Justin was so excited. The men had just been there, installing, and he couldn't wait. He touched the controls, turning on first the hot, then cold to make the water suitable. When it was at a comfortable temperature, he plugged the drain, added one or two capfuls, and stepped in. He exhaled, heaving a contented sigh. If only Brian were there to share it all!

Meanwhile, the delivery wasn't lost on Brian. He left work as soon as he could, anxious himself to see the finished product. When he stepped through the door, he could just hear the sloshing of water.

The little twat, he thought, chuckling, he's getting a head start on me! Creeping up the stairs, lest Justin hear, he divested himself of his clothing, opened the door, and stepped in.

Justin looked as if he was living the life of luxury, his head leaned back, his arms spread out over the edges. Smiling, Brian slipped in—and joined him.

Leaning over Justin, he licked the rim of first one ear, then the other. That elicited moans from Justin, causing ripples in the water—and he knew he must be pleasing himself. "Don't—don't stop," was Justin's response.

Reaching out, Brian brought Justin up into his arms and held him close. "Sunshine," he whispered, "you are so hot."

Justin slowly opened his eyes, his customary Sunshine grin crossing his face. "It's here," he giggled. "What do you think?"

What Brian said next made Justin return to reality. "No, really," he said, putting a hand to Justin's forehead, "you are really warm. We've got to get you out of here before you get heatstroke."

They wasted no time in getting out and draining the water. Drying themselves off, they prepared for bed. Brian, opening a window, smiled as a cool breeze returned them to normal temperature. "So," he whispered, "was it all that wonderful?"

"Yes," Justin sighed, "it felt good—but it was wonderful once you came."

"Well don't worry," Brian chuckled, "we'll get plenty of use out of our new bathtub, I promise."

"I love you, Brian."

"I love you, too, Sunshine."