A/N: For Edward, retired jaded vampire Volturi guard, humans are nothing but a food source. However, one night with luscious Bella may just change his mind. Fang play and adult sexual situations.

Can you take this spike?
Will it fill our hearts with thoughts of endless
Night time sky?
Can you take this spike?
Will it wash away this jet black feeling?

Vampires Will Never Hurt You-MCR


I pulled my black hoodie up and let the obese man lead me to his rig. The closeted gay truckers were my bread and butter. It was all too easy to give a discreet nod and follow them out of the various diners. They thought I was trade, and I was all too happy to let them assume.

"You want to do it here, kid?" he asked, leering at me. "I got condoms, but I can give you more if you let me go bareback."

I lowered my hoodie and smiled to myself when I heard his intake of breath. My hair had been called beautiful more than once in this age. Four hundred years walking the Earth had turned me into a monster, but beauty made most humans forget they should fear me.

As I felt my fangs elongate, the fat trucker began unzipping his jeans. Quickly and efficiently, I turned his neck and punctured the vein. At first he yelped in surprise and tried to fight me off. Later his heart rate evened out which lulled him into a deep sleep.

After my bloodlust was sated, I licked the wounds. Vampire saliva acted as a kind of healing agent for human skin. His neck would be a little red and itchy for the next few days, but no one would be able to see the bite marks.

Cringing, I exited the truck. A few men and women at the diner gave me salacious looks as I walked through the parking lot. Usually I would have drank more, but I had a special prize waiting for me at home.

I made it back to my cabin in record time. The cold Alaskan air which kept humans inside didn't affect me. I loved climbing the spruce trees and running through the snowy mountains. I'd been very active in my human life and becoming a vampire hadn't diminished my love of physical activity.

My guard was in wolf form when I arrived. I'd wanted the girl kept safe and couldn't chance that another of my kind would smell her delectable scent and come running. The first time I'd smelled her blood I'd almost done the unthinkable and attacked her in public. My species really only had one real law which was to avoid human detection.

"Thank you, Seth. Is Leah with her?" I asked quietly.

The gray-haired wolf nodded. It was strange amongst my kind to have wolves as protectors, but Seth and his sister Leah had broken allegiance with their pack to be with me. They'd been dirty, homeless kids when I found them scrounging for food in a dumpster. I paid them handsomely and only asked for a few things - our arrangement was beneficial to all involved.

I sped up the driveway and slipped in without making a sound. Thankfully, my cabin was up a winding road and not easy for a human to find. After years of service with the Volturi, I'd learned I quite enjoyed solitude. I still visited the palace sometimes, but I could never live there full time again.

When I got to my bedroom, Leah was helping the girl into the silk, blood-red robe I'd had specifically made for this occasion. The robe was see-through with Gaelic symbols sewn into the edges. The girl's hair had been spread across the pillow and styled into a lustrous, shiny mess of mahogany curls. Her milky white skin shone brightly against the dark black of my bedding.

"She's perfect. You may leave us now, Leah."

For a long time, I just sat and stared at the girl. It had been almost a year since I first saw her at the hospital. One of my friends from the Volturi, Carlisle Cullen, had chosen to live an alternative lifestyle. He and his wife only drank animal blood. I thought they were crazy, but I didn't begrudge them their happiness.

When the ache in my pants got to be too much, I crawled over to the bed and pushed the robe off of the girl's shoulder. Her upturned rosy nipples called to me, so I bent down and sucked one into my mouth. Surprisingly, the girl tasted even more delicious than she smelled.

As my tongue licked one nipple, the girl began to stir. I stood up and shed my clothes before climbing back into bed. My erection was at full mast and yearning to be buried inside of the girl's warmth. I might have been a beast, but I hadn't planned to fuck her while she was asleep.

"Who—who are you?" she asked, stuttering.

"I'm the boogeyman, and I've come for you."

She paled and tried to get out of bed. "Let me go, or I'm calling the police!"

I laughed, easily holding her down. "You don't have a phone, my dear. Even if you did there is no jail that can hold me."

All at once, the girl seemed to notice she was almost nude beneath me. She pushed my shoulder and started to scream as I played with one of her loose, silken curls. After a little while her voice gave out, and she began whimpering softly.

"Are…are you going to rape me?"

I scoffed. "I don't have to rape humans. Your kind begs for my touch."

She shook her head. "No! I didn't ask to be here. Look, just let me go and I won't tell anyone about what you've done. I have work in a few hours…"

I put my fingers over her lips, silencing her pleas. "I told Doctor Cullen you were sick. He's given you three days off—three days you will spend here with me."

The girl's fear quickly turned into anger. "You think…you think I'm just going to have sex with you! I don't even know who you are. Let me go home now!"

This time I let her run all the way to the door. By the time she twisted the knob, I was behind her.

"Don't fight this, my darling," I cooed, holding her wrist.

Slowly, she turned around and looked at me. I smirked and jutted my hips out, which made my cock all the more prominent. The girl blushed deep scarlet as her eyes widened. I was rather large by human and vampire standards.


"I'm what, Isabella?"

"You're beautiful," she replied, licking her plump lips. It wasn't the reaction I was expecting.

"You're not afraid of me?"

She cocked her head to the side. "I am scared, but I want to touch you so badly. Can I?"

This wasn't working out the way I'd planned. In my dreams the girl was the prey, and I was the monster trying to steal her virtue. In reality the girl was looking at me like I was a prime steak, and she was a starving waif.

I walked over to the bed and laid down. "Do what you want," I murmured, gesturing to my body.

The girl crawled into bed and softly kissed her way down my torso. No human or vampire had ever been able to hypnotize me the way the girl did with just her sweetness. I buried my fingers in her long hair and closed my eyes as she licked my shaft.


The girl stilled. "How do you know my name?"

I laughed. "If I said that I've been following and watching you sleep for the last year, would you try to run again?"

She sat up abruptly and pulled the robe over her breasts. "I don't condone stalking."

Gently, I pulled her into my lap. She pouted and huffed but made no move to get away from me. It wouldn't be long until she was ready for me to take her vein. I grew impossibly harder just imagining what her life blood would taste like on my tongue. Exquisite.

"I had to know more about the women whose blood called to me. I know you know what I am, because Carlisle and Esme have told you our secrets. I don't kill humans, though. I won't hurt you."

Bella laid her cheek against my shoulder. "I've…I've wanted to know what it's like to be bitten. I dream about it almost every night and touch myself."

No longer able to control the monster, I pushed Bella down on the mattress and positioned my body between her long legs. "If I'd known you felt this way, I would have taken you sooner. You are perfect for me."

Bella reached up and caressed my cheek. "Please don't hurt me, Edward." Hearing my name on her precious lips broke the beast's last chain.

I used lube from the nightstand to coat her already drenched folds and my cock. She was completely aroused, but I was large and didn't want to hurt the trusting girl. Something told me it wasn't just going to be another normal fuck; it was going to change my life.

Snarling, I lifted her legs over my shoulder and buried myself to the hilt with one powerful thrust. Bella screamed and pulled my head down for a deep, sloppy kiss. I pulled all the way out before plunging in again. We kept up a constant push and pull rhythm that made us both insane.

"Edward! Oh my god! Please, Edward," Bella screamed, scratching her nails down my back. Had I been human, she might have done serious damage.

Because I was a vampire and had no need for human functions, I could literally go for hours. I fucked Bella hard on the mattress before deciding on a change of position. Letting out a mighty growl, I lifted her and flew across the room. Once we reached the chaise lounge, I arranged Bella on her hands and knees.

"Your ass is delectable, my dear."

She muttered something unintelligible and reached back for me. Obliging, I leaned forward and pushed inside of her again. The force caused Bella to wobble on her knees, but she quickly righted herself. Then, she screamed expletives while I pounded her tight pussy.

The girl had the perfect body for fucking. My fingers fit perfectly into her small back dimples. She seemed to enjoy a little rough handling, so I squeezed her neck and pinched her nipples liberally while destroying her.

"Drink," she panted, moving her hair to the side so I could see her neck. "Drink, Edward."

Using a strength I didn't know I possessed, I forced myself to gently take Bella's vein. The minute my fangs punctured her skin, she came all over my cock. I drank greedily as my other appendage spewed cum into her deep recesses.

Once I had Bella's blood in my mouth, I felt complete. For so many years, I'd wandered across the world looking for something to sate the beast. The girl beneath me had managed to do it in one night. I knew I would never tire of her body or her spirit.


In my haste I'd taken too much blood, so I had to give Bella time to eat once she woke up. She didn't talk much, but she did let me kiss and adore her naked body. When I was sure her pulse was stronger, I got down on my knees to apologize.

"I'm sorry, my dear. I usually have more control. Do you hate me now?"

Bella placed my hand on her face. "I could never hate you, Edward."

Later, we made love in the Jacuzzi and got to know each other better. The girl loved the patients she worked with but felt her life had been boring up until I took her. She'd been a hot-blooded woman living in a cold-blooded world. She told me I was the first man to ever make her orgasm - she hadn't even known it was possibility for her. Since I had unlimited stamina, I was only too willing to provide Bella with as many orgasms as she could stand.

After the bath, we collapsed on a rug in front of the fire. I let the girl take the lead. She shifted, letting my dick slide into her slick, warm cunny. Whimpering softly, she began to ride me slowly as I fought for control over my heightened senses.

After she came twice, we switched positions. I kissed my way down Bella's pliant body until I reached a vein in her inner thigh. After looking at her for permission, I sank my fangs into the flesh and sucked more blood into my mouth. I was careful and only took enough to wet my appetite.

"I'll never get used to that," Bella whispered, running her small fingers through my hair.

Smiling coyly, I moved to the side and began suckling her swollen clit—not needing to breathe made me a pro at cunnilingus. I licked, bit, and suckled until Bella's hands fell limp from my skull. When I glanced up, I saw she was out for the count.

I carried her nude body to the bed and climbed under the sheets. Throughout the night, Bella woke up and reached for me. Each time I came to her and let her do as she pleased with my body. Sometimes she was content with touching my cock, but other times, she'd willingly offer her neck to me. By the time morning came, she was leaning over me with a hungry look in her eyes.

"Your body is amazing, Edward. How it must feel to have so much power. Can I taste you again?"

I gently applied pressure to her small head, letting her know it was okay. "You are my treasure."

This time Bella took as much of my shaft as she could into her mouth. I bucked my hips and used my thumb to trace circles on her smooth back. She really got into sucking me off, biting down gently and tugging on my balls. I'd never been with a human who was willing to give as much pleasure as they got from me, so it was a little weird.

The hours went past slowly, and we stayed in our bubble. The only time we weren't fucking like rabbits was when Bella had to eat or go to the bathroom. The beast had been tamed, but I worried the girl would leave me soon. For the first time in my vampire life, I wanted a human's companionship.

On the last day of bliss, Bella woke up sobbing. Startled, I pulled her to my chest and began rocking her trembling body. Soon she straddled me and connected our bodies. I didn't say a word as she began rolling her hips and kissing on my neck.

"I want to stay with you."

Smiling, I kneaded her ass cheeks. "Tabhair póg dom."

"What does that mean?" she asked, nibbling on my earlobe.

"Kiss me."

Bella giggled and placed her neck right over my lips. "I will if you show me your fangs again."

Thanks for the love.