The Lovely Bones Write Off.

I walk through the cornfield as the grass crunches beneath my feet. I would be stupid to walk through here alone right before dark. It was the field where Susie Salmon was murdered. I walk through with my best friend Chad as he goes on about how much history homework we have. It's been 5 years since Susie was murdered. I am in the eighth grade and my middle school is just past the school where she had her first, and last, year in high school. They never found her body but they still believe she is dead. They think that if they don't get ransom, and she was taken, that she is dead. I mean maybe she isn't dead, maybe she is just waiting for the perfect time to escape.

"Lib, earth to Lib. Anybody home?" He waves a hand in front of my face.

"Whoa, sorry I was zoned out there." I shake my head.

"Yeah.. you stopped walking." I look down at my feet. I am on top of some sort of crate or something.

"What is this?" I ask lifting it up the broken wood.

"Wait, isn't that the room where she, you know" He lifts his finger and draws a line across his neck making a cracking noise.

"I guess they thought it would be a waste of time to fill it in." I say looking down the hole.

"Kay Lib, if we are going to have time to study and eat before street lights we should go now" He looks to our street.

I put down the crate and readjust my backpack, "You're right" I say as I start walking, and when I get beside him I sprint.

He takes off after me but I have to much of a head start. I laugh as my foot flies over the edge of the long dead grass. I beat him by 0.5 seconds but we laugh anyway. He is a strong runner which is why I always take him by surprise to win. I would have no hope if he was a serial killer chasing me. That is what worries me, but I am glad he's my best friend. If something happens he can, and will, protect me.

"Well since you beat me in the race.. You get to feed me grapes whilst I help you with your science homework." I laugh.

"Yeah sure, right after you get a 100% on your history test." I say as we stroll arm in arm to my house.

"I will take you up on that offer." He says with a smirk.

"Yeah and if you don't get 100% then you get to make me a sandwich andfeed me grapes while you do my science homework." I say smiling.

"Gentleman's bet?" He says as he shrugs and laughs.

After homework, dinner and my mother and I drive Chad home I flail onto the couch.

"Dad, do you remember anything about the Susie Salmon thing?" I ask hanging my head upside down off the couch.

"Yeah, I remember how much pain there family was in. You know that Buckley boy in your grade?" He asks tilting his head slightly.

"Yeah, he doesn't talk to anyone any more, after it all happened." I say looking away.

I felt bad for Buckley, we were actually pretty good friends though. My locker was beside his and I was always cracking jokes to make him feel better, or at least to take some of the pain away.

"You should invite him and Chad over for dinner tomorrow, I'm sure he would like to feel included." I nod my head, because it was actually a good idea.

"Do you remember what happened to her in the erm, underground room?" I ask biting my bottom lip.

"I believe she was held there and she tried to escape and he, erm killed her." He says awkwardly scratching the back of his head.

"Okay thanks dad, I appreciate it" After my quiz on Susie Salmon I go to my room. I take off my jeans and go to sleep in one of my oversized t-shirts.

I cling to my pillow that me and Chad decorated when we were nine. We were cool kids. I know.