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Chapter 9: It's a Trap!

Inside the newly opened DalvCo., the Titans and the three agents were hiding, waiting for Phantom, Guardian or whoever he is.

"Are you sure he'll show?" Robin asked, disguised as a scientist, using a communicator in his ear.

"Don't worry," Agent Goth replied, standing on the roof, along with Valerie and Agent Tech. "He'll come. He has history with the owner of DalvCo."

"How'd a rich guy like Vlad Masters get a ghost as an enemy?" Cyborg asked, hiding inside a pedestal, which was under a statue of Vlad Masters.

"Who cares?" Beastboy asked, disguise as a janitor, cleaning a spill near the bathroom. "All I care about is getting Terra back."

"I agree," Starfire said, disguised as a secretary behind the counter. "We must get Friend Terra back from Foe Phantom Who Is Also Known As Guardian."

Raven, who was also disguised as a scientist, didn't say anything. She was still suspicious towards the two Agents; she could feel that they were hiding something, something related to Phantom. Suddenly, she felt something, something she felt when they fought Phantom.

"Robin," she said, using her ear communicator. "He's here."

Suddenly, the ground exploded and Guardian emerged from the smoke and rubble. He started firing at everything, destroying almost everything. The employees panicked and started exiting the building. A red and yellow projectile suddenly went through Guardian's chest. He looked down and saw Robin and a pile of clothes on the floor next to him.

"Give up, Phantom!" Robin exclaimed, holding a green and silver Bo Staff. "You're trapped."

Guardian was suddenly blasted by a green Starbolt from behind, followed by a Sonic Blast that had Ecto-energy in it. He looked around and saw himself surrounded by the Titans. He tried to fly away, but his escape route was suddenly blocked by the three agents.

"Surrender right now, Phantom," Agent Goth said, pointing her gun at Guardian. "There's no where to run."

Slowly, Guardian raised his arms.

"Now!" He suddenly shouted, firing a Ghost Ray at Agents Goth and Tech. Before the Titans could react, the ceiling exploded and Terra and a bunch of people poured out the hole.

"What?!" Robin exclaimed.

"Looks like you guys were caught in your own trap," Guardian replied, smirking, happy that the plan went well.


Guardian and the Outsiders were having their first meeting. They were discussing about breaking in the new DalvCo. in town before it opens. Guardian decided to take only Terra, Wildfire, El Tigre, Black Cuervo and Dani with him. After half of them demanded why did have to stay, Guardian said, "because, you guys are our secret weapons. There's no way Vlad would expect you guys to attack."

After that, they stopped complaining. Guardian continued their battle strategy and everyone seemed confused by their plan.

"How come were placed there?" Terra asked, looking confused. "It's like your planning a trap?"

"It is a trap," Guardian replied. "And I'm the bait."

"What!?" Dani exclaimed as the others stared at Guardian. "You can't do that, Guardian! What if it's a trap!?"

"It is a trap, Dani," Guardian replied. He stared at everyone with a calm expression. "My spy told me that they're planning a trap with the new building as bait for me."

"So we're using this information to trap them?" Terra guessed, looking at Guardian. "Are you sure this spy is reliable?"

"She's the most reliable person I know," Guardian replied. "By the way, Nymph. I have a special mission for you…" he started grinning evilly.

Flashback End…

"Outsiders, attack!" Guardian exclaimed as he charged at Robin.

"Titans, go!" Robin shouted, preparing himself. Guardian tried to punch him, but he ducked and jabbed Guardian on the stomach with his Bo Staff. Guardian doubled over and Robin took this advantage and tried to whack him on the head, but Guardian sidestepped and kicked him on the stomach, causing Robin to drop his weapon and to double over. Guardian grabbed the fallen weapon and skillfully whacked Robin away from him.

Groaning, Robin looked at Guardian, who was twirling the staff around. Guardian motioned Robin to charge, smirking smugly. Growling, Robin took out another staff and charged, his Bo Staff raise above his head.

Suddenly, Guardian vanished just as Cyborg was about to grab him from behind. Robin accidentally whacked his friend's head.

"Ow!" Cyborg exclaimed, rubbing his head. "Watch where you swing that thing!"

"Lover's quarrel?" a voice beside them said. They looked and saw Guardian smirking at them. He gestured the two Titans to come at him. Growling, Robin and Cyborg charged at him.

Meanwhile, Terra was fighting with Agent Goth. She kept throwing boulders at the agent, but she kept dodging the boulders using her jetpack. Agent Goth countered with her blasters, but Terra blocked them by making a wall.

"Just give up, Dirt Girl!" Agent Goth exclaimed as she fired some missiles at Terra.

"You first, you depressed witch!" Terra shouted back, throwing some boulders at the missiles.

"What did you call me, you desert rat!" Agent Goth shouted indignantly.

"You heard me, you Goth clown!" Terra shot back.

With an undignified shout, Agent Goth pounced at Terra and soon, the two angry girls were having a catfight; pulling each other's hair and trying to reach each other's throats.

Agent Tech, who would love to watch a catfight, decided to help his partner out. He was about to fire a net at Terra, but suddenly, someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and his face suddenly met a fist, causing him to fall on his back. He looked up and saw Dani standing in front of him.

"Wanna dance, geek?" she said, cracking her knuckles.

"Sorry," Agent Tech replied, aiming his blasters at her. "You're a little too young to dance with the grownups."

On the other side of the room, Beastboy noticed Terra and ran towards her. Suddenly, he heard a roar and looked up and saw a fourteen-year old boy wearing a tiger outfit. He jumped out of the way and saw the guy make a crater on the spot where he was.

El Tigre jumped out off the crater, unscathed, and looked at Beastboy.

"Who are you supposed to be?" Beastboy asked, looking at his opponent.

"You can call me, EL TIGRE!" El Tigre replied, doing a pose.

"Dude, don't you think it's a little early for Halloween?" Beastboy asked.

"Like you're one to talk!" El Tigre exclaimed. "Who'd dye they skin green?"

"Hey!" Beastboy exclaimed. "This is my normal skin color!"

"Riiiiiiight," El Tigre said sarcastically. "Green skin is totally normal."

Beastboy growled and turned into a lion. He roared at El Tigre and charged. El Tigre followed his lead and charged back, his claws glistening.

Meanwhile, Starfire was flying towards Robin and Cyborg to help them out. Suddenly someone blocked her way.

"Halt, stranger," the person said, his eyes and hands glowing with green energy. "I won't let you… Sister?"

Starfire stared at the person in front of her with wide eyes.

"Baby brother?" she said in a quiet voice, not believing her eyes.

"Starfire!" Wildfire exclaimed, flying towards his sister, his arms open wide.

"Wildfire!" Starfire exclaimed, copying her brother's movement.

While the two long lost siblings were having a happy reunion, Raven was fighting with Black Cuervo in the air.

"I always wanted to meet the Dark Titan," Black Cuervo said as she fired her lasers at Raven.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" Raven shouted, lifting up some rubble with her magic to block the lasers. Then she threw the rubble at Black Cuervo. She quickly swerved away from the rubble and charged at Raven. She tried to slice her with her razor sharp wings, but Raven blocked every single attack with her magic.

"That all you got?" Raven asked as she pushed Black Cuervo away with her magic.

Growling, Black Cuervo fired another missile at Raven. She made a shield to block the missile, suddenly, the missile released a giant net and Raven got herself tangled up. She fell and landed on the unexpected green wolf, who was being beaten by El Tigre.

"Oof!" The green changeling exclaimed as Raven landed on him. "Geez, Raven. You're hea-,"

"Don't even think about finishing that sentence," Raven said in a threatening tone. Beastboy gulped nervously and started chuckling.

"Good job!" El Tigre exclaimed, giving the thumbs up to Black Cuervo. She blushed a bit before turning her head away with a loud "hmph!"

Their victory was short lived when El Tigre's body was covered with black energy and was thrown away. Black Cuervo was about to help him when suddenly a shadow appeared above her. She looked up and saw an elephant fall on her.

Beastboy seems to be grinning by his success until he smelled something burning. The elephant suddenly jumped, howling in pain. The changeling changed back to human, holding his smoking bottom. Black Cuervo stood up, rubbing her head, her blasters smoking.

El Tigre, who was still being levitated by Raven, fired his claws at her. Raven managed to avoid the claws, which impaled themselves to the walls. El Tigre grinned and propelled himself towards Raven. He slammed Raven to the wall, which caused the shield to vanish.

Raven landed heavily on the floor while El Tigre landed on his feet. Then he pounced at Beastboy and kicked him towards the unconscious Raven.

Meanwhile, Terra and Agent Goth were still at each other's throats, exchanging one insult after another.

Agent Goth aimed a punch at Terra's gut, but Terra managed to grab her arm and judo flipped her towards Agent Tech, who was distracted by Dani's attacks. The young halfa kicked Agent Tech towards the judo flipped agent and the two slammed at each other.

Terra used her powers to contain the two agents in a cocoon of dirt and rocks.

"Now that's girl power!" Dani exclaimed, giving Terra a high five.

Meanwhile, Robin and Cyborg were fairing well against Guardian, thanks to their new weapons.

"Not bad," Guardian commented as Cyborg blasted him with his Ecto-cannon followed by Robin's new Ecto-Bo Staff. "But it's gonna take more than a few toys to beat me."

"Wanna bet," Cyborg said, charging at Guardian. He punched at Guardian, but the halfa was to fast for him. Guardian kept dodging the punches and blocking them with the Bo Staff. He kicked Cyborg away, just in time to block a strike from behind by Robin.

The two teens were exchanging blow after blow with their Bo Staffs. Robin did a jump kick towards Guardian, but he managed to duck at the last second. Guardian used the opportunity and whacked Robin from behind.

The Boy Wonder fell on the floor, his back throbbing from the hit. Guardian jumped towards him, intending to knock him off. Before Robin could defend himself, Valerie tackled Guardian and the two of them went to the next room, leaving a big hole on the wall.

Cyborg ran towards Robin and helped him on his feet.

"You okay there, Rob?" Cyborg asked Robin.

"I'm fine," Robin replied, wincing a bit. "C'mon, we got to help Red Huntress."

Before the two could ran towards the hole, they were attacked by El Tigre and Black Cuervo.

"You're not going anywhere!" El Tigre exclaimed, his claws gleaming. He pounced towards Cyborg and swiped at his arms, leaving scratch marks at it.

"Ow!" Cyborg exclaimed, holding his arm. El Tigre then climbed on Cyborg's head and covered his eyes. "Get off me!" the mechanical teen exclaimed, trying to remove the tiger-themed hero off his head.

Robin would have helped him, but he was currently dodging missiles from Black Cuervo. He threw some Birdarangs at her, but she easily deflected them with her wings. After that, she aimed a kick at Robin, only to be block but his Bo Staff. Robin twirled his weapon around before attacking Black Cuervo.

Meanwhile, Starfire and Wildfire are still having their happy reunion.

"I am so glad to see you again, Baby Brother!" Starfire exclaimed as she released her long-lost brother. "What are you doing here?"

"I should be the one asking that," Wildfire said cheerfully, looking at his sister. "Why are you helping the enemy?"

"Enemy?" Starfire asked, surprised. "What do you mean?"

"You mean you don't know?" Wildfire asked. He pointed at the trapped agents. "Those two are traitors! They betrayed Guardian to the government!"

"What…?" Starfire said in disbelief. "No… but they said that foe Guardian is the villain…"

"Would a villain saved me from my captors?" Wildfire asked.

Back to the other fight, Cyborg was still trying to get El Tigre off his head. He finally managed to throw the kid off him. El Tigre managed to land on his feet and fired his claws at Cyborg, which was a mistake; Cyborg caught his claws and swung him around.

"Stop spinning me!" El Tigre exclaimed, his lunch taking a scenic route.

Cyborg just yawned and spun El Tigre faster. In front of them, Robin and Black Cuervo were still exchanging attacks.

"Is that all you got, Bird Boy?" Black Cuervo asked, her blaster humming with energy.

Robin smirked in response, which confuses Black Cuervo. Before she could react, Cybrog threw El Tigre at her, knocking the two of them out.

"Booyah," Cyborg said as he and Robin fist bumped. They ran towards the hole, only to be stopped again by a giant wall.

"What the?" Robin exclaimed, looking at the wall. He suddenly heard a shout from behind. He looked back and he hastily ducked when Terra came flying over his head with a kick. She used the wall to bounce back and managed to kick him away. Cybor was about to grab her, but something suddenly lifted him by the foot.

"Hey, what's going on!?" Cyborg exclaimed, waving his arms around. He heard a giggle and Dani suddenly appeared, holding his leg.

"See you next fall!" Dani said as she dropped Cyborg towards the floor. Cyborg screamed and made a small crater on the floor, stars circling around him.

"Terra, stop!" Robin said as he block Terra's punches and kicks. "You don't know what you're doing!"

That was a wrong thing to say. Terra growled and managed to hit Robin's face. He fell to the ground with a grunt. He tried to stand up, but Terra put her foot on his chest, pushing him down.

"That was for blabbering my secret, you big mouth!" She exclaimed as Robin tried to remove her leg.

"Terra, listen!" Robin said, gasping. "Phantom is using you!"

"His name is Guardian!" Terra exclaimed angrily. "And I'm not the one being used, you are!"

Before she could say more, a green tentacle appeared behind her and wrapped itself around her, removing her from Robin. Surprised, she looked behind her and saw a green squid. She quickly used her powers and blasted the tentacle away from her. The squid turned into Beastboy, who was shaking his hand.

"Terra, stop!" He exclaimed, looking at his crush. "You don't know what you're doing!"

"I heard that before!" Terra said, slamming the floor with her glowing fists. The ground started exploding, sending Beastboy away.

Dani, who was flying towards Terra, was suddenly inside a black ball. She tried to blast the thing away, but it was no use. She looked behind her and saw Raven floating there, her hands glowing.

"Let me out of this thing!" Dani exclaimed, punching the ball.

Before Raven could retort, the wall Terra made exploded and Guardian flew out of the smoke. He quickly fired a strong Ghost Ray at the black ball surrounding Dani. The ball burst like bubble and Dani quickly fired a Ghost Ray at Raven, who quickly teleported away.

"Outsiders, let's go!" Guardian exclaimed. "We got what we needed!"

His team nodded and flew towards the hole they made. Black Cuervo, who has gained consciousness, grabbed El Tigre, who was a little dazed, and flew out. Terra suddenly rocketed herself away from the Titans with a boulder and followed after Black Cuervo with Dani behind her.

Wildfire hesitated then he gave his sister another hug.

"I hope we see each other again, sister," he said as he let her go. He quickly followed his friends, ignoring Starfire, who was yelling his name.

Before Guardian exited through the hole, he glared at his ex-friends, who were freed by Raven.

"Hope you guys have earplugs," he said, taking a deep breath.

"COVER YOUR EARS!" Agent Goth exclaimed as she and Agent Tech covered their ears.

Before the Titans could react, Guardian unleashed his Ghostly Wail. The sound was so gruesome and terrible that the Titans and the agents were kneeling on the ground, trying to block of the terrible sound. Soon, the entire place started falling apart. Guardian stopped his Ghostly Wail and flew out the hole as the entire place fell apart.

In a matter of minutes, the entire building collapsed. Just as the smoke cleared off, a black dome burst through the rubble. The bubble vanished and Raven and the two agents appeared, looking dazed. A green Starbolt burst through the rubble and Starfire climbed out of the rubble. Cyborg appeared out of the rubble, carrying part of the ceiling, Robin and Beastboy were right beside him.

"Is anyone okay?" Robin asked, holding his head. Everyone grunted and moan, which probably meant yes. He looked for any signs of Guardian and his team, but they were gone. He growled in frustration. Suddenly, he remembered that someone is still under the rubble.

"Where's Red Huntress?!" He exclaimed, looking around. Since she was the last person Guardian, she might know what he took. There was a groan and Valerie came out from the pile of rubble.

"I'm right here," she said, holding her head. A hand came in her field of vision. She looked up and saw Cyborg offering his hand.

"You okay there?" He asked a Valerie took his hand.

"A little bruised, but I'll live," she replied, giving Cyborg a small smile.

"Good," Robin said, walking towards them. "Cause we need to know what Phantom, or Guardian, or whoever he is, took." He sighed tiredly. This was the second time he escaped and he really didn't want a third time.

"Let's go back to Titan's Tower and rest," he said, his shoulders slumped.

Titan's Tower

The Titans and the agents were resting in the living room, feeling so tired. The room was unusually quiet. Starfire was looking on the ground with sad eyes, Beastboy sat on the sofa, his ears dropping in sadness and Raven wasn't meditating. Just when they thought they actually have the advantage, Guardian managed to to beat them again, this time with a team of his won.

But that wasn't reason why Robin was upset. It was what Terra said, that was still ringing in his head.

I'm not the one being used, you are!

He shook his head, clearing his mind.

She's just trying to confuse me, he thought. But deep down, he knew she was telling the truth.

Raven suddenly gasped, which grabbed everybody's attention.

"What is the matter, friend Raven?" Starfire asked, looking at Raven worriedly.

"He's on the roof," she said in disbelief.

"Who?" Beastboy asked, but Robin knew who she was talking about.

"Let's go!" He exclaimed, running towards the stairs. The others quickly followed. On the roof, the door burst open and Robin practically jumped out the door. He growled as he saw Guardian, floating in front of him, his face hidden under the hood. The rest of his team caught up to him and when they saw who it was, they quickly became defensive. Beastboy growled and became a wolf, Raven lifted her glowing hands, Cyborg aimed his cannon at him, Starfire reluctantly aimed her glowing hands at him and the three agents quickly pulled out their guns.

"Look who decided to show up," Robin said, holding out a Bo Staff.

"What do you want, Phantom?" Agent Goth snarled, watching Guardian very closely.

"Isn't it obvious?" He said, sounding mysterious. "I'm turning myself in." He raised his hands and showed that they was cuffed.

Everyone stared at him, surprised. Agent Goth quickly snapped out of it and glared at Guardian.

"Do you honestly believe we'll be fooled by your dumb trick?" She spat.

"No, really!" Guardian frantically said. "I wanna give myself up. I'm tired of hiding and running away! Being experimented is much better than living in a smelly, old cave."

Experimented on!? Robin thought, outraged. He looked at his friends and noticed that they had the same shocked expressions.

"I wanna make up for the wrong things I did," he said sadly, looking on his feet. "I should have died in that accident so you don't have to feel guilty for me, Agent Goth." He looked at Agent Goth with sad puppy eyes. She just glared at him.

"And I should have overshadowed those hot girls for you, Agent Tech," he added, looking at the said agent. Agent Tech grinned a bit.

"I am so ashamed of myself, I wish I could die!" Guardian exclaimed, kneeling on the ground. Everyone stared at Guardian in disbelief. Whatever they were expecting, it sure wasn't this.

"Is this some kind of trick?" Agent Tech said, being serious again.

"It's not a trick," Guardian said, looking up. "If you want proof, you can grab my neck."

Agent Goth smirked and walked towards him.

"With pleasure," she said as she roughly grabbed Guardian's neck and started lifting him. Guardian started making choking sounds as Agent Goth tightened her grip. Suddenly, he started smirking.

"PSYCH!" Guardian exclaimed, his voice suddenly sounded like a twelve-year old girl. He raised his hands and was suddenly surrounded by a flash of multicolored lights. When the lights finally vanished, a twelve-year old wearing nothing but pink and has big, glittery wings appeared. She had a crazy grin that belonged to a psychopath or someone who was mental handicapped. Her brown hair was in pigtails and her chocolate eyes glittered with harmony, innocence, and happiness that reminded them of children. There was also a unique intelligence that could surpass Maddie and Vlad. These eyes have also seen too much and were also at the same time lost.

The girl blasted Agent Goth with pink light, causing the agent to drop her. The girl giggled when Agent Goth looked at herself and screamed when she noticed that she was wearing a frilly, pink dress.

"PINK!" She screamed, hugging her knees. "I'M WEARING PINK!"

Agent Tech and Valerie ran towards their fellow agent and tried to remove the frilly dress off her. Once it was removed, and torn to shreds by Agent Goth, the group glared at the lauging girl.

""You big ditzies fell for the oldest trick in the book!" She laughed, dancing on the spot where Agent Goth dropped her. "This proves my point; people from Amity Park and Jump City are complete mental idiots! And I always wanted to use that label on someone who was worthy for it. Congratulations!"

Agent Goth glared at the girl.

"You tricked us!" She exclaimed angrily, pointing her gun at the girl. "How do you know those things! And who are!"

"Aw bo ho ho," she replied, wiping invisible tears off her face. "The big agent is upset! You're no fun!"

"Fun!?" Robin exclaimed, looking at the girl. "You think this is game!?"

"Yes siree, Birdie pie!" She replied cheerfully, saluting at Robin.

"She's an airhead," Agent Tech said in a deadpanned tone. "Maybe she's the actual mental idiot."

"I heard that!" The girl exclaimed, a bit red in the face. "Guardian is right, your mouth's the size of a black hole!"

White fire erupted from her hands, causing everyone to back away.

"Put the fire down," Raven warned, her hands glowing.

"Make me!" She exclaimed, sticking her tongue out.

Agents Goth and Tech were then hit by their ex-friend immature tone. And this girl has the same tone, only more exaggerated, and she mentioned 'Guardian. They suddenly fit the pieces together.

"She's working for Phantom!" Agent Goth exclaimed.

"Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner!" She sang, juggling the white fireballs.

"Cut the act and tell us where Phantom is!" Agent Tech shouted, pointing his gun at her.

"His name is Guardian! And I'm Nymph, by the way," she replied. "And there's is no way I'm telling you where he is. Not even in a million years, geek. And there is nothing you can do to make me."

"Let's back away here right now," Raven suggested to the group. "There's something wrong with that girl's mental health."

"Aww, are the so-called heroes scared of a widdle girl," Nymph mocked, making them angry.

"Get her!" Agent Goth exclaimed, firing at Nymph.


A green portal appeared out of nowhere and two figures stepped out of it.

"So this is where he's hiding?" A guy wearing a black spandex suit, a black domino mask and a black hood said. "Got to admit, it's not half bad. So where is he?"

"Clockwork said he's in some cave," an eight-year girl said, an eagle was perched on her shoulder. "Can you find the cave, Ying?" She said to the eagle.

"Are you doubting me abilities?" Ying asked his master, looking at her with intelligent eyes.

"Then lead the way," Nyx said. Ying nodded and flew towards the sky.

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