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The Nightmare Realm

Chapter 1: Return of the Rhino

Deep in the world of dreams they is a place filled with nightmares and things that go bump in the night. Surrounded by shadows lived the Rhino a true creation of fear and Eater of Dreams. He moved around his world thinking about that boy, James Henry Trotter. When he first appeared he swallowed up the young boy's parents not only killing them but devouring their dreams as well. Now when the boy lived with his aunts he feasted on the boys fear and pain when his aunts tormented him. But that all changed when he grew a giant peach and set off for New York with a bunch of bugs. Yet the Rhino craved to eat up James's dreams as well for his parents' dreams tasted well imagine what that little boy's dream would taste like. He sent the boy on a trip filled with dead pirates even had him dream of his aunts for most of the trip. Yet still the boy would never give up his dreams. Finally he actually made it to New York and then the Rhino had enough he would devour the boy once and full all. He appeared out of the clouds just like he did when he ate James's parents. He saw the fear in the boy's eyes as he remembered what happened to his parents. The Rhino smiled at this for he loved to eat the boy's fear but then the look changed to courage. He ordered his friends up to the rafters and he faced the Rhino by himself. James's was afraid but he actually stood up to him. Calling him nothing but smoke and noise, then he kept shouting that he wasn't afraid of the Rhino. When the Rhino shot him down he was about to gobble up James but the boy went flying into the peach and the Rhino missed his chance. Even worse all those bugs lived and they became James's family and the Rhino watched as the boy's dreams grew. He had to devour the boy's dreams and then finally he the Rhino would be the victor and no one would ever stand up to him again. With a demonic grin he ran into a portal that led him straight to James for the last showdown of the young boy's life. James was at the park with his family in New York City. The Earthworm was sunbathing in the sun while Mr. Grasshopper was sitting underneath a tree reading a book. Ms. Ladybug was feeding some ducks while Ms. Glowworm was knitting a scarf. Ms. Spider and the Centipede were playing ball with James. "Here it comes Angel Fangs", the Centipede said with a grin. He kicked the ball in the spider's direction and she caught it with her hands. She smiled in James's direction as she tossed him the ball. "Nice catch Jimmy", the Centipede said happily. James's let out a laugh as he tossed the ball in the Centipede's direction. It was a bright beautiful spring day and James's loved it when he could spend time with his entire family.

"Here you go Ms. Spider", James said as he tossed her the ball.

"I got it", Ms. Spider said with a smile.

"Good show Ms. Spider", Mr. Grasshopper said looking up from his book.

"Don't throw it too hard or you could hurt yourself", Earthworm said worriedly.

"How about some lunch dearies", Ms. Ladybug said sweetly.

"Did you bunch berries?" the Glowworm asked in a confused tone. James carried the ball as the family all sat down and had a picnic under a shady tree. Ms. Ladybug packed peanut butter sandwiches, peach slices, and apple juice with chocolate chip cookies for dessert. After finishing his lunch James lay down on the grass and stared up at the clouds.

"Look that one looks like a bear", he said happily.

"That one looks like a leaf", Ms. Spider said as she joined the boy.

"That one looks like a bird", Mr. Centipede said.

"Bird where?" Earthworm asked nervously as he looked around.

"Easy dear boy no bird could eat you remember", Mr. Grasshopper said calmly.

"Of course they come in a flock and eat me slowly at a time", Mr. Earthworm said sadly.

"Remember be brave Mr. Earthworm after all you took on a shark no handedly", James said with a smile.

"Right I am Wonder Worm", Mr. Earthworm said proudly. Just then it started to rain and everyone packed up their things and started for home. Just then a bolt of lightning hit the ground barely missing James if Ms. Spider had not pulled him out of the way.

"James you alright?" Ms. Spider asked worriedly.

"I am fine", he assured her. Then he looked closer at the sky and his heart stopped out of the darkness was the Rhino. The horrible beast was back and it ran out of the sky and charged itself at the bugs. Everyone scattered as the beast chased them around the park until it found it's target. The Rhino's big yellow eyes glared at James at it charged. The boy ran for his life as everyone climbed onto the tree.

"Leave Jimmy alone you ugly brute!" shouted Mr. Centipede as he threw some apples at the Rhino. Of course the Rhino being made out of smoke the apples didn't do much damage. The Glowworm who was terrified flew on down and shined her light at the Rhino. The Rhino backed away as it tried to swat at the Glowworm.

"James grab on", Ms. Spider called as she glided down to the boy with her web. He grabbed onto one of her legs as they were being pulled up by Mrs. Ladybug, Mr. Grasshopper, and the Earthworm. Mr. Centipede kept throwing apples at the Rhino. With an angry look the Rhino swatted the Glowworm away and charged at the tree. The tree began to shake as the web began to tear. James who was frightened beyond belief knew that he and Ms. Spider would get eaten by the Rhino.

"It can't hold us both", he cried.

"Yes it will James hold on", Ms. Spider told him.

"Looking her in the eyes he said softly", Ms. Spider I am sorry" and he let go of her hand. Ms. Spider eyes widened with fear as she saw James's fall and the Rhino opened his mouth.

"Nooo!" she screamed but it was too late the Rhino swallowed up James and disappeared into thin air. All that was left of James was his little jacket he always wore. Inside the Rhino James felt cold all over and he couldn't see a thing.

"Where am I?" he asked as his voice echoed.

Then a cold voice replied", Welcome to my world James Henry Trotter now the fun can really begin". Then with a jolt James world went completely black as sleep overcame him. Back in the park Ms. Spider jumped down from the tree and held James's jacket in her arms. Tears fell from her face as Mr. Centipede held her tight. Everyone soon joined in as they could not believe the Rhino had finally gotten James.

"I should have tied him to my back so he couldn't let go", Ms. Spider cried angrily.

"I will find that Rhino and turn him into a pancake", Mr. Centipede hissed.

"He can't really be gone can here?" the Earthworm asked sadly.

"The poor boy," sniffed Mr. Grasshopper.

"That horrible brute", cried Mrs. Ladybug as the Glowworm shed her own silent tears.

"James is alive but in order to get him back all of you must act fast", came a voice. All the bugs looked up in shock for standing before them was the Magic Man.

To be continued….

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