitifully ignored. Although he was a 'he' and also 'me'. It felt fun to tease her like how I teased with Sinnon. Looking into Kirito's eye, both of us reached a mutual understanding of toying with Kiriko since we were almost the same person with only a week difference.

"Kirito! Are you alright, Kirito! Kiri-"

Before the fast paced footsteps even registered into my mind, a blue haired undine barged into the room. Without a doubt, she was Asuna.

Stopping in front of the door with her hand still on the door handle, she looked at 'me'(s) with widened eyes and opened jaw. Suguha and Sinnon also arrived into the scene but they also froze on the spot as if they were under a ice magic user's freezing magic.

Looking at Kirito and Kiriko again, I submitted myself to the fate of unknown but held my ears nevertheless. My other two had the same thinking and plunged their ears. Kirito hastily kept Yui into his breast pocket, hoping that it would help lower down the loud piercing scream about to come.


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