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Extra Chapter 2: Origin Stories

Origins of the Fairy

Sabrina dashed through the park near the middle school. She had just started her sixth grade year on her birthday, September 15. She tried going as high as she could on the swing, wanting to touch the seemingly endless skies. If she could, that would be freedom from the kids who treated her like the Bubonic Plague in her naive mind.

Suddenly, nets from off campus shot her, sending her to the ground all tied up. She struggled against the coarse ropes. A man stood over her, frightening Sabrina.

"Who are you? What do you want? If those bullies said I stole something, it's a lie! They all lie about me!" Sabrina said in panic.

"You wish that happened. But you are the prize of my boss for the day." The man whispered in her ear like as he picked her up, "Besides, boss already took care of that pathetic family of yours. Too bad they weren't strong enough to save you. All of that love went to waste on a helpless scatterbrain like you."

Sabrina kicked and screamed. Kids that were outside refused to help her, wanting Sabrina just to go away forever. They never wanted that social outcast to be in the school in the first place and wished everyday that she would be sent away to a mental hospital or to some government facility.

The man threw Sabrina into the back of a truck and slammed the door on her. Sabrina threw herself on to the doors, wailing, crying, and screaming to get out.

"LET ME OUT! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME! I KNOW YOU GUYS HAVE A HEART SOMEWHERE!" Sabrina yelled in hopes of someone rescuing her.

The truck started moving, carrying her away from the school and to an abandoned warehouse.


The man tossed the still tied up Sabrina on the ground of the warehouse. Her eyes shifted all over the room quickly, overwhelmed by what was surrounding her. Needles, something she hated due to pain. Scalpels. Dead creatures and humans with strange colored clothes that were yellow/orange and red/black were left on tables. Microscopes. All of the equipment that belonged in a lab was there. The man tied her up to an operating table. Sabrina banged her back into the table, wanting free. She was so overwhelmed to the point she forgot how to speak. Another man came out of the shadows. Sabrina couldn't make out the two men well due to the poor lighting.

"I caught the brat like you told me too, boss," the first man said.

"Good," The boss said and picked up a needle with a multi colored mixture.

The liquid in the needle seemed to come from the people with strange clothes and a dead fairy on the other side of the room. The boss jabbed the needle in Sabrina's arm, causing her to scream in pain. She felt like she was underwater. She wanted to scream from help, but couldn't. She wondered why no one helped her back at the school. The underwater feeling was then replaced by a falling/flying feeling that she gets on the trampoline at home. She then passed out.


Sabrina woke up in a cage. She felt like an abused animal. She wanted to get out so very badly. Suddenly the boss opened her cage.

"This is your lucky day. We get to see your vitals now, newbie," the boss sneered.

What does he mean by newbie? Sabrina thought and wobbled out of the cage. Now's my chance. He clearly thinks I am too scared to try escaping! When he's dead wrong!

Sabrina ran silently to the door and slipped out. When the boss turned around, he saw she was gone.

"AFTER HER!" The boss shouted, sending his Pitbulls after Sabrina.

Sabrina made a mad dash through the corridors. She saw the exit and smiled brightly. She spread her arms out, wanting to hug the sun, or the moon and stars, whatever celestial body was out and about in the sky. It could be Uranus for all she cared! She then heard barking from some angry Pitbulls.

Sabrina felt an adrenaline rush and decided to use it. She went a little faster. Her feet felt like she was walking on the wind. She then realized she was going faster and faster. She finally managed to make it to the door and started to unlock the door as fast as she could. The lock finally fell and she exited the building as the Pitbulls tried chomping on her.

Sabrina was free. And saw the sun, knowing everything was going to be okay. She rushed home.


Sabrina's eyes widened beyond belief as tears welled up in her eyes. She collapsed to her knees. Her family, dead in front of her face.

"Mom... Dad... Kiara..." Sabrina sobbed and hugged their dead bodies hoping she would gain some form of comfort from them.

She didn't. Only more sadness. She carried their bodies into their respective beds, hoping that it would be funeral enough and give her the impression they were sleeping to help ease the pain. It still didn't help.

"This would have never happened if I was born this way! Why did I have to be a mistake? I want help! Now it's too late! It's over for me! I don't know what to do!" Sabrina sobbed even harder.

Sabrina knew she would never take her own life, so she decided to gather up some food, water, batteries, her smart phone and it's charger, some pencils, some pens, some crayons, and some paper, toys, and money and stuffed them into bags. They had a good income due to her dad being a Sergeant Major her mom being a special needs teacher/therapist.

She knew that the one hundred thousand dollars that her parents kept out of the bank for emergencies would not be taken in by any bank due to her only being twelve and would run out eventually. So she kept it in the bottom of her sock, knowing it would be the last place anyone would want to check. She also knew her food and water wouldn't last long.

She took the stuffed bags and ran away from the house, not wanting to be surrounded by her dead family. One day, she was going to find a way to prevent this mess from happening to someone else, even if it meant her own life was the price.

The Student of Chaos

The hospital was on fire. People were either screaming or dying. Amidst this destruction, a lone boy was carrying baby, smiling at the chaos he caused.

"We will have a lot of fun," Klarion said as he looked back to the baby's dead parents. The baby didn't move, she was still sleeping peacefully.

Six Years Later…

A girl with light purple hair was looking at an old village from the hills, hiding her presence. On her shoulder was a baby eagle. She had a mischievous look in her eyes as she stared at the village.

"What should I do today?" she mumbled, thinking hard.

How about you make an earthquake, Nyx? the baby eagle suggested.

"Good idea!" Nyx exclaimed. "Glad I thought of it!"

The baby eagle stared at Nyx. Suddenly, he pecked her on the face.

"Hey!" Nyx exclaimed as she tried to stop the eagle. "Cut it out, Ying!"

After a few minutes, Nyx was sneaking towards the village, her face filled with scratches. She snuck behind a house and started chanting. A glowing circle appeared on her feet, bathing her with red lights.

In the village, the people were calmly walking, enjoying the great weather. Suddenly, the ground started shaking violently. People started screaming as the ground shook, causing damage. Suddenly, just as the people were about to stampede, the earthquake stopped.

People looked around the damage; it was great, but not fixable. Unknown to them, Nyx walked through them, enjoying the sight. As she exited the village, intending to teleport. Suddenly, there was an explosion.

Nyx turned around and was shock to see the village destroyed. The buildings were on fire and the people were lying on the floor, not moving.

"Wh…what happened?" Nyx said in a shock voice.

"I happened," a voice said behind her. She turned around and saw Klarion sitting on the air, looking at the village with wicked glee.

"Why did you do that!?" Nyx exclaimed to her master. "You didn't need to kill them!"

"You still have plenty to learn if you don't see the joy of taking a life," Klarion said as he started teleporting.

Nyx glared at the spot Klarion was floating a minute ago. She turned to the destroyed village with a sad expression. Ying, who noticed that Nyx was depressed, rubbed her face with its feathery head.

Nyx smiled at Ying and patted him on the head Ying was the only friend she has, ever since she summoned him that faithful day she became a mage of chaos. She then gave the village one last, sad look before teleporting away.

Two Years Later…

Nyx was firing at Klarion, who just swatted away. Beside them, Ying was fighting Teekl, not able to hit her once. She was angry. No. Angry couldn't describe how she feels. She was looking at the person who lied to her.

"You told me they abandoned me!" she exclaimed in anger, a black aura surrounding her. "That they didn't want me!"

"And you believed me," Klarion said, smirking.

"You monster!" Nyx exclaimed, firing at Klarion. "I'll kill you!"

"Oh, now you sound fun," Klarion said, sneering. "Let's see what you got!"

Nyx fired a strong spell at Klarion, who just blocked it with one hand. She followed the attack with black energy spheres, exploding in direct contact. She then fired a torrent of black energy at the smoke. There was a loud explosion that almost made Nyx deaf.

Nyx panted, feeling tired. She looked at the place where her former master was standing, thinking he was finally gone. Nyx gave a small smile of relief.

"Wow, that kinda stung a little," a voice said, causing Nyx's expression to turn from relief to despair.

She looked at the dissolving smoke and saw Klarion dusting his shoulder, without a scratch on him. She couldn't believe it. She used all of her magic energy and yet she couldn't make a scratch on him. Nyx suddenly fell on her knees, too tired to move.

"I guess this is it," Klarion said, his hand glowing with black energy. "It was fun having an apprentice. Guess it's time to say good bye."

He walked towards Nyx, grinning evilly. He stopped in front of her and raised his hand.

"Say hi to your parents for me," he said as he raised his hand to make the killing blow.

Before they could react, Ying grabbed Teekl by the arm and threw her towards Klarion, causing them to stumble away from Nyx. Ying then grabbed Nyx and flew away before Klarion could react.

"You won't escape, Nyxie!" Klarion shouted as he flew after them, Teekl right behind him.

Just as he was about to fire, Nyx used her remaining strength to teleport away. He stopped and looked at the place where his former apprentice was, smirking. Teekly turned back into a small, tabby cat and jumped on Klarion's shoulder. He stroked the cat and floated back to his throne, the place already fixing itself.

Nyx and Ying appeared in the middle of nowhere, too tired and injured to move. Nyx was cradled in Ying's arm, shaking with tears. Suddenly, a giant clock appeared and turned into a portal. A figure wearing a purple cloak holding a staff with a stopwatch on it floated from it.

Ying growled at the mysterious figure, covering Nyx with his arms. Nyx looked at the figure with tear-filled eyes.

"Hello, Nyx," he said, extending a hand as a sign peace. "I am here to help you."

Erebos, the Hero Reborn

A woman was holding her newly born son, her face covered with sweat. Next to her was her mother, who was wiping the blood from her hands.

On the baby's little arm was the symbol of Trigon that looked like it was freshly burned in his flesh.

"My little one…" his mother said, smiling weakly. "Someday, you will be a great hero…"

Years Later…

A guy with light brown hair in his mid teens, wearing a white toga was standing in front of the gods of Olympus, his face stoic, hiding the fear and nervousness he is feeling.

"Michael, Son of Trigon the Terrible," Zeus said in a booming voice. "We have watched you since the day you were born, watching as you faced hardships and conquered them with your limit abilities."

Michael didn't respond; he just stood there, still as stone.

"After discussing, the council agrees to make you the new Erebos," Zeus said, surprising the young man. "Will you accept this responsibility of being the reincarnation of one the greatest heroes Olympus ever had?"

"I…I will…" Erebos said, trying to sound brave.

"Then accept this gift," Zeus said as he raised his hand.

A black sphere made of energy appeared on Zeus' hand. Michael stared at the sphere, swallowing the lump in his throat. Zeus threw the ball at Michael, where it entered his body. The young man screamed in pain as he felt the energy traveling inside his body. Slowly, his brown hair and eyes become darker. His outfit also changed from a white toga to a black cloak.

Michael gasped as the pain vanished, his heart beating like a drum. He looked at his hands, feeling…different.

"All hail Erebos, Hero of the Shadows!" Zeus exclaimed, raising his fist.

"All hail Erebos!" the Olympians exclaimed, following their king's example.

Erebos stood up straight, feeling proud.

Three Years Later…

Erebos was kneeling on the ground, holding his wounded arm. He watched as Kronos was destroying everything in his path, slashing his scythe around. Behind him, his two children, Melione and Hpyerion, walked beside him, carrying two prisoners: Artemis and Thantos.

It happened so fast; he was just going to make a report on Olympus and suddenly found himself in a war inside the gods' palace. Most of the gods were defeated, Zeus included. Erebos told the remaining gods to escaped and tried to defeat the titan army, but he was quickly defeated by their vast numbers and powerful attacks.

"Time to finish you, hero," Kronos sneered, raising his scythe.

Erebos, who was too weak to defend himself, used all of his remaining energy. Kronos stopped when Erebos body was surrounded by a black aura.

"Boom," Erebos said as the aura expanded. That was all Erebos remembered before blacking out.

When Erebos woke up, he found himself on a nice, soft bed. He looked around his surroundings, standing up from the bed. He started walking, his whole world tipping.

"Ugh…my head…" he commented as he steadied himself. "Where am I?"

"You're in my home," a voice, surprising Erebos. He turned around and saw a cloaked figure holding a staff with a clock on top. "Welcome, Son of Trigon."

"Who are you?" Erebos demanded, trying to sound tough.

"I am a friend," the figure replied. "A friend who can help you."

Erebos looked at the figure, more curious than suspicious.

"Who are you?" Erebos asked again.

"I am Clockwork," the figure replied. "And you are needed in the future."

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