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Chapter 5:

Butler Cafe Training 101 and PANIC!

"To have a successful Butler Cafe, you must be good looking." Reilu Clymine started, arms crossed and standing before the seated group.

"Excuse me...?" Bando blurted, "Are you implying something?"

"Well, not really, but that's one of the rules. I'm not saying that you guys aren't handsome..." She chuckled, "You guys are overflowing with confidence too."

"You got that right!" Yata snorted with a smile.

"Next to that is the language. "She said.

"What language?" Shohei asked, before remembering, "Oh! You mean Pig Latin?"

"Again with the Pig Latin! What the hell is that?!" Rikio fumed.

" Oureyay elesscluay!" She hissed, before regaining her composure, "That is an example."

"...what?!" The fat man stared at her, "That sounded like an insult..."

"Actually it is." She smiled, "Now, it's not Pig Latin. It's the way you use your dialect to flatter the costumers."

"Flatter?! Why are we flattering them!?" Yata asked.

Reilu did a facepalm, "It's obvious that even your brain needs training.."




"You greet the costumers, especially the females, with the sweetest voice you could muster." Reilu explained, pointing to the door, "That way, they will feel special. Now let's see your greetings."

She pointed to the Izumo who was beside her, "You go first. Now pretend that I'm a costumer"

Izumo rolled his eyes before leaning over, hand on his chest, "Bonjour, Mademoiselle," He said before flashing a smile.

Reilu smiled, "OHHH~! Now that is formal!" She exclaimed, clapping her hands, "You guys should learn how to use English!"

"WHAAAAT?! Why the hell do we have to?!" Yata whined, flinging his arms in annoyance.

"Because, girls love it when the butlers have an English conversation with them. I mean, this is a western fairy tail for them, and the more the butlers entertain their senses with the English language, the more they'll come back!" She explained.

"You have a point there," Totsuka smiled, "But then again, we all know that Yata-chan isn't the type to want to learn the English language..."

"Due to a certain member's antics.." Rikio laughed. *


"Well, how about your greeting? You have to make-up for what you lack, Yata-kun," Reilu said, patting the teen on the shoulders and forcing him to look at her, "Now greet.."

Yata looked at her nervously, down to the floor, to the guys smirking behind her, then to the counter. He closed his eyes, inhaled, then opened them to stare at her, "H-Hello and welcome to the Homura Café…"

Reilu stared at him. Then everyone stared.

"W-WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?! THAT'S ALREADY A GREETING ISN'T IT?!" Yata screeched, his face beet red while flinging his arms around again.

"Well…if you say so~" Reilu chuckled and faced the others, "Your turn to greet!"




"Now, things you should learn when the costumer greets you back," Reilu said, walking towards an empty table across the room, "You escort them to a table, either one you had picked or one of their choice, and settle them down,"

She pulled the chair waved her hand around and directed it to the seat, "After that, you smile and hand out the menu,"

"Ohhh…those kinds of formalities again.." Shohei muttered, scratching his head, "I wonder why we have to do that, I mean…they have their own hands and feet right?"

Reilu glared at him, making him shut his mouth.




"Wow…THAT was a lot…!" Bandou exclaimed, throwing himself on the couch, "This training's the same with military training.."

"Precisely," Reilu stated, sitting beside him and crossing her legs, "Butler Cafes need discipline. Especially since our target are the girls…"

" you won't be pouncing on them in the middle of the café, huh?" Rikio murmured, shoveling another handful of chips in his mouth, before turning to Kusanagi, "By the way, what time is it?"

Everyone craned their necks to check on the wall clock by the counter.

5:45 PM

"Holy crap! It's already past 3!" Kusanagi wailed.

"Well, duh…" Reilu rolled her eyes, "What about it?"

"T-THE KING WOULD BE BACK ANY MINUTE NOW!" Yata screamed along with the others.

Reilu blinked, gazing at the watch, before sighing, "So…you really didn't consult him about this matter huh?"

"It was just a small event!" Shohei explained, panic in his voice, "We have to fix this place up!"

"Oh that's too bad. We haven't gotten to formally do the grand opening of the café…" Totsuka whined.

"J-Just help fix up! The tables should be back at the original way and the decors must be out!" Kusanagi ordered, hushing everyone into panic-work mode.

Everyone started putting down the decorations and bringing back the tables to their original positions.

Then in the end, Homura Café is back to being Bar Homura.

Izumo sighed, hitting his head on the counter and spreading his arms as though he was about to sob a river, "I can't believe this HAD to happen…We spent the WHOLE day doing lot's of stuffs…but still…nothing actually happened!"

"Don't be sad. At least it was an experience…" Rikio muttered, patting the bartender's back.

"Huh, I doubt I'll be remembering this.." Yata sneered, putting his beanie back into his head.

"Yeah. I mean, your brain only has limited capacity, right?" Shohei joked, but Yata still took this seriously and started wrestling the fellow clansman.

"Does your King often leave in the morning?" Reilu suddenly asked, taking a seat beside the hazelnut-haired teen.

Yata blushed and looked away, "Y-yeah I guess.."

"Well, you can always open the Café whenever he goes out. And don't worry, I'm always available to cook for you!" She chimed, clasping her hands together.

Izumo looked up from the bar counter, "Y-you've got a point there…"

Reilu beamed at them again, "So, no worries right? Just start getting to know when he leaves and schedule our openings that time." She stood up and stretched, "This is, afterall, still a secret, right?"

Everyone smiled back

Meanwhile, Anna, who was still in Mikoto's room, was playing with her marbles. A small smile formed on her lips.

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