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(? POV)

'Where am I… am I dead?'

I couldn't feel anything around me, not the cool breeze, the warmth that the sun should offer, I can't even listen the rustling of the trees; in fact, there are no sounds, just silence.

I tried opening my eyes, but they felt like if they were made out of sandboxes, not just that, but my body doesn't seem to respond either. This reminded me of that time I woke up at 4 in the morning because my cousin kept talking on the phone, he… 'Wait a second… what was his name again?' I took a couple of seconds to think about it, that is when realization slapped me in the face, 'I can't remember his name!'

I opened my eyes in shock as I focused to remember, 'does he even have a name? Of course he has!' Even so, his name seemed to be erased from my mind. 'My brother, his name… I can't, I just can't remember his name?' After a couple of seconds of deep thinking and panicking, something caught my eye, well, something that should have caught my eye from the start. The vast, emptiness around me.

Well, it wasn't really complete emptiness. There where white shiny lights as far as the eye can see. The bad part about this, I can only see small parts of my surroundings; since my head doesn't seem to obey me at the moment, luckily, my eyes did. Blue and purple colors were behind the lights on my left side, there were also some maroon color behind the lights on top of me, and an aqua blue behind the lights in front of me. It is weird for one thing, I don't know where I am, but upon seeing this, I feel more relaxed.

'Wait a second, is this… the space?' my eyes were sparkling at the beauty around me, completely ignoring the fact that I should be dead out here.

All of a sudden, I heard talking, "Do you think he will do?"

'Whose voice is that?' Whoever it was, he had a light tone in his voice; if it was any lighter, I would confuse him with a girl.

"We got no choice, we're running out of time if something is not done now, who knows what the organization will do next." This voice seemed to be sad, troubled actually. Something unique about this voice, it seemed to be of a child's, but it has a certain echo to it when he talks.

"More the reason to be sure, if he doesn't work you will have to do the process again and by that point it may be too late."

'Wait a second, are they talking about me, but, why would they do that?' A better question to myself is 'What are they planning on doing to me?' I dared taking the risk, and asked, "What are you going to do to me?"

They grew silent the moment I started talking. After a couple of moments, there was no sound made, not a whisper or a noise. 'Are they gone?'

I tried moving my head again, but it wouldn't budge. They are probably behind me; there is a chance they might, not to mention that it is hard to tell were their voices are coming from. This space thing must be doing something to my ears, or it is probably doing something to their voices, I am not sure.

I got tired of searching, so I closed my eyes to rest. Even if all I did was look around, I strained my eyes by trying to look around. The rest of my body is the same story, it simply didn't respond to me, it seems I can't even lift a finger or feel them anymore. I was about to go to sleep, that was until that first voice I heard responded.

"You are actually awake?" There was something odd in his voice, he seemed surprised actually, I guess he didn't expect me to wake up anytime soon.

"Who are you…" that is not what I really want to know, "can you please tell me how to get back to my home?" Home…it is ironic actually; I can't remember if I have a home to return, and I am pleading to somebody I don't even to tell how to get back.

"Sorry, but you can't go back, no yet." Even if he said he is sorry, he certainly didn't sound like it. Then something inside of me snapped something I didn't expect possible.

"If you are going to say SORRY, you should at least act more considerate!" Then silence again fell, 'I hope I didn't hurt his feelings or anything like that.' With all anger behind, I felt guilt inside of me, 'maybe I should apologize, I really shouldn't be rude to others.'

I opened my eyes one more time, this time two peo… well; two beings are a couple of feet away from me. The reason I am calling them beings is because a mist of darkness seemed to be covering them, but I could still make some sort of shape out of them. The one of the left looks small and appears to be floating; it also seems to have some sort of hat on him, it has the shape of a star with only three points. I can't get a good look at the one on the right; the only thing I am sure of is, "you are human." 'How come he isn't dead out here; how come I am not dead too?' that question backfired against myself.

The response I got from the human was a small chuckle.

"Don't laugh at him, you must understand his situation." At least the small guy is defending me.

"Don't worry, I understand… it is just that; there was one time that I… maybe I shouldn't say much in front of our new friend."

I really have no idea what these two are talking about. One second they were talking about me, now they are having a conversation between each other. I kept listening to them for what might have been a couple of minutes, since I got nothing better to do. I soon got tired of just waiting, that is when I finally manned myself up and interrupted them.

"Umm, excuse me, while you are talking can you please tell me how to get back to my home." I said as politely as possible, with hopes that they might tell me a way back home. Immediately I got an answer, the only thing is, it wasn't something I was going to be glad of listening to.

The human was the one that replied, "Listen, you have been awake for too long now, you need to go back to back to sleep. " It seemed more like an order.

The next thing I knew, my eyelids seemed to be following his orders. I tried to resist as much as I could, not knowing what might happen to me if I fell asleep. However, I soon realized I was fighting a lost battle. "Please… if I did something to you, I am sorry, but please, just let me go," I was practically begging this time.

This time, the small being told me something, only that it brought more questions into my head, "I am sorry really, it shouldn't have been this way. You shouldn't have even woken up in this place." In this place… 'They are going to send me someplace else?' I hope I can at least move over there.

Now I reached my limit, even my vision was becoming blurry. Even if they were feet away from me, I made one last attempt to move my hand. This time it worked, I lifted my left hand and extended it, trying to reach them, that is when my vision focused again and I noticed it. '!... why is my arm green… also, why are my fingers short, and only have three instead of five?'

Everything went black soon after.

(Human's POV)

I watched as small orbs of light surrounded his body, until his whole body became an orb or light. It was giving so much light now, that I was forced to cover my eyes. After the light faded, he was gone, "I hope can do it on his own for a while." Only now did I reveal my concern for him.

"Why were you so harsh to him, when it is clear that you worry for him?"

That was an easy answer, "because he is too nice, trust me, I know that better than anybody. Besides Hiro, he has to mature quickly if he is going to stop the organization."

"I know that." Hiro replied with a calm voice. He closed his eyes to think of what to do next. It didn't take him long to open them again, then he looked straight at me and said, "You know my name is Hiroaki, I told you that like ten times already!" He then puffed his cheeks in frustration; I only made a chuckle at his sudden change in mood.

"Sorry, is that it is hard for me to remember names, so I thought that calling you Hiro would be a great way for me to start remembering your full name." I moved my hand up to the back of my head and started scratching it, 'this is embarrassing, got to think of a better excuse now.' I thought that if I called him Hiro, he would get angry or something close to that, and he did. I didn't want to bother him or anything like that; it just seemed fun at the moment.

"Really? Maybe I should abbreviate your name and see how it sounds." It seemed more like a treat, the only thing about it, is that he just looked adorable doing so. I couldn't help but start laughing, I tried to control it by putting my hand to my mouth, but it was impossible to control.

"Why are you laughing? Stop laughing A-"he just stopped.

I noticed that something wasn't right, 'He wouldn't stop just like that.' I quickly composed myself and looked at him. He already turned to his left side and started searching for something in that direction, his face now changed to more of a serious expression, something that is rare to see on him. 'Did he sense something that I didn't?' I looked to my right and started searching for whatever thing might be out there. Nothing, I couldn't see anybody.

"Hey Hiroaki, did you sense someone?" I don't joke when I am serious.

"It was probably my imagination, but you should hurry to where Alex is."

I scratched the back of my head again, trying to remember, 'why did I need to… Oh, that's right!' "Okay, well… I guess I will be going now, hope to see you soon, and goodbye." Now this is depressing, after finally reunited, to only again say farewell.

"Don't worry, after all this is over, we can have so much fun playing with all of our friends!"

"I will be looking forward to that." I smiled and him, and he returned it with one of his own.

(Third POV)

An orb of light covered the human as well as Hiroaki, both faded at the same time. They were gone now, transported to their destination, and unaware that they were being watched by a pair of scarlet colored eyes from above, that faded into the background.

(? POV)

'Better make sure I got everything ready for my mission.' I checked inside my treasure bag and started scratching off the list I got inside my head. 2 rawst berries, 'in case I get burned', 4 oran berries, 'they are always helpful', 2 blinker, blast and reviver seeds. Last but not least, I tightened one more time my defense scarf that is around my neck.

I got out of my room and went inside the base. Instead of using the stairs to go down, I used the sliding tubes, and the advantage of location my room, is that the 1st floor tube is in front it. I went around the other side of the tube to its entrance, 'This is always the best part.' I gave my back to the hole, crossed my arms and jumped in it, "YEEEAAAAHHHH!" Even in complete darkness, the slide itself so much fun, 'I will never get tired of this, never,' the end of my ride slowed down as the fall was being bending forward. I was still giggling while I got up to my feet, 'it is great that this heartwood doesn't decay on its own.'

As I got outside, I took a deep breath at my surroundings, taking in its delights. The deep, rich scent of the earth and the fragrance of the thick, heavy leaves that now fill feel my lungs.

I started walking on the road ahead of me, looking sight-ways only to be more aware of my surroundings. 2nd layer of the city appears to be busy as ever. A lot of different Pokemon always gather here to buy, store, or sell items that may be valuable. I was thinking of going to the Vespiquen shop, but that may take too long and this missions I picked up shouldn't give me too much trouble.

As I was about to get in to the 1st layer of the city, I was greeted by a voice that I knew too well. "HEEYYYY UMIKO, WAIT RIGHT THERE!"

'That's Alina all right', she is the only in the city that has an energetic voice this strong. I couldn't help but bring a smile to my face. Alina, my older sister, always finds a way to make everyone's day brighter, no matter what.

As I turned around greet her back, my eyes widened and my jaw dropped as a cloud of dust, with an Axew in front of it, was approaching me. 'Th-that can't be her, right?' my own inner voice was faltering. Even after so long, Alina's overcharged personality keeps surprising me. She stopped a couple of feet away from me, but also bringing all the dust behind her. It didn't take long for it to swarm us both. *cough, cough, cough* I could only hear myself coughing at this… dome of dust. 'Is she immune to the dust?' She probably got used to it; Alina was always an outdoors girl.

The wind soon blew the dust away, and I started rubbing my eyes. When I opened them, I saw Alina cleaning her pink bow that is behind her head. 'That is her beloved possession-'a soft smile formed on my face, '-and I know why.'

It didn't take her long to finish, and when she did, she tightened her hands into fists, positioned them under her head and started jumping up and down pretty fast, and she was doing this with a big smile on her face. "Umiko Umiko, guess guess guess!"

"Do I really have to play the guessing game?" I already knew the answer to that one.

"YEESSS, now GUESS!" I sighed at her persistence, but not of frustration, just of the quality time I can get to spent with my sister (in the nice sense of course).

I placed my right hand on my cheek, my left hand under my right elbow and slightly tilted my head to my right. "Mmmmm… is it something about Dillan?" she nodded, "Did he buy you a TM disk?" she shook her head, "Did he buy you another bow?" she shook her head again, 'Just what did Dillan do to make her… Oh Dear Arceus, is it possible that…' "Did he finally do it, after so many years?" I tried to hide my excitement, but it was nearly impossible. The answer I got was her to finally stop jumping and extended her right hand towards me, pulled her index finger out the fist and there it was. "OH ARCEUS HE DID!" now it was my turn to repeat her actions, yes, I jumped up and down rapidly with my fists under my face.

"Its official, he finally proposed to me."

"When did he do it?"

"This morning!?" 'It wasn't long then,' after I finally calmed down, I stated remember the missions I have to do.

"I am sorry Alina, but I got to go now."

"Where to?" I opened my treasure bag and searched in it with my right hand. It took me no more than a second or two to find them since I could hear the rustling coming from the papers. I took them out, and showed them to Alina.

"I am doing 3 C missions today, one is to find a Gold Fang, rescue an Omanyte and capture a Bagon; not to mention, that I get to do all of them at Hourig passage." Alina simply contemplated at my assignment for the day.

"You should start doing some B missions if you want to reach Gold Rank soon," she bluntly said it.

I started to place my assignments bag inside my treasure bag, "I know, but I will wait a little longer; besides, it is a pain to do those missions without a partner."

"But Drew does his missions solo, and he is in Gold Rank already."

"Yeah, but he is Drew you know," Drew may be smart, strong and wise, but he never opens up to anybody, and he always wears an expressionless face.

"Earth to Umiko, hello," I got back into reality and shook my head.

"Umm, what did you say again," I asked while scratching the back of my head. She then placed both her hands on my shoulders.

"I was saying, good luck in Hourig Passage, but you don't need since Oshawotts are water types, and you are going to be in dungeon mostly of fire types." She then winked at me, giving me confidence as well.


"Have fun sis." I turned to my left, not taking my eyes of Alina.

"I will be back before night, see you then," She nodded. I then looked forward, and my path is just straight from here. I started running, imagining what new things I will encounter this day. My heart started beating faster and faster, while a grin crept to my face.

(Alex POV)

'Where am I this time'?

I moved my fingers first, this time they actually responded. 'Good, I can move them' I exhaled some air in relieve. 'Wait a second… I can breathe now', that's kind of funny, that just slipped from my mind when I was in space.

I opened my eyes, and I can see the blue light sky with a couple of clouds lazing around. 'No problem with my eyes this time'.

I then simply sat up, 'I don't feel light headed or anything like that; I am wide awake actually, it feels as if I have taken a nice, long nap.'

I then began in noticing my surroundings. About a dozen feet away, there was a lake that is reflecting some of the light rays from the sun. I turned my head left and noticed a lot of trees, almost like if it is a forest, but there is an entrance in the form of an archway that is made of trees. I then turned my head to the right and see the same thing as on my left.

I then turned my head to face the lake. 'Just what did they do to me'? I really didn't care who were they, but at least I am safe now. 'I should start on finding a way back home.' I was already fixing to stand up, when asked myself, 'I wonder if I am even in the United States', I just stopped halfway. 'I can remember that, but I can't remember my exact home and my family', I was getting frustrated, something I don't usually do. 'What's happening to me, I hope it is nothing serious'; I then shook my head, shaking all negative thoughts away. 'I will find my way home, all I got to do is think positive', a smile formed on my face and I was now standing up completely.


"Huh", 'did somebody made a sound, just now'? Whatever it was, it sounded close.

'I need some water', "Huh"? I then noticed that my throat is feeling dry. 'Silly me, I guess it's been a while since I drank some water'. I then started walking to the lake and licked my lips while thinking of the fresh, cool water.

I was about to get some water with my hands, when I saw it or me. 'Wh-what in the world', my own thoughts were beginning to falter. I looked to my right, nothing; I then looked to my left, the same thing. I looked back to what I was seeing on the lake.

The image that is in front is me has the head in shape of a tear drop, top is green and the bottom half in front of the neck is tan. A tan stomach, green arms and legs, kind of short if you ask me. Its eyes were the color of a deep brown; and the eyes seem to be surrounded by a half complete, yellow circle. The collar it has looks elegant though, it went around its neck and it is completely yellow; not to mention the tail it had and a leaf at the end that is shaped like a giant W.

'Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or did I get turned into a Snivy'? I am completely out of words, I don't know if I should just scream at the five winds or be amazed at what I was seeing. I didn't get a chance to decide because I was knocked into the lake. 'It's cold'! I struggled to contain the little air I had, but I then managed to get back into the surface.

'What just happened'? I then took a hold of the shore and pulled myself out. I was panting while managing to stand up. I then found my answer, not far from me, a pokemon I recognized as Butterfree was lying on the ground, unconscious.

'Is he hurt'!? I then went to his side, forgetting my situation. I got to my knees and checked his physical condition. It has scratches all over his body, not to mention bruises on his left leg and right paw. I then checked my bag to, 'Dammit, I don't have my bag with me. How am I supposed to cure his injuries'? I then noticed that the Butterfree budged a little. 'Maybe I can take him to a pokemon center; I just hope it isn't far'. One of its eyes opened up, I then gave him a smile, but his reaction wasn't something that I expected. A white sphere formed on his left wing, "Hidden Power"!

He hurled the attack and it exploded on my chest. I landed on my back while moaning in pain. "Wh-what was that for"? 'All I was doing was trying to help him'.

The Butterfree then got up on his feet, started flapping his wings and rose a couple of feet from the ground. He simply ignored my question and started looking around. Soon, his oval eyes stopped on something, curiosity got me and I stared in the same direction. Not far from where I was standing, a bronze colored handbag was lying open. Three Oran berries, a Chesto Berry and a pink bow were scattered around it. I noticed that the Butterfree was already picking up the items.

"Do you need any help"? He may have attacked me, but he shouldn't move in those conditions.

He turned to look at me, only to scowl at me with a deep, masculine voice, "I don't need your help, so just scram kid"! 'He can talk! Then again, I am already a pokemon.'

He then took something out of the bag and started munching on it. His bruises started to disappear and most his scratches are gone, 'He ate an Oran Berry', it is plain simple he did.

He then simply turned around, and flew to the archway to my left. I just turned to see him leave, 'What now? Do I follow him and try to beg for his help or find a way to my home on my own?' I was having a mental debate, but I shaken off when I heard a plea for help.

"ANYBODY, please help me, that Butterfree stole my bow!"

"Huh"? I then turned around. From the archway, a pokemon is coming out. It collapsed after exiting the archway, instincts took over and I rushed to its side. "Are you okay", I got down on my knees to examine it. The conditions the Axew is in, are worse compared to the Butterfree. Its entire left arm was full of bruises; another on top of its right eye, not to mention scratches covered its entire body. After I examined its injuries, I am positive that it is an Axew.

"Please… help", it was almost like a whisper, but I it sounded like girl. She then used her hands for support to get up.

"Don't move, please, let me take you to a medic". I was about to help her get some support, but she wanted me to help her with something else.

"No… he stole my bow… and… please just stop him", she could barely talk straight, and her eyes were getting red.

I looked back to the archway that the robber went to and then back at her. 'She needs help', 'and I will help her', I got back to my feet then looked around. 'There is one', I rushed toward it, not losing time. 'This will work', I rushed back to her side holding an Oran berry between my hands.

She already managed to sit on her own, "Here", I said handing over the Oran Berry. Her first bit was slow; afterwards, she began munching on it. When she finished, the bruise that was over her eye vanished, but she still has most of the scratches over her body and the bruises on her arm too.

"I feel better now, thanks", I only gave her a smile afterwards.

She then narrowed her eyes at me, "now, GO STOP THAT BUTTERFREE! GO GO GO"!

My back straightened as if complying with her words. "Okay, I-um, I will just"

"GO NOW"! I turned around and sprinted to catch up with the Butterfree.

'That is just scary'! Then an image of a giant Axew came into my head, there was fire around her and instead of her eyes, it was replaced by a pair of a 4 point, white star. I shook that image out of my head and focused on the road.

All the trees around me where flying pass me, that's when I realized it. 'I am just running too fast', my heart started beating faster and a smile formed on my mouth. 'I guess, I can get used to being a pokemon for a while longer', 'It will be more than a while longer'. 'That voice again'.

I didn't get more time to think about it because I then spotted that Butterfree. I slided to a stop, and found myself in a prairie full of spring grass. I moved my hands to the side of my mouth and yelled, "Hey Butterfree!"

He jolted to a stop and turned to face me; he looked rather angry, "I thought I told you to scram."

"You stole something, so please return it," he just blinked at my request. Then burst into laughter, "Why are you laughing"? This kind of attitude just gets me furious.

He took his time to stop, "Because you are so naïve".

"What"? I didn't really get him.

"Look, this is what is going to happen. You turn around and walk away, and I will keep this", he gave a couple of taps to the bag he is wearing, "And everybody will be happy, you got that".

The last part didn't sound like a question; it was more like a threat. Then, an image of that Axew formed in my head, and she was crying while covering her eyes with her hands. 'I am not allowing that to happen', 'then fight'. I straightened my back, crossed my arms and narrowed my eyes at him.

"Oh, so the little boy thinks he can fight. Fine, I need a little warm up anyways." A red sphere formed around his mouth "Bug Buzz", now a beam was coming towards me. I dashed to my left then went around him to face his back; I also noticed that his wings were flapping in slow motion.

He finished his attack and started looking left and right. 'Guess I went too fast for him', 'now use Iron Tail'. I can feel my leaf being charged with power, I jumped towards him and made a front flip. "Iron Tail"! It was a direct hit, his got slammed into floor.

'Now is my chance', I rushed toward him and took the bag from him. I started walking toward the archway to get to the Axew. 'No, don't give your back to him'! 'That voice again'.

"Venoshock", I soon find myself being drenched in a purple liquid. My whole body was beginning to burn as If my body was set in fire. "U-Turn", I was knocked off my feet and the bag was snatched.

I fell face first on the grass, unable to move anymore. "Told you to scram kid, now for your sake, just lay there and don't move".

'I have to… get up, I don't want to see her cry', 'So much effort for somebody you don't even know, I guess it is natural for you to do that'. 'Who are you; you can't be my conscious right'? 'Now I am surprised; you can hear my voice as if it was a natural one, must be because you woke up too early.' 'You are the human from space', '… You can't move now, I guess I will take over for now'.

The pain of my body stopped and I got up; only that, it wasn't me who moved it. 'Wh-what are you doing', 'Don't worry, I am gonna lend a hand as I am supposed to'. Now my body is facing Butterfree, he was about to go into the forest. "Hey you, hand over the bag or I will beat you to dust", 'that sounds rude'.

The Butterfree stopped on his tracks and turned around, "How can you still be moving after those attacks"?

Whoever it was that now took over my body, simply gave a smirk. Then the image of the Butterfree was getting closer and closer, "Aerial Ace"! I simply noticed the image of Butterfree passing to my right. He turned around, and I can see that falling to the floor. "Energy Ball", 'he is already falling down, you only hurt him more', 'have to make sure he stays down'. I saw as a blue orb with a green sphere in the inside, homing in to him. It didn't take long for it to explode on him. Butterfree's body landed on the floor and bounced once.

I can't even see him twitch, 'Is he-', 'don't worry, he is still alive, thank Arceus that pokemon attacks can't kill.' 'Really… and, why did you Arceus instead of god'? 'Think of Arceus as the god here, plain and simple as that', 'if you say so'.

I finally took account what he was doing with my body, he just picked the bag up. "So this is what you risked your life for", that got me irritated, he said it as if I shouldn't have helped that Axew out. Before I could even say a word or thought, a very recent and worried voice came.

"Are you okay?"

I turned around, me in control now. She did look better than before but still. "I should be asking you that", I gave her a reassuring smile.

"My bag", I looked at it and then handed it to her.

'Oh, not good', my nerves must have been turned back on because I can feel it all. I didn't dare move a muscle, "Can you tell me your name?"

"yeah, sure, my name is Alina."

"Nice to meet you Alina, my name is Alex. Can I ask you a favor?"

"Sure, what is it?"

I then closed my eyes, formed a smile and said, "I need you to take me to a doctor if you don't mind".

Before even hearing her answer, I felt my body fall backwards and heard a small *thud*. Everything went darker than what it was.

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