Me: Funny fact, I checked a couple of my past chapters-like from the very beginning-and I can seriously say my writing style is horrible compared to now. I did fix some of them, but ironically, that was in school time.

I was surprised anybody would even be reading now because the beginning sure had its problems of grammar-entirely on my fault. So thanks to those that are still reading this fic-my first fanfiction story if I might add. Without further delay, the story starts…

The dark blue tunnel is echoing the sound of two separate footsteps somewhere in the dungeon. Blue crystals illuminate a portion of the dungeon from where two pokemon enter.

One terrified Pichu is held on the back of Emolga, who has drawn her hands back to hold the baby mouse. The squirrel is panting from all the recent running she's done.

A Treecko runs ahead of her. The explorer bag is strapped around his shoulder. His eyes scan all around the tunnel for any signs of a hidden exit.

Pichu takes a glance over her shoulder to notice her tired expression, "I-I can walk. My tribe trained me so I be a lesser burden."

What he receives is a smile from Emolga when she turns her head to him, "A burden? *Pant* No, this is *Pant* what explorers do."

"Stop!" Drew's sudden command made Agatha nearly stumble down, also provoking the loss of her smile. Her direction wobbles left and right for a few paces until slowing down by tiptoeing on her small feet, stopping past the Treecko with Pichu paralyzed by fear.

She turns around, and notices him facing the part of a wall with no embedded crystals, "*Pant* Drew, what-"

Before she finishes, Pichu's head fall lifelessly on her shoulder. Emolga, obviously worried, turned her attention at him, but after feeling his breathing on her shoulder, she shakes her head and focuses back on her leader.

"There is a breeze," Drew takes calm steps towards the rocky wall.

"You mean," Agatha's puzzled look is slowly removed as her smile is revived.

The grass type nods, "We can get outside through here, but first, they have to reach us."

Explosion after explosion breaks the remaining silence of the dungeon.

Team Night Sky gazes on the direction where they came, but the one with a mild worriedness is Emolga.

A dark body Riolu jumps out of the black edge of the tunnel, performs a half-spin as he hurls an Aura Sphere to an enemy hidden in the shadows. The attack's light barely brightened anything, for it made quick contact with its target , unleashing few clouds of black smoke as Dark lands on the rocky floor.

He just stands there, waiting. His eyes don't leave the dark portion of the tunnel, and then a Snivy runs out from the left side while an Oshawott, with an explorer bag strapped around her shoulder, runs out from the right. Much like Dark, they spin around then unleash Energy Ball and Ice Beam respectively.

It takes a few seconds longer, but their attacks eventually explode on an enemy above ground level.

"Dark, Umiko, *Alex's voice has a tone of full concern for his friends* we can't keep fighting until the end of the dungeon." His worried eyes meet theirs, but his teammates aren't as troubled as he is.

Dark crosses his arms and turns his gaze at the less illuminated tunnel, "You handled the enemy without receiving damage, well above an average pokemon would, and the type matchup had you at a disadvantage."

"He's right," their attention shifts to Umiko, but her head hangs low. "We are at higher level, but we will get swarmed soon."

From afar, Drew raises his three-digit hand up, "Over here!"

Team Gear focuses on the brighter section of the tunnel as he signals at them to come with his hand. They do so while a lighten mood emerges on Alex and Umiko.

The Grass Snake smiles as a lighthearted kid would, "Drew, you found an exit?"

Dark's mood is different from his friend, "We're far from the real exit. He found the second best to it."

Alex can only express confusion as he looks at his friend, "Second…best?" A cool breeze touches his leafy tail, causing a pleasant shiver run through his tensed body, and drifting his raised shoulders down to relaxing position.

Without saying anything else, his eyes fall on Drew. Treecko's hand moves downward on the wall, then back up slowly and to the right. His eyes narrow. They open up wide again when his hand stops. After removing it from place, a tiny crack lies in his view.

"See if more Crobats or Boldore are heading this way," Drew didn't face Team Gear as he issued the order.

They weren't in any official obligation to follow the command, so Alex and Umiko shot a surprised glance at each other. Dark reluctantly turned around before his teammates did the same.

In Drew's mind, he's sure Team Gear-especially Umiko-are keeping an attentive eye on the dark passageway where they passed through.

A sharp edge comes forth into Drew's reptilian eyes. His yellow colored gaze moves all it can to the right while his head turns in that direction almost inconspicuous. At the corner of his acute vision, he sees Agatha staring in the same direction like the others with the sleeping Pichu on her back.

Treecko is aware of the precious seconds that pass by. Then she does what he waited for.

Her head turns to face Pichu, whose head has not left her shoulder.

Drew's vision goes back on the small fissure. White sparks start cracking on his clenched fist before attacking the center of the tiny cleavage. That punch was all needed for the cracks to grow instantaneous. The new crevices are filled with white sparks, but the electricity disperses without a single eye been cast on it-excluding the reptilian eyes.

However, the attack was not soundless. Emolga was the first one to lay eyes on it and became surprised by Drew's strength. She never obtained a chance to ask what attack he used, for Drew leaped back next to her as the wall crumbled down to petite pieces, revealing a white entrance to the outside world.

Umiko issues the next order to her team this time. "We will prepare to fight outside, so move it!" Her white paw signals to the outside.

The first one to move is Dark. He jumps on the column of debris then runs to the outside, vanishing out of sight under the intense light of the sun. Alex, with a contend smile, jumps over the broken rocks and into the light. Umiko follows him, using his same method.

"Agatha, *her attention shifts on the self-composed Drew* it is our turn."

She nods, putting up a brave face, but when her leader turns to the exit, her insecurity of what's outside is revealed.

(Team Night Sky passes the dense light, unwelcoming the sun rays as they covered their vision. Agatha has it worse since her hands are occupied, nearly closing her eyes helps but with its cons)

She takes short steps. Head hunched down to further protect her sight, but she stops when someone grabs her by her shoulder.

Agatha's eyesight soon adjust to the outside light, only to become wide-eyed spooked as she sees below.

Miles and miles of distance are followed by a sure death if anyone falls at full speed on the rocks below. "aaahh…" That is all she can manage to say. A thug on her right snaps her out of it.

"Agatha, they are waiting for us." Once she makes eye contact, Drew gestures with his head at a gray, rocky road on his back.

The rock path is hardly enough for two small pokemon to walk next to each other. Its surface is clearly rough and although it is a straightforward road, the edges are filled with incongruent curves on random spots. The wall of the great mountain stands on the right as its impressively high peak reaches the skies.

At minutes of distance on the path, it curves to the left to form a wide, death-end road, supported by a broad wall of rock extending from the mountain itself.

It resembles closely to a rectangular platform. The sides are filled with crevices and cracks as it contains chipped parts. The gray wall is on the opposing side of the edge that Oshawott is standing on.

Umiko bends down, staring wide-eyed in realization. Her eyes tremble for the fact she has to swallow, and the long distance to ground-level is not the problem.

A few paces behind her, Dark watches her with a usual rigid look in his eyes. His attention shifts to Snivy who is behind him.

Dark didn't think of much, but then notices his preoccupation. Alex is looking down at his blue bow while solving a question to which answer he wants to hear the least.

'Why are the badges not working?' 'The first time it happened, I am sure it was the Organization. We have to thank Drew later. He convinced the rest this might be a phenomenon of the mystery Dungeon. With the other strange things happening to this island, I guess it makes sense.'

P. Alex agrees-to certain extends. He feels a great weight of deceive on his back.

"Alex," Dark's voice startles him from his sorrowful thoughts. His posture straightened while listening to Riolu, "You do know why we lie, right? It's done to keep the guild safe, us included."

A feeble smile came up to the Grass Snake, 'Dark's right. We hide our abilities to keep everyone safe. The Organization can't-no, they won't know which of the pokemon in the guild is human.

A loud, but with an infirm tone in her voice, Umiko attracts their attention, "G-guys, *She stands normally. It's when she turns around can Alex and Dark see her tired expression. The smile she's wearing is the only way to elevate group morale* I hoped this was a different exit, but I can only know of one way out, and that is through all the pokemon that attacked us."

Her mood changes to be more alert when she spots Team Night Sky running on the same path her team used. That is when she sees Pichu on Emolga's back. Her expression turns serious, 'There is still one client who is asking for her son.'

Umiko begins to take confident steps to the center of the irregular platform, "Alex, on my left! Dark, go to my right!"

"What?" is all Alex can ask.

When her feet reach the center of the soon to be battlefield, she stops, "*their eyes meet* You were supposed to prepare when we got here! We will fight them, then make our way through the dungeon again and escape!"

She grabs her scalchop as her eyes travel back to the great wall on the other side.

Drew and Agatha have already entered were their stand will take place. No words are shared between the leaders as he passes the Sea Otter.

Treecko stops at a reasonable distance behind the defense line. A very tired Emolga stops next to him, "Agatha, guard Pichu at the ledge."

Her first thoughts of that are, 'He's crazy!' Those round eyes look at him first, then at the ledge which is fortunately a line shape, and not a narrow spike form. After what's happened in the dungeon, she sighs and heads for it reluctantly.

His next priority is within his explorer bag. Drew's hand barely went in, but already pulls out his glasses. The item is pure black with the exception of the square yellow lenses; there is also a green band between the end of the crossed legs. He holds one of its legs and lets the rest open up by gravity.

He slides the band over his head to its back. The front part rests perfectly on his reptilian nose. Its wide, rectangular lenses are enough for his peripheral vision, bottom half of it to be precise. His specs are set for battle.

Pichu is laid down with great care. The tiny mouse is uncouncious but without any apparent injuries, much to Agatha's relief.

The sound of rocks breaking grabs her attention. Most of her vision is blocked, so she carefully steps to her left, aware of not to leave Pichu on his own.

A red crystal has broken through the wall everyone is facing. Fissures start expanding around it; it doesn't stop until it's similar to the cracks Drew made. Chunks of earth fall down, releasing faint gray dust, but more debris begins to collapse, blocking the entrance behind the accumulated dust.

Black figures start appearing. Small ones have oval shapes with four bad wings on top; the bottom pokemon are harder to identify for their own formation forming a dark line, but these have twice the height of any team member present.

The appearance of the pokemon became revealed as they stepped/flew out of the dust. Nine Boldore appear below, using their rock limbs to move, along with the red crystals under each of their legs that never cracks under their weight.

Purple bats known as Crobat fly over their rock allies. Only a total of fourteen bats are counted.

Umiko activates Razor shell and places the blade on her shoulder.

At this moment, only one question remains, who will make the first attack?

Something the teams hadn't counted on is for a shadow to suddenly loom over them.

All five pairs of eyes look up and see a pokemon of some kind blocking partial view of the sun. The shadow figure is not easy to give a species name, but in the silence, two words come out from one of the pokemon in the other group, "Boss Hydra."

This sparks information that is hidden inside Drew's mind, 'Hydra… we weren't supposed to face him. Especially not in his terms.' It took him a moment to ponder on his first idea, 'No, I can't send Agatha to face a Hydreigon. Even if strong winds were to blow for her, long or close distant fighting will end against her.' A flash of memory from his past-almost similar to this situation-helps decide his plan. 'At best, this Alex will remember little of that past, but the other him inside-'

"Lookout!" Umiko's voice snapped him out of his complex thinking. Three different types of attacks approach them from top. A fireball the size of a comet, next to it a yellow laser enveloped by yellow electricity and a distinctive, high-pitch vibration on the right.

Team Gear are prepared to counter the moves when Treecko jumps straight at the assault. "Protect," Drew lifts his hands up, materializing a turquoise barrier wide enough for the special moves.

Two explosions and the dispersion of powerful vibrations provoke gasps from the dungeon pokemons. A truthful surprisement on most team members as they watch him land in front of the other group.

"Alex, you are with me," Drew didn't turn his head at Snivy when he said it, and he sets off immediately.

Alex is surprised at first glance, with his mind processing abnormally fast, his character stiffens before dashing to join his friend.

Umiko is having a hard time comprehending what they are doing, "A-Alex! Wait!"

Her words didn't reach them.

"Screech," Drew's high pitch scream stuns the rock types while the bats flinch by the piercing noise. He closes his mouth and performs a leap over the Boldores. The moment his glass shake out of place, his vision of the Crobats lie behind yellow glass, "Bullet Seed."

With high accuracy, one golden seed explodes on every airborne foe. Landing behind enemy line and running further right is easy. Alex is about to pass the last of the Boldores when his Matrix Eye spots something on his left.

He jumps, avoiding a rock limb that was swung at him. Once he returns to solid ground, he doesn't glance behind at his attacker; his mind is set to reach Drew's side.

The black smoke bothering the Crobats finally drifts away. Annoyed barely describes what they are feeling. They search around for the culprit until one says, "Where are you guys looking?! He's right there!"

Crobats and about half of the Boldores turn where he's facing. Snivy and Treecko are standing in front of the entrance they brute forged. Thankfully for these explorers, they already began his plan.

Drew easily jumps yards of distance. On the crest of his jump, his voice is loud and clear, "I will go first! Then your turn! Remember?!"

P. Alex isn't entirely clueless, but his mind can't find the answer so quickly. It's somewhere in the back of his mind, 'He's first…then my turn… He's first…then me…' The important aspect of the plan eludes him. 'I remember this, but instead of Psychic, its now-'

Snivy's body moved on its own, out of command of the pokemon soul. A red outline shines on his body.

The Ore and Bat pokemon see how Treecko moves faster; his direction means landing straight on Snivy's W-shaped leaf.

Three Boldores raised their head up as an orange sphere forms in front. They are ready to use Smack Down on Treecko. Then a fist with a blue aura pulverizes one of the rock types to the floor.

The other two stops their attacks. Their rock features reveal zero emotions, but the Crobats show how shook they truly are.

Boldore's body has passed at least a foot layer of rock, unmoving as everything over his octagonal eyes is visible. The pokemon on top of him removes his fist from his beaten body. He goes from standing on one knee to two legs. The others standing are eyeing Riolu with high caution.

Dark, who is receiving the undesirable attention, doesn't flinch, "Don't mind me. It makes my job as an explorer effortless." He lifts his right hand up, producing a blue sphere over it.

(Snivy feels an extra weight suddenly appear on his strengthened leaf)

'And Now!' H. Alex jumps-with no trouble thanks to his status move-and performs a front flip, but swings his tail with a massive strength he rarely uses.

Drew takes advantage of this; he jumps before his footing tilted too much in the end, carrying the momentum Snivy proportioned.

His path inclines closer to the wall. That itself is helpful, for he continues going up by running on the vertical rock plane. Drew runs as fast as his Treecko legs allow him. Before long, the image of Hydreigon is no longer a misshaped shadow figure.

Hydra is wearing a small gleeful smile, "A Treecko wants to challenge me?" His eyes are over the small grass type, "If you are so brave or dumb, then come at me!" His hands in the shape of heads open up wide, "Charge Beam and Fire Blast!"

He unleashes a yellow beam and a fire comet on separate hands. Both attacks travel at a fast pace, but miss and explode right behind Treecko, knocking boulders and pebbles of rock out.

Drew has not slowed down, but he's aware his velocity will eventually decrease, meaning Hydra can target him easier. 'There is still a long distance between us, but either I use it now or it becomes too late.' "Rock Slide!"

White rings of energy spawn over the dragon. Sensing danger, his head bends up and a speck of surprise is seen on him.

One boulder starts drifting out of each white ring, but in the place they materialize, few chunks of rock have a chance to pass close to him. The rest are nowhere in range to hit.

As Drew ran closer, he didn't have time to think, but reacts as if he planned it long ago. He jumps with his back facing real horizontal ground. His glasses jump out of place again to mask the view of Hydra behind the yellow lenses-the band keeps it from falling off.

"Bullet Seed," he spits out fewer golden seeds this time. Like last time, they are shot with a target. The boulders are next to Hydra as the seeds ricochet on their rock surface.

He never suspected it. His gaze was always on the nearest boulder, but when he caught sight of a seed rebounding on the rock, his eyes widened.

One or two missed him, but the rest of the attacks explode all over his body. The grass move is ineffective. Then the worst sting comes from a seed exploding near his eye.

Under the smoke, Hydra's hand moves on the surface of the irritating pain.

Drew does half a back flip and hopes for the best. His feet touch the bottom pinnacle of a boulder-if he was too fast, he would have missed it.

His gaze moves up to its target, "Acrobatics." The attack gave his leap the extra push it needed. In an amazing short time, it came within arm's reach.

A gasp was let out of Hydra. The strong pressure on his neck is the culprit.

With Drew's size, he manages to spin between Hydra's neck and arm, gripping the back of the dragon's neck with both hands. His speed carried the enough wind in blowing the last puffs of smoke aside.

Hydra had no time to use a move. White electricity flows from Drew's hands and onto Hydreigon. Powerful currents travel inside his body, causing enough pain to force a scream out of him.

(Down below, Dark made a last second jump)

A Crobat is headed for his back while its wings surge with powerful gusts of wind. Dark spins around to counter with a roundhouse kick to the face. Crobat's attack ends as his body is kicked to the rock platform.

"Copycat," Riolu's body emanates a purple aura before he does a back flip. He does a vertical kick to another Crobat; this one has its wing glowing purple as its body crashes on the ground.

Dark's body returns to normal. An orange orb is about to collide on his side, but he catches it in time, then uses the sphere's momentum to spin and hurl it back to Boldore.

His landing came right after that. Inspecting his surroundings reveals an edge of the platform on his back. The enemies in front are easier to spot. Fewer Boldores remain, the count of Crobats has also decreased but not by half.

Near the ledge where Pichu's uncouncious body lies, Umiko is facing five opponents on her own. She swings Razor Shell against the Take Down of Boldore.

Her blue blade shatters into drops of water as both fighters slides towards their corresponding sides by the clash of their moves.

Boldore's head hangs low. Damage done to him is visible on the water scar on his face.

The Sea Otter is about to stumble down, but she manages to regain her balance. As she did, her mind wasn't fully focused on the other four.

Crobats flying closer at their superior speed give her a terrifying surprise. Two bats obtain strong currents of wind on his wings as the others' wings glow purple.

Time only gives her an opportunity to defend with Razor Shell, but then five rays of thunder are unleashed somewhere behind Umiko. The sudden appearance of the attack startled both Crobats, ensuring the electric move a direct him on them and Boldore.

The move knocks them passed their rock friend and leaves them uncouncious afterwards. His rock appearance reveals nothing. That is until she sneezes. Boldore uses the diamond tip of her leg to scratch below her eyes.

Umiko also became spooked at how the electricity was near her. She looks over her shoulder and sees Emolga with yellow sparks surfacing from her yellow cheeks.

Agatha lets out a sigh of relief and smiles, "That was scary, but I did it *She jumps and throws her fists up in the air, returning them back down after landing*. I took down my first four wild pokemon!" Her fists go to her hips as she puffs up her chest.

A small chuckle comes from Umiko, watching Agatha finally have her fun is nostalgic in its ways.

"Heavy Slam," the light mood is suddenly dropped. Umiko turns around and gives Boldore her brave gaze, but she isn't there. So the Sea Otter stands there, bewildered as how her big body vanished suddenly.

She is instantly hulled back; her feet dragging on the ground uncomfortably, "W-Wait! Agatha!"

Agatha stops close to Pichu's body. Her eyes are focused on what is coming down.

With a landing strong enough to provoke fissures, Boldore seems in better condition than before. The Ore pokemon is about to move her rock limb, but a shadow is cast on her. Soon, a bolder crashes onto her head, splitting it into four parts while Boldore cringes from the pain.

Another sigh comes from Emolga, "Drew says its important to check every angle in a battle."

"Uh-huh," Umiko is trying to get over the fact a heavy pokemon was about to crash her.

The other side of the battlefield is being swarmed by the rest of the boulders. Crobats find it more urging to evade the rocks, flying in scattered paths. Boldores had no need to, receiving damage or not, it isn't super effective on them. Dark only had to stay in his safe spot and watch.

(Out of everyone's sight and mind, Hydra is enduring the electricity coursing through his body)

He's been trying to knock Drew out long ago. His flight easily took erratic turns. Taking deep dives, then flying back up at his top speed. Doing barrels rolls is useless also. What Hydra does next is flying in circles around the mountain's peak, expecting the grip of his enemy to be gone any moment, but it never happened.

Exhaustion with near surrender reaches him. The dark dragon halts as his heads hang low. With his wings unable to move, they descend by yards until the white electricity is no longer used.

Hydreigon's wings start flapping, although the dragon himself shows few signs of being cognizant of his surroundings.

But Drew immediately uses a real move, "Double Kick." His right foot swings up all it can. It's almost to eye level until Treecko swings it back down.

Hydra does an extra barrel roll, catching the grass type off guard and preventing the move to connect. He feels how his wings hits the pokemon, but also how a pressure surrounds one of his wings.

Drew manages to keep his feet on Hydra's back and a hold on one of his wings. When the spin ends, his eyes move up to meet the dragon's death glare. He doesn't flinch though, not by a simple glare at least.

The one with the quicker reaction is Hydra, opening his mouth to release a powerful scream that pushes the wind with it. Drew can barely focus on his ability under the painful pressure his body is receiving. This type of scream is crushing him; his grip snaps open and he's send flying off.

His face tightens from the pain, but as Hyper Voice fades away, he is able to open his eyes. Taking a glance behind, he sees he's heading direction to the platform. Drew takes is gaze to the black dragon in the skies and smirks at him.

Hydra is honestly confused. Treecko's image might be getting smaller, but that smile can't be unseen so easily.

The wrists of his hands become wrapped by vines coming from above him. He manages a small gasp before a tiny weight lands on him. He turns his head around to eye the pokemon.

A Snivy with vines coming under his collar is standing on him. For Hydra, the grass type is an unusual pokemon because there is no fear in his eyes.

(What he failed to see was Alex using Aerial Ace to gain the speed needed to wall run. This happened the moment Drew was halfway to the dark dragon)

"Hehe," the dragon snickers at the bravery this Snivy is presenting. "What moves does a Snivy have that can hurt me?"

Alex raises both is hands and aim them at his long neck, "Not many, but I know this one. Energy Ball!" A green sphere materializes in a flash and is send exploding on its target.

The damage opened up a recent wound done by Drew. White sparks flourish on the low part of his neck. His wings refuse to flap on their own and they descended in yards.

Alex did his best to hang with the help of Vine Whip than to notice the pain on Hydra. Those six black wings at last move. Their strong up-and-down motion regains more than their lost altitude. Hydreigon takes his face out of view from Snivy; he won't let that pokemon see him panting for air.

Those harmful white sparks have nearly faded off, but this catches Alex's curiosity, 'Did Drew, leave this for me?' His human side begins to speak, 'Like last time. He left it for me to save the day. But now its your turn.'

Snivy once again extends his hands, using another Energy Ball.

Hydra's body plummets down. His wings give a strong flap and ascends back up, but the attacks keep coming along with the remnant electricity in his neck. His flying pattern turns distorted, unwillingly diving down then struggle to rise up as he wobbles forward. This keeps repeating itself for half a minute, and Hydra's anger rises after every attack.

The pain is entirely different. Unlike Treecko's incessant electrical attack, this damage is consecutive to his ascending. The moment he soars back up, his eyes take a sudden sharpness.

Another Energy Ball is formed and sent like the others. Before hitting its mark, blue fire ignites on the dragon's skin, bursting even stronger, disintegrating the grass move and knocking Snivy off.

Alex's eyes shut tight as the pain remained over him. If it had been real flames, his body would have suffered heavily than leaving a couple of black marks on him. His eyelids twitch in a failed attempt to open them.

'I-I can't move!' 'Dragon Rush is doing this to us. Hang on a little longer. Its effect won't last long.'

Needless to say, he can feel the wind passing by him quickly while remaining useless to save himself.

Seconds pass until the unexpected happens. Alex, already experienced enough in the pokemon world can undoubtedly feel three claws wrap around him, fully changing his direction to fly to the side.

He can feel his hands suspended in the air, only moving back with the wind. Most of the pain numbing his body drifts away. He can at last open his eyes to verify his suspicions.

Gray colored mountains and valleys pass under him as the other features of the land, 'but who-' All Alex had to do was bend his head up, then the identity of his rescuer is revealed. A short gasp escapes him. He's well relieved this ally appeared, but it's hard to believe nonetheless.

Incoherent mumbles are all Alex can say as he visible struggles to remember his winged friend's name.

The dragon above him puts a grin on, "If somebody told me I was about to meet Alex again, I would have said, I better change my plans so I get to fight him." Dragonite's fighting enthusiasm is quite notable in his voice, "Name's Massey if you forgotten."

Alex's apology is a smile, "I-I am not good with names. Sorry."

There is one thing he forgot to mention; Alex is more than thankful that he came at the right moment.

Massey's expression went serious. His eyes traveled to the right while his head makes a slight turn in that direction. The Grass Snake's smile fades down; he's aware the dragon has superior senses than him. Before the next acceleration occurs, the sound of wind being split in two grows greater.

Dragonite's powerful wings flap once to drive them both higher up. The orange colored dragon rises with his nose aiming up; Snivy is not enjoying this fly in the least. His face is dense and eyes shut, but when he dares open them, the rigid land and sharp mountains shrink. It goes double for a white orb surrounded by purple energy that flies a downward diagonal path.

This attack continues until it explodes on the ridge of a mountain. Alex's mind needs a second to analyze what happened, 'Hydreigon attacked us, but was that Dragon Pulse? I think Massey used it on me…like way back.'

The sudden stop on Massey's flight causes another discomfort look on Snivy. He's still held unsafely by three claws lifted near the dragon's chest.

Massey's body turns around with ease.

Alex has an ill look, never before has he experienced nimble and agile flying. He shakes his head until clarity comes back.

Hydra is at a good distance from them, but Snivy can feel Hydreigon's furious glare as if he where only inches away.

The dark dragon glares while Massey brings the hand he's holding Alex over his shoulder. Letting the explorer go and allowing him to stand on him, "Hydra, I am here for the challenge I requested."

Both Hydreigon and Snivy become confused. Hydra's eyes narrow, inspecting head to toe the newcomer, "*his eyes widen* Massey? *Anger is seen again while he bares his teeth* Your challenge has been changed for tomorrow, so FLY OUT OF MY LAND!"

Alex almost stumbles into the sky; he shakes his arms around and regains his footing. The dragon pokemon doesn't flinch in the least, "I only thought we could have our fight now. Your band has no politics with real tribes. Nothing is keeping your hands full-"

"Those EXPLORERS are!" His hand opens up and aims at Snivy.

Alex gets a guilty feeling for resembling a problem, "B-but we are here to rescue Pichu. His mother is-"

"THAT MOUSE IS MY PROPERTY!" The Grass Snake shrinks in comparison to the black dragon, "He walked into Peak Stonewall, my territory. Every explorer that enters is kicked out by force! Charge Beam!"

The three mouths of Hydra open up, filling them with orbs of electricity. Massey and Alex gasp in surprise when the black dragon's body emanates yellow electricity.

He motions his three heads forward before each unleashing a yellow beam. The attack expands to nearly match Dragonite's height. Massey rises in the last second, obviously scaring Alex and leaving the three beams to collide on each other. This explosion created a dome of raging electricity that dissipates after seconds.

Hydra moves his gaze up to give them one final glare of flourished anger. Dragonite stopped out of range of the explosion, his firm expression is strong as ever.

"Fire Blast," Hydreigon fires an immense ball of fire.

Massey's wings stop; his body drops as Alex gets a strong hold on the dragon's head-now realizing it's safer in Massey's hand.

The fire was greater than the Charge Beams, almost making contact with them both. Dragonite spots another attack coming. He turns with his back facing the sky while Alex lost his grip, but luckily lands on the dragon's back-near the wings-and uses vine whip to hold on his neck. The pressure Snivy is using is of no bother to Massey.

His wings only need two flaps to take them soaring forward. A yellow beam passes diagonally where they took off. It shrinks. Then Hydra sets off as well in pursuit. He soars into the skies to be at their level.

No attacks are launched in the beginning, until Massey turns his head to measure the distance between the two. Instead of Hydreigon, he watches how a giant fire comet is closing the distance.

He dives down. As Fire Blast passes above them, it's struck by a yellow beam from behind. The explosion releases large amounts of black smoke which clouds the air Dragonite is flying in. His eyes narrow, unable to perceive anything than dark fog.

Alex shut his eyes, "Massey, go up!"

It strikes Dragonite as odd. His unevolved companion can sense something a fully evolved pokemon can't. Massey is having a difficult time believing this.

"Massey!" This time, he follows through. Dragonite's wings takes them in a higher plane with little effort. Also avoiding a purple sphere; its shine made it apparent for Massey to see. If he hadn't move, the attack would have exploded behind him.

They are the first to escape the field of smoke. Followed by Hydra who is down below where Massey was.

He bends his head down to see Hydreigon's next moves. All three of his heads are opened wide.

The left head charges a purple sphere. The very right begins releasing fire while the center shows no signs of attacks.

Hydra launches Dragon Pulse from his left. It grows triple in size towards Massey's left side. The dragon directs his gaze at the blue horizon in front. Then tilts his path to the right, completely avoiding the super effective move.

His eyes narrow, senses sharpen as instincts take over. He speeds up. Avoiding an enormous fireball that passes near his tail. The next his senses pick up is a scream from Hydra. He tries picturing the form of attack it's, but discovers it in a painful manner.

As he tried to discover the range and shape of the attack, the dense pitch makes the air it's in contract to give it a fuzzy appearance. That condensed air passes around Dragonite's right leg and arm, constricting them to the point the numbness sends waves of pain inside Massey.

The dragon's eyes snap shut as he fights against it, allowing him to force a burst of speed and escape the attack zone.

Hyper Voice dies out and the terrain they are flying over changes from barren mountain, chipped roads and mazes of valleys to a deserted land of sand colored rocks.

Alex opens his eyes. He can't see it anymore, but is aware how hurt his friend is. A sad feeling invades him as a result, "Massey, I am sorry. I thought you were going to evade that like the others."

The pain he's displaying faints away, and puts up a grin even if he can't show his grass companion, "If a scratch or two are something to cry over, I would have returned to Tempest Town long ago."

Noise of fire raging clouds over the gusts of wind they are passing. His smile fades off as he grows serious, "Alex, what's behind us."

Snivy checks by closing his eyes to use Matrix Eye. The undeniable and clear sound of fire helps to give it shape in his mind.

The white object, scaling larger than Massey, brightens in the dark view of his mind. Its dragon head has eyes filled with rage, a large snout containing vicious, sharp teeth. The rest of the body has a snake appearance, releasing pieces of flame as the skinless wings flap.

An instinctive terror seeps in as his eyes open wide, "It's a Dragon Ruuush!"

A flash of surprise is revealed on Massey. His eyes are still set on the sky and clouds forward, but a foreboding feeling warns him of what's coming.

The snout blue dragon opens. It flies closer in a moment, about to lock its jaws on them when Dragonite dives down. Taking a strong bite on the air causes the blue flames to dissipate into pieces.

Hydra continues flying with his enraged expression. Glaring down at the two pokemon he's getting tired of hunting.

Alex bends his head and manages to catch sight of the relentless dragon following them. He moves his gaze to the back of Massey's head, 'Why isn't Massey fighting?' '…Maybe because we are on him.'

The thought strikes both pokemon and human soul. They both come into the same conclusion, 'Massey isn't fighting because I/you will get in the crossfire!' Now he feels like a problem, more as a hindrance. His eyes close to pinpoint Hydreigon's location. It takes time for the white image to form. When it does, Alex obtains a bright view of him, Massey, Hydra and all that's below.

The black (white in Alex's mind) dragon has flew down to their level. His mind registers how the flames spawn over his body. Expanding and taking shape of the intimidating dragon from before.

He opens the eyes of his body. The only view he receives is the back of Dragonite's head covering half of the sky. For one of the few times in his life, Alex is stoic. His mind is set for what he's about to do.

The vines retracts completely, releasing Snivy into the domain of the wind while Dragonite unknowingly leaves him. "Aerial Ace," Alex does an agile turn and positions himself to aim straight at the blue, flaring dragon. Wind surges around him, granting him a boost of speed to glide forward, but his missing presence is soon noticed.

Massey can only manage to turn his gaze around. Then becomes stunned as the blue dragon's opened snout nearly reaches the imprudent Snivy.

Before Dragon Rush takes a bite of its next victim, a green shine surrounds Alex, "Protect." He had it ready before whispering that word, turning the light a defensive dome.

So the moment the vicious teeth lock on the green shield, it explodes and spreads black smoke, but protect is still active while the Grass Snake's speed is yet at his top.

Hydra stopped as the explosion occurred. His only had a short time to inspect a mysterious green light radiating through the dark air. He never had a chance to react as a transparent green dome clashes against him head on. The impact hurls the black dragon a long distance, knocking him out of the smoke.

Alex comes out as well, but he's falling without protect or Aerial Ace active. Although he's plummeting at a height that is impossible to land without a few injuries, the grass type is not revealing the slightest of terror.

'Massey can fight Hydra. He's strong, I am sure he can.' 'Yeah, he can… but, I what you did, like a few seconds ago, makes me remember how bold I was sometimes. Hehe… it also got me in trouble, but it was the good type of trouble.' '…I can feel it's, but what I did, is like I stopped thinking and it…came on its own.' Their conversation lasted at most a minute. In the real world it was a fraction for his mind is tied with Matrix Eye.

He's snaps out of his mental trance after three claws wrap around him, and takes him forward with a velocity that makes Alex close his eyes from the heavy wind.

'You really are something else." That voice comes from a pokemon Alex can tie with a name. "I know what you tried to pull off, but you just don't know me. I prefer to be beaten out of the skies than to leave a friend stranded."

Adjusting to the harsh winds finally ends. Alex opens his eyes, and looks up to meet Massey's strict glare. "Now's our time to counterattack. Together!"

Alex feels a sense of accomplishment. He no longer has the sensation of watching his back. Hydra must be recovering and he opened the opportunity for an offensive.

(Massey places the Grass Snake on his shoulder again. Then races to pursue Hydreigon who flew back into his 'territory' after receiving damage. They nearly cornered the black dragon in one occasion, but he kept fleeing into the valleys and through holes connecting the others near it. He stops at a place they least expected.)

Dragonite ascends a mountain while flying close to it. Alex is on his back while his vines are tight around Massey's neck. They soon pass a rock road that protrudes from the wall.

Alex had no need to see it to realize how far they gone. He is able to take a glance behind, only to see a rocky platform that is unevenly torn on the sides and colored bodies on it: a blue figure with white over it, presumptively Umiko. A dark body which is likely Dark. A green object that stands out must be Drew. A white figure while black surrounds, little doubt that's Agatha, and a smaller, yellow figure close to the farthest edge.

The last figure he sees is a distinctive blue with red over it. That Boldore must've been knocked out, for it's the only none explorer pokemon remaining.

He manages to stand up to focus at what's on the very peak of the mountain. It's small for the long distance, but he recognizes an orange glow emanating from Hydra.

Time slows down for Snivy, but something else happens. He keeps focusing on the faraway dragon. Leaving all other thoughts out of his mind until Hydra becomes a giant figure in his vision. The orange light from before is him surrounded by it, and his main mouth open while charging an orange sphere.

From the few existing dragon moves, only one comes to mind. "Massey, throw me!"

Dragonite is surprises for such orders to come from Snivy, "What?!" That is all he can muster while Vine Whip untangles, and Alex climbs to his shoulder.

"Massey, please, throw me to Hydra." There is doubt in the dragon, but it's put aside as he grabs Snivy. Then motions his arm to the side and bends his elbow in the right angle to best serve his pitch.

"Dragon Dance," sapphire colored electricity surfs on his body, enhancing his speed and ensuring him to reach Hydreigon in less than half a minute. The pokemon he throws will reach faster for the extra strength he used.

Hydra fires Draco Meteor when Alex became airborne. Snivy raised his head to all it can go; his mouth opens and prepares an Energy Ball in a moment.

He is fully aware of the consequences of a mistimed fire. Too early: his regular power attack will do no damage to an overcharged Draco Meteor, and he receives a fatal damage. Too Late: the only difference will be he doesn't fire.

With Matrix Eye, the velocity of the orange sphere slows down. As the distance closes, the timing is about to come forth. It's in the moment where his attack can ignite a premature explosion.

Then he sees it, a white light coming through the orange surface. He fires his own special attack. In real time, the two moves collide almost instantly, capturing Alex in a dome of black smoke and probably even the explosion itself.

Hydra, who is yards above the smoke, grins victoriously, 'Alright, you stopped that attack, but after all the Charge Beams I used, the next Draco Meteor will still be a big blast for the other explorers.'

It is at the end of his mental speech when Snivy flies out on his side at full speed. The black dragon's only reaction is a stunned face before Alex's head crashed on his beaten throat. That spot has taken serious tool of damage, not to mention it is the weakest part of the body.

Dry, soundless air rushes out of Hydra's mouth. His wings continue flapping but less rhythmically as the Grass Snake falls down with a wounded skull.

His eyes are closed from the pain while his hands try to travel to the topmost of his head; he ends up using his vines since they do reach and applies pressure. He sinks back into the black smoke, then a different pokemon comes out.

The blow Hydra received caused the groggy aftermath of a battle to seep in early. Those tired eyes of his watch how Dragonite flies closer; his body spawning blue fire and shaping itself to the same dragon he used on them.

Dragon Rush swallows Hydreigon into his snout, followed by an explosion which blows the rest of the smoke away.

Doing so reveals Snivy falling head down; his vines are still on his head but the pain is bearable. His eyes remain close, 'At least…I helped. Right?' 'You did. Kind of reckless too, but you do take after me.' A smile comes out on Alex's body-pokemon Alex.

Three claws wrap around him and halt him in place. Alex's body shock from the sudden stop with his smile vanishing. He opens his eyes to be greeted by a confident smile in front of him.

"Sleep all you want after escaping this mountain," seeing Massey brings a relieved joy into Snivy. "But you earned a chance to rest. I bet your body was pushed to its limit."

Alex does so. Massey's hand is not a bed, but it doesn't stop him to lay his sleepy head down as the dragon descends gently.

The very peak of the mountain they abandoned is where Hydra is resting. A small rocky field, big enough for the black dragon, is the pinnacle, but in Hydreigon's uncouncious, beat-up state, a figure flies next to it, "You were supposed to fight against Alex. Shen said you would. "

The three claws of his feet land next to the fallen dragon's head, "This took me time, separating the yellow pipsqueak from his pack was tricky, and that Dragonite ruined it when he showed up!" His long tail wiggles once in the air. Its flame tipped end burns immensely stronger, nearly reaching the size of his evolved form before resuming the size of a small flare.

He releases a long sigh, representing his deepened frustration, "Annora and Galina are next." A wide sneer grows on him. The tone of his voice can hardly hide his mad euphoria, "Knowing them-wait, I do-they will put up the biggest show this island has ever seen."

Charizard's flame blazes into his size, "And I will have front row seats." His hands clench into fists as black fire starts spawning on him, "It would be so fun to join them, but that pair is scarier than me and my brother together. At least I won't miss any little detail." The black fire consumes him before tearing apart into thin air, leaving Hydra alone.

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