Chapter 3: Defeating Fears

The ghost pirates circled around the bugs as the giant bird kept eyeing Mr. Earthworm. The shark kept swimming around the sea waiting for one of the bugs to be thrown to it. "What do we do?" asked the Mrs. Ladybug nervously.

"We fight", Mr. Centipede said as he charged at the pirates. He knocked down the pirate captain and used the skull to it the other pirates. Mrs. Spider used her webbing to tie up the bird's mouth, legs, and wings. One of the pirates charged at Mr. Grasshopper and using his legs he kicked them into the water. The shark eagerly accepted them as he swallowed them whole. The ghost parrot flew at Mr. Earthworm who in return smacked him with his tail.

"Keep away from me!" he shouted. The rest of the pirates fled as the shark sent his mini sharks to get the bugs. Mrs. Ladybug flew at them and knocked them back into the water with her purse. Soon all the pirates, bird, and shark disappeared as a door opened.

"Did we win?" Mr. Centipede asked.

"I think so", Mrs. Spider said cautiously. "Come on we have to find James", she said as she opened the door. They were led down a dark hallway as more shadows circled around them. All the fears and doubts every being ever had was in this realm. Moans and screams echoed through the halls as they came to another door. They opened it and were swallowed up by more shadows. Back in his nightmare James was chopping up some word with the same dull axe. He couldn't wrap his mind around it he escaped this place once so had did he get back? His aunts were sitting in the shade sipping some cool lemonade. James's lips kept licking his dry and cracked lips as he saw a small stream of water slide down the cup.

"Get back to work you lazy bug or else!" barked Aunt Spiker. Trembling with fear James continued chopping the wood. His body ached and his stomach was growling with hunger. Where were the bugs? Didn't they know he was kidnapped? His thoughts were interrupted by a hard blow to his hand. He fell to the floor as he looked up to see Aunt Sponge glaring down at him.

"We said get back to work and stop daydreaming", she hissed.

"You are not real this can't be real!" James shouted as he got to his feet. "I left this place on a giant peach with a grasshopper, an earthworm, a ladybug, centipede, a spider, and a glowworm. We fought ghost pirates and defeated the Rhino and made it to New York and settled down in the pit of the peach in Central Park!" he cried.

"How dare you talk to me like that!" Aunt Sponge yelled as she slapped James across the face.

"Did that feel real you miserable tick?" Aunt Spiker asked sweetly.

"Anymore talk of your ridiculous dream and it will be a good whipping understand", barked Aunt Sponge.

"Yes mam", James said as he hid his tears. He got back up and continued chopping the wood as his tears fell from his face. Was it just a dream? Did he never leave the hill? Must have been a wonderful dream because if it was real his friends would have found him by now wouldn't they? Unbeknown to James the Rhino was watching him and a cold smile graced the beast's lips. James was giving in to the nightmare and soon he will be his forever. James was put to work chopping more wood and getting his aunts more lemonade. They told him not to even get a sip of it for they would notice and they would beat him without mercy. Too tired to fight he just did as he was told and soon the life with the bugs soon began to fade from his mind. It had to be a dream for none of that stuff could have really happened. His aunts were right this was the only home he would ever have for no one on this Earth would want him. The bugs came through the door and saw that they were back on the hill.

"Why are we here?" asked Earthworm.

"Because James is here", Ms. Spider said.

"You said it Angel Fangs I see Jimmy right now", Centipede said happily. The bugs saw James alone chopping wood for his aunts had gone inside for a short nap.

"James here we are dear boy", the Grasshopper said cheerfully as they all ran to the boy.

"Thank goodness your safe", Mrs. Ladybug said happily. They were standing right by him but James acted like they weren't there. He continued chopping wood and be oblivious to the bugs.

"James it's us we come to rescue you", Ms. Spider told the boy. She tried to grab his hand but her hand went through him. Tears fell from her eyes as a plan formed in her mind. She took out his jacket and placed it on his shoulders. James stopped as his hand felt the coat on his shoulders and his eyes began to blink. He looked at the bugs and a smile spread on his face.

"I knew you were real" he said as the bugs gave him a hug.

"We are real James and we have come to take you home", Ms. Spider said happily. Just then the Rhino appeared and let a moan has everything began to disappear. James had overcome his fear and the Rhino had lost. With a moan the beast disappeared and another door opened. The bugs and James ran to it and they were blinded by a bright light. They all woke open in the park with the Magic Man smiling at them.

"Congratulations you defeated the Rhino now he can no longer harm you", the Magic Man said happily.

"Is he gone forever?" asked James.

"Yes you defeated him on his turf so now he is trapped there forever", the Magic Man said. Then he disappeared like the wing leaving the happy family alone.

"Thank you everyone for rescuing me", James told them.

"We are family James and we will always be there for you", Ms. Spider said happily.

"Come on everyone let's go home", Mr. Earthworm said. And James thought that was the best idea ever and they all went home.

The End

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