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Warnings: Slight swearing

Prompt #23: When life gives you lemons...


Onodera couldn't help but smile as he got ready for work. The week had gone well, in fact, better than expected. He had managed to wake up on time, and Takano-san hadn't been harassing him like usual. The authors under his wing had been timely - surely a miracle - with their storyboards and made few mistakes. It almost seemed as if nothing, absolutely nothing could ruin his good moo-

His doorbell went off, and as he opened the door, the man quickly recognized his "visitor." Just great, he grumbled in his mind, it's Takano-san. He kept his hand tightly on the door knob, making sure there was barely enough room for the two of them to stand and talk.

"What do you want?"

"You've got a day off," Takano said, brushing aside his cold question. "I have some lemons I got from the store this morning. It's a good day for lemonade." His boss held up a bag filled with bright yellow lemons.

Onodera could feel his left eye beginning to twitch. "Since when did I have a day off? Why didn't you tell me before?" he paused, trying to sort his thoughts. "And...lemonade?"

"Since now. Besides, Kisa and them can handle themselves. We've had a good week. Like hell it's gonna last, so it's either go in for work, or stay with me."

"Isn't that blackmail?" And besides, Onodera thought, I'm still stuck with you either way!

"It's not if I do it."

"How about this," he suggested, inching the door closer to its frame. "I can just take the day off and you can make your lemonade or whatever," Onodera smashed his words together, and made an effort to close the door. "Have a good da-" When the door didn't close completely, the chestnut-haired man pushed harder. Looking down, there was a black shoe wedged between the door and its frame.

"Not happening. And since you already made the decision to take the day off, that means you're spending it with me." Takano-san raised his eyebrows when he saw Onodera open his mouth to protest. "Or triple the amount of work."

Furious, Onodera closed his mouth. Damn him, he thought angrily. Damn him to hell!


So now...he'd ended up in Takano-san's apartment, once again. Onodera reluctantly slipped off his shoes, and stood in the foyer, staring at no particular spot.

"Don't just stand there," Takano-san barked, "come over here to the kitchen."

Following his boss, Onodera meandered into the kitchen. "Why are we making lemonade? There's nothing really special about it..." he trailed off. It was just a regular drink on a hot day. Lemonade wasn't exactly a fancy wine or beverage.

Setting down the bag of lemons, Takano-san turned towards him. "You know the saying, right? When life hands you lemons..."

Was that really why Takano-san had bought lemons? Because of some old life saying? "I...see. But that saying is so messed up nowadays," he mumbled. "People continue it off with stuff like 'throw them back and demand apples,' or 'make grape juice and have them wonder how you did it'."

"That's true," his boss chuckled. "Although I figured since the lemons were on sale, might as well get them. So now that life has given me lemons," he took one out and waved it towards Onodera, "I'm going to make lemonade."

"And why can't you make it alone?"

"It's good to start new traditions." replied the charcoal-haired man. He put the lemon in his hand down onto the counter, and began to remove more from the bag.

"Who said it's going to be one!?"

"Look," Takano said sharply. "I want us to bond, and be more affectionate," he glanced reproachfully towards Onodera at the word affectionate. "Everything else has been messed up. Maybe lemonade can do it."

Onodera turned away. "You're crazy," the man muttered, feeling his cheeks heating up.

"Crazy enough to warrant a confession?" Takano-san questioned slyly.

The brown-haired man reddened even more, almost to the tips of his ears. "Like hell!" he shouted. "I'm leaving!" Turning away, Onodera took one step towards the foyer and a hand slammed down onto the counter. He cringed.

"How many times," Takano-san's breath was close to his ear as he whispered the words softly, "are you going to leave? Wasn't once enough? Can't you understand that I just want you to be here?"

"I-I..." Shifting his head away, he dizzily wondered how Takano-san always managed to knock him off balance.

Takano-san bent down slowly, then pressed his lips against Onodera's. He ended up turning around, and his hands found the kitchen counter and began to clutch them. Wincing as his back pressed into the edge of the counter, Onodera pushed up in result of the pain. "Forget lemonade," Takano-san said after he broke the kiss. "We can do that after."

Onodera let out short pants. "W-wait, what?! H-hold on a minute!" he yelled as Takano started to drag him to the bedroom he was becoming increasingly familiar with. "I want to drink lemonade now!"


Author's Notes:

1) If you got deceived by the title, lol, raise your hand~! Actually, this prompt was given to me by my editor and being the BL fangirl (and fanfiction addict) I am, you guys should all know I thought of the not safe version. XDDD

2) This is probably slightly OOC of Takano since I can't imagine him eating/buying lemons at all. It did give you guys a kiss scene, so points for that maybe? ;)

3) Let me explain this prompt thing. This was started so that I could get a better grip on my characterization because I was off writing an AU story, but hit a wall because of my characterization and creative juices basically...died? Yeah, so, this is to help me write the characters, in character, since the hardest thing in an AU story is keeping the characters as in character as possible (for me). That being said, I'm unsure of how many chapters this little fic will have, but I currently have 25 prompts listed, along with other suggestions. I have written two more prompts that are already "ready to post."

4) I felt like a pervert when I was writing the kiss scene! Writing it is one thing, and reading it is another. Trust me.

5) As always, a big, giant, huge thanks to masterb2 for beta'ing/editing! Lots of love to you from me! (I'm running out of things to say thank you, so bear with me please?)

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