Since I only have two stories, I decided to make another DP X TT Fanfic! And this time, it's a Terra x Danny! Hope you like it!

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom or Teen Titans!

Prologue: Betrayal of Trust

Somewhere in a government facility, a white haired fifteen year old kid was running through the halls, a bunch of scientists and agents in white were following him. He was wearing white clothes that had green and red splotches, the splotches looked like blood stains. His left eye had a long deep scar etched to it.

"Quick!" One of the scientists shouted. "Get the specimen! We can't let it escape!"

Danny, using the last bit of his strength, turned intangible and flew off.

"No! The specimen is getting away!" Another scientist yelled.

"Quick! Activate the Ghost Shield!" Another suggested.

"We can't!" An agent explained. "He sabotaged the Defense Systems!"

Danny Phantom, after an entire year of torment, finally managed to escape. His eyes were filled with tears of both joy and grief. He should have known they would do this. He should have known those so-called friends and family would side with Vlad after making a deal with him. He hoped that Jazz was okay. She was the only one who tried to save her. And she hoped that his cousin was somewhere safe. They were the only family he had left.

"Why did they do this?" He asked to himself, tears were leaking from his one good eye. His left eye was permanently blinded, thanks to his ex-mom.

Suddenly, he heard something that was coming behind him. He looked back and saw a pair of jets that was moving quickly. He quickly turned intangible and invisible before the jets saw him. Then he flew off to someplace far, someplace he could be safe.

He flew until he couldn't fly anymore. He searched around and found himself in a dessert, He quickly looked for shelter and found a cave. He landed tiredly near the cave and walked towards it. He looked around and saw that the cave was very spacious. He walked towards the deeper part of the cave, to make sure that the Guys in White won't find him, then he passed out, wishing to escape this cruel world.

And that's it! Sorry if its short, it is just the prologue. I'll make the next one longer! Until then, farwell!