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Prompt # 25: ?


He's in a bad mood, he's in a bad mood, Onodera chanted in his mind while lowering his head as he made corrections to Motou-sensei's storyboards. Why is he in a bad mood, the editor panicked internally. It was nowhere near Hell Week!

"Onodera!" Takano-san said sharply. "Are Kaitou-sensei's storyboards here? She didn't release last month, so we need to make sure hers make it on the deadline."

"No, they haven't arrived," Onodera replied a bit meekly. "But Kaitou-sensei said she'll have it in by tomorrow," he hastily added at Takano-san's look.

"Man, what put him in a bad mood?" Kisa muttered, straightening his storyboards. "It wasn't like this this morning!" the shiny-faced editor wailed.

It seemed he wasn't the only one noticing Takano-san's terrible mood. "I have no clue," the chestnut-haired man responded. "Maybe something happened after lunch?"

Kisa was silent for a moment before he answered. "Oh no," he paused as if to remember something. "Dammit it's all your fault, Ricchan!" Kisa whispered hurriedly. "That girl was flirting with you after our lunch break! Takano-san must've saw and gotten jealous!"

"W-wait, how it that my fault?! It's not like I was the one flirting!" Onodera protested. And for good measure, he added, "Besides, why would Takano-san even get jealous over something like that?"

The other made a noise that sounded like a 'pftt.' "I know you guys have something going on between you," he remarked with twinkling eyes and an all knowing smirk. Kisa's devilish grin only widened as he saw Ricchan begin to stutter and blush furiously. "Everyone knows it," he stated in a matter of fact voice. "Anyone who doesn't would be kinda dense, don't you think?"

"M-me, w-we, there's nothing...! There's nothing going on between us! Absolutely, positively nothing!" he vehemently disputed. "I swear! You have to believe me! I-"

His head got attacked by either a ruler or a stack of rolled paper.

"Ouch!" Onodera yelled, rubbing the sore spot. "What was that for?!" he asked heatedly.

"Quit your yapping. Get to work! I'm running down to sales."

Stupid Takano-san, Onodera cursed. But it wasn't his fault! No, it wasn't, it wasn't, it wasn't!


"Hey, did you hear," a hushed voice whispered, "that Kiyo's missing? I heard," she paused for a moment as if to survey her surroundings. "that she got shipped off to a third world country by crate."

Her friend gasped. "No way! You lie! How is that even possible?! Wouldn't they find her through the security checkouts?"

The friend on her other side let out a huff. "That doesn't even sound possible. It's probably just some stupid rumor going around. Marukawa is pretty gossipy; you'd be surprised! Like the other day, I heard tha-"

A slam shook Onodera out of his eavesdropping. Glancing up, he saw his boss looking down on him. "T-Takano-san...What brings you here?"

Takano-san snorted. "What kind of question is that? You're standing right in front of the vending machine. Shouldn't you move?"

"O-oh." He quickly shifted away, grabbing his drink from the dispenser. Popping it open and taking a sip, Onodera observed Takano-san. His boss didn't appear to be too irritated anymore, and dare he say...delighted about something?

"It's not polite to stare."

Onodera nearly did a spit take. "I wasn't staring!"

Takano-san scoffed at his reply. "Sure," he said slyly. "By the way, what was that girl's name you were talking to? Kinya, Kina...Kiyo, was it? I heard she was in Nepal," his boss noted casually. "Wonder how she got there so fast."

"Nepal...? Isn't that a third world country?"

Takano-san shrugged. "I suppose. How do people get there anyways?" They began walking from the break room back to the office. "Air crate shipping?" Takano-san joked. The pair had reached the office, and entering in, Onodera heard chuckles from Takano-san, along with a low comment of "To Nepal by crate, ha."

Sitting down, and beginning to work on the storyboards once more, Onodera started to panic. He couldn't have, he couldn't have, he thought rapidly. There's no way Takano-san would go that far just because someone had flirted with him. Sending someone to a third world country by crate was just a little too far.

Who was he kidding?! Shipping someone off was already too far! "Damn, what am I thinking? There's no way Takano-san could've done that!" Onodera told himself.

"No way Takano-san could've done what? Oh," Kisa laughed, thinking of the rumors that had circulated a few days after Kiyo went missing, "you mean her getting shipped off to a third world country, right? I have to admit, Takano-san outdid himself when I heard."

He felt sick to his stomach. "You knew Takano-san did it?" Onodera bit his lip. "I didn't hear anything that he had to do with the disappearance."

"Ricchan...We all know people get jealous at one point or another," Kisa said with a suddenly serious tone, and he looked slightly guilty. "Why wouldn't Takano-san be angry, you guys are kind of a...thing." And Kisa took delight in emphasizing the last word. "Her fault for not knowing."

"B-but still! That's just going-"

"Onodera! Kisa! Back to work! Stop slacking off!" Takano-san shouted. "Hell Week is in a week! Get your work in!"

With a hushed "Yes Takano-san" the two worked silently. Mentally, Onodera reminded himself to ask Takano-san about those rumors.


He really wished he hadn't come here. Takano-san stood in front of him, an eyebrow raised in response to his question.

"I didn't think you were the type to gossip."

"I'm not!" Onodera quickly interjected. He clenched his teeth together, internally sighing. "It was just something I happened to overhear, and it was a rather, um, well," he searched for the right word, "absurd."

Onodera could feel his patience run low when Takano-san muttered "eavesdropper," and had to refrain from making his left eye twitch. "And so, you ask me if the rumor's true?" Takano-san question. "Any particular reason...why?"

"N-no, just..." Onodera cursed his stutter that seemed to appear at the worst moments possible. "Just thought you might know. You know, you being the head editor, and all..." he trailed off, painfully aware of the awkward sentence he had just said.

"Anything else you want to explain? Kisa's the gossipy one." Damn. Takano-san still was doubting his answer - he knew it wasn't very good, but he had hoped - and hadn't given him an answer yet.

Taking a deep breath, Onodera realized that he would have to explain everything to the man. "Well, so, you know how Kiyo's been missing right? Yeah, well, I heard some silly rumor, pretty stupid actually, that she got shipped off to a third world country! Crazy, I know, and Kisa said you helped get her to Nepal." Onodera quickly confessed in jumbled, rambling words.

There goes his eyebrow again, Onodera exhaled wearily. "You really think I shipped her off to a third world country?" Takano-san remarked amusedly. "At least have better common sense than that-"

"Kisa was the one who told me," Onodera hissed, "and the fact that you did it because Kiyo was flirting with me."

Takano-san's tone turned serious. "That girl got off lucky. If she had gone any farther, I might have had to break a few bones to get her in that crate." Takano-san paused, as if imagining the scene. "Pay more attention when people are flirting with you, Onodera. I don't want anyone touching what's mine." And with that, Takano-san's door closed shut, and he was left standing there. His boss's words rang through his head again.


What the hell you bastard, Onodera thought heatedly. Just who did he think he was? Who?! He was definitely, absolutely, positively, not his!

He should just ship that man off to another country instead! Screw proving himself, Onodera rather that man be out of his hair forever! He banged on Takano-san's door, feeling his irritation rise with each knock. "I am not yours," he gritted out. "No way in hell am I-"

His fist that had been knocking on the door went forward more than usual, and he hit a broad chest. It took him a moment to realize exactly what had happened, and he quickly removed his hand. "S-sorry!" And then, Onodera remembered what he had intended to do in the first place. "I'm not y-y-yours!" he stuttered out.

Takano-san eyed him, and then pulled him in for a kiss. After Onodera had broken it, he stepped away while attempting to catch his breath. "Wh-what the hell?"

He stiffened when Takano-san looked straight at him with burning amber eyes. "You were always mine."


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1) And what's this? Why, it's an early update! A treat for you guys (and my editor, lol, since she convinced me to post it,) so enjoy!

2) I wanted to keep this prompt a secret because it's so funny! Reading the prompt would've spoiled it for you guys. Here's the prompt - Sending someone to a third world country via crate and air shipping. LOL.

3) Takano is slightly out of character (in my opinion) since firstly, he would never (I hope not XD, but it would be pretty funny) send someone to a third world country and break bones. Also, just to have my safety net, I enjoy the thought of sending someone to a third world country, figuratively and fictionally. I do not under any circumstances, desire someone to have this actually done in real life.

4) You can thank my wonderful editor masterb2 for helping me with this. First, thank her for the prompt (she suggested it), then, the line "I might have had to break a few bones to get her into that crate," was also, (genius!) suggested by her. Thanks for editing my work~! You make it so much better! :D Love ya bro~! And my other friend, Ninja1234 who made a suggestion~ thanks to you too~!

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