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Well, I've decided! Let's start with a fanfic about the Homura Clan~!

Oh, and if you're not familiar with the characters, here is a brief intro to those I will be putting up:

Suoh Mikoto: Red King

Izumo Kusanagi: Bar owner

Yata Misaki: Skater boy

Anna Kushina: Silver haired girl with red marbles

Tatara Totsuka: Photographer/video guy

Saburota Bando: Nickname-San-chan by Shohei

Shohei Akagi: Newbie

Now enjoy~!

Project K fanfic

"Homura Cafe"

Chapter 1: The Plan-without the King!

One day…

There was utter silence in the whole Homura bar. Not only that, but everyone else is emanating the gloomy aura that was rarely seen from this group of fiery fighters.

"GAH! I CAN'T TAKE THIS SILENCE!" Yata Misaki screeched, pounding his hand to the tabletop.

Izumo Kusanagi, the bar owner, shot a glare at the orange-haired boy, "Watch what you're doing to my tables, kid."

Yata pulled his hand back, "Sorry…"

Izumo sighed, placing the glass he was wiping back to its container in the shelves, "Well, I do agree though. I hope we can have a big event here somehow,"

"That's never gonna happen." Bando muttered, "The King wouldn't want that,"

"Speaking of the King, where is he?" Yata asked, looking at Izumo, "I didn't see him come in."

The bar owner shrugged, "I think he's out for a couple of hours." Then realization struck him.

Tatara Totsuka, holding his prized camera, shifted to record Izumo's sudden grin, "What are you up to, Izumo?"

"Well~" Izumo shifted glances at the members left in the room, "Since the King wouldn't be back till late at night…who wants to have a small event here?"

"How small?" Shohei Akagi asked.

"As in Butler Café small!" Izumo announced.

Yata thought for a second, before raising his hand, "I agree with the plan!"

"W-wait what?!" Bando stuttered at the group, "You're planning on making THE Homura base as a public BUTLER CAFÉ?!"

"There's nothing wrong with that, San-chan!" Shohei smiled, "I mean, it's a way to advertise our clan and to gain new members!"

Bando looked at Izumo, "Really?"

"Well…I just wanted to open a Butler Café…but let's go with that!" Izumo smiled at him, making Bando sweat drop.


The small silver-haired girl looked at Izumo through her red marbles, "Finish before he arrives."


"The King."

"Oh right…Him." Izumo turned and started preparing the plates to be used.

"Izumo…you're sarcastic tone about the King isn't very funny.." Yata murmured.

"Anyways! I'll help fix up the tables!" Shohei offered, "You'll help me too, right, San-chan?"

"Gah..whatever." Bando accompanied him to fix the bar chairs and tables.

"Yata-chan, help set up the decorations," Totsuka said, handing him a box of decors from under the bar counter.

"Why me?" Yata whined.

"Oh that's can't reach the pillars to put the decorations in... nevermind then," Totsuka was about to turn away when Yata grabbed the box and walked to the opposite wall.

Izumo smiled at Totsuka, "Well, now we better go get some butler clothes huh?"

"Yeah. I'll go get them. There's a nearby tailoring shop across the street."


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Well! That's the preview of the HOMURA CAFE! Hope it piqued your interests~! HEHEHEHHEH~!

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