WARNING: There is some Dan (Tsunade's only lover) bashing in here. JirXTsu FOREVER!

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In the


A Tsunade x Jiraiya Tale

By: June

Chapter One: The Day That I Died

There was no cure. I knew I was dying the moment I felt the poison's deadly cold kiss seep through the senbon into my system. I had gotten slower, d****t, resulting in getting grazed with a poisoned senbon at exactly the wrong moment. But that wasn't going to stop me from my ultimate goal. To kill Tobi, the one who had, in effect, ended the life of one of my dearest friends and was, for now, the biggest threat to my village. I was NOT about to stand by and watch my village be slaughtered by this madman. I would FIGHT and I will ANIHILATE this crazed fool. Tobi was the one I was currently battling alongside Naruto, Jiraiya's last protégé. I would destroy Tobi if it took every breath remaining in my body. If only to make their silly dream of peace come true.

With a sigh, I reached deep within me to the inner fire always smoldering within me. The power and carnality I had to suppress since I was young, earning my keen mental control. The power that manifested in my own powerful muscular strength, honed through training, and the fire that had allowed me to elevate my bodily power to monstrous levels. I summoned every ounce of it, reveling in the rush of carnal power surging through my veins. Since I knew my death was imminent, barriers didn't matter anymore.


Everything about her intensified, the color of her hair, the burn of rage in her amber eyes and the definition to her musculature. Naruto had no idea what technique Tsunade-oba chan was using, but he could FEEL the power blazing off her. Tsunade'a eyes changed to a vivid blue, and her body became outlined in intense blue chakra. Each step crushed parts in the ground as she advanced on a transfixed Tobi. The b****** was wide eyed under his mask as he watched the battered Hokage approach. Naruto quickly realized what was needed.

So, he attacked.


I smashed my fist through his back while Naruto had distracted Tobi with a frontal attack. That gaki had gotten stronger over these last twenty years, that was for sure. I smiled on the inside, even as my face was emotionless as I felt Tobi's sinew and bone crack under my hands. A b****** like this deserved to die from behind.

Extending my fingers, cracking bone and tearing sinew as I went, I clasped them around the organ I could feel throbbing against my hand. Ripping my fist backwards, I tore out the guy's still-beating heart. My haemophobia didn't matter anymore; all barriers were gone. Finished. Using the last of my energy, I squished my hand in, the heart exploding in a goopy pulp. I was long past caring as the blood spatters coated me. I'd move heaven and earth to protect the people my men had died trying to protect. First Nawaki. Then Dan. And, last of all, my dearest, oldest friend. . . Jiraiya.

A wave of dizziness washing over me, I staggered and almost fell. Powerful young arms caught me, a concerned voice crying out foggily in my head. My vision was fogging over as well as my mind. Had to be the venom, or the various wounds Tobi had inlicted during the course of this battle. I was running out of time. I felt healing chakra surging into me, chakra wasted at this point. I was dying.

"Tsunade oba-chan! Tsunade! Hang on oh Kami please hang on. . . Tsunade . . . Don't die on me!"

That didn't sound like Naruto's normal cocky a** attitude. I didn't like it. He shouldn't be acting like this. . . Naruto was always laughing. Smiling. He had become a sort of bittersweet comfort these past years. A reminder of who I had lost, and why I had to live as long as I could. I knew I hadn't much time left. My eyes fluttered shut. The illusion I had been maintaining for all these years dropped, revealing my aged true form.

Who cared about appearences. Certainly not Jiraiya. I felt my lips twitch into a slight smile when I thought of his smile even as tears ran down my cheeks at the thought of how I had sent him to his death so many years ago. Well, payback's a b****. Naruto might greive, even though he'd said he hated me. Rightfully so. Shizune and Sakura would be sad too. But I had lost too many. . . I had grieved all my seventy something (shows you how I lost track after Jiraiya died) years of living for those I had lost. In effect, greif has always been my driving force. Jiraiya had died, twenty years ago in Amegakure, trying to alleiviate that tendency of mine.

Jiraiya. My foolish, devoted and loving friend. . . .

I'm coming for you soon, Baka. Heaven, Hell or wherever I end up won't be the same without you, so you'd better have waited for me!

I heard a surprised and worried cry from Naruto, but only faintly. Blurred voices converged into a great, humming noise until I knew no more.

So what do you think of Tsunade's death scene? Defeating Tobi at last is really how I'd imagine her going out. Giving that precious gift of peace to the village she loved with every fiber of her being. The one thing she never had taken from her. I'm warning you up front, I'm a total sucker for this couple, but their road to love won't be easy. Tsunade thinks highly of him as a freind at the moment, but nothing more than her dearest freind. Of course, Jiraiya wants more, but that will take some doing. Will Jiraiya be able to win Tsunade's heart in the afterlife? Read on and see.