Ben's POV

Beep… Beep… Beep. The alarm aggravates my head, causing a major head ache.

I grumble and swing my arm to smack the alarm off. Only to realise I have school today. I guess its okay a bit, its Friday. I quite like Fridays. I have English, which I like. We're studying Shakespeare's story of Macbeth. After that I have Maths…. I can't really say anything good about that. Then after break I have Art, I love art right now. We're paining things that remind of October that means Halloween with me. After Art I have… oh god….I have P.E. I hate P.E. Its swimming and well being the only emo kit in my class means I am the only pale one. I'm a loner in P.E. Or any other place in the school. I guess I'm just different.

Anyway, I roll off the bed and hit the floor with a thud., then gather my lanky self to my wardrobe. I slip on my usual stuff (boxer, socks and band t-shirt) and put on my black long-sleeved shirt and black skinny jeans. I look at my selection of shoes, I may sound like a girl but I find shoes very interesting. I have a rather big selection. I have converse, converse, more converse, vans, army boots and cow boy boots. I pick my black converse today. These black converse are good for running in, I usually wear them when I do running in P.E. I have a feeling today that I'll need them.

I look in the mirror and examine my look. My dark brown eyes scanning myself. However my left eye is covered by my dark brown hair side fringe. My hair reaches my collar bone, my mum says I should get is cut before I become a hippy. I disagree.

I finish my outfit with my black hoodie with the Oogie-Boogie man on the corner and walk downstairs. My bedroom and the rest of the house don't match. M room has dark blue walls, band and movie posters all over the walls, CD's on every table and most likely clothes on the floor.

The house looks nothing like that. It has yellow walls with pictures of flowers on the wall. Some times you see the occasional family photo but they never have Jackson or me in then. Mostly my Angel sisters Jessica and Kimberly. The two blonde hair blue eyed ones. I hate them both. The both have three years of difference than me. Jessica is 18 (three years older). She the head cheerleader for the school Football team.

Kimberly is 12 (three years younger). She's the gossip and popular girl of the school.

And now there's only me. Jackson died last year in a car crash. He was 22. He was like me, brown hair, brown eyes and hated what my step dad Steven has done to my mother. My mother left our real dad for Steven when I was eight. She left him because he wasn't Christian enough for her. Steven is the head of the church so I can see why she married him. A year after she left him he….he… I can't think about it. I just can't.

Anyway, I walk into the kitchen and walk over to the toaster. I put some toast on as I can hear my mother start talking, "Big day?"

I look down, not facing her, "I guess."

I hear her turn the page of her magazine. "How did you do on that French test?"

I sigh and grab a plastic late, "70%"

She sighs and changes the subject, nothing is ever good for her. " So where you going after school?"

"Juts going to go for a walk. Like last week."

I can feel her scowl behind me, "alone again?"

I gulp hard and nod. "Yeah, alone."

I hear her put her magazine down at I crunch on my toast, "Look at me Benjamin Wilson."

I feel panic strike me as I turn around, her blue eyes narrowed at me, "You need to get friends. You can't stay lonely forever."

I gulp my food down and answer her, "Its hard when no one likes me."

She crosser her arms, " They would like you more if you would just be normal."

I clench my jaw and try and not make it obvious that I'm not speaking through my teeth, "I am normal, I've just got a different perspective than they do."

She scowls and speaks with a cat lie response, "I'm just afraid that you're perspective will lead you to bad choices like Jackson."

I close my hand into a fist and snap back , "Jackson was happy being gay. He had a boyfriend and they were happy."

She shushes my and stands up, taking her plate to the sink. "Don't say his name so loud, you're father doesn't like us taking about him."

I walk away and drop my plate into the sink as I wlk by, I then stop at the door way and look back at her, "Steven is not my dad and I was proud to be Jackson's brother."

I walk to the coat cupboard and get my bag. As I walk out I hear my mother speak. "Remember to be home for 7:30 at the least."

Then I walk outside… and breathe the fresh Autumn air. Something in my mind is telling me this is going to be a bad day. But something in my gut is telling me something good will happen.