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A Tsunade x Jiraiya Tale

By: June

Chapter Twelve

I shrieked as Jiraiya pulled me into the water with him. Kicking and sputtering, I swam away from him, coughing as I collected my wits. Shaking my wet head, I turned to glare at Jiraiya. The effect was likely spoiled by the fact I had (most unwisely) decided to wear a white shirt today. . .

And I had no bra.

Jiraiya was staring at my breasts with a hunger even he couldn't hide. His hands twitched faintly under the water. For some reason, I couldn't get mad like I should have. Instead, I felt my body warm under his stare and my nipples tighten. Damn! Traitorous body. . . Why is he staring at me like that? Got to hit him. . . Don't feel like it. . . Why do I feel like I want to jump him? The arousal rising in me almost overwhelmed my common sense as I stared back at him. His wet clothes clung to him in a most enticing way. . . Before I realized what I was doing, I was swimming over to him.

He met me half way with one smooth stroke, muscled arms flexing as he tread water. Jiraiya reached out, arms half encircling me. I willingly moved into his embrace, left curious by the idea of him and me in water. And what naughty, naughty things we could do to each other in the water. His lips descended on mine and I didn't protest. I was too busy tasting him.

The sound of the waterfall in the back ground only heightened the needy sensations spreading wetly throughout my body. One of his hands lightly caressed over my back, sending bolts of heat spiraling through me. I fitted my body to his, feeling his erection in my belly with some degree of womanly satisfaction. I'd managed to get him hot even in this cool water. . . My hands slid with some effort under his wet clothing. I caressed his bare skin, eliciting a shudder of need from him. I felt his cock harden satisfyingly under me. His arms wrapped around me as, with a grunt, he pulled us from the water. I landed on top of him, groaning as his tongue probed deep into my mouth even as I was the one on top.

Only one word came to mind at this.

Bliss. . .

Nawaki's POV

Big sister and Jiraiya were already making out. And more, from the glance I had thrown over my shoulder moments ago. So this was what Oba-chan meant when she said they really loved each other. Even if they squabbled a whole lot. I smiled as I tip-toed away, trying not to look at their making out. Even if it was kind of cool to see them together, finally.

It had taken matchmaking meddling from almost everyone in our family to get them here. My smile got bigger and I repressed a giggle. All it had taken to get them kissing was Jiraiya pulling her into the aph-aph. . . APHRODISIAC-laced water with him. The medicine Grandma had put it the water earlier would have both of them needing each other so bad it might hurt. They had so much romantic tension between them it wasn't hard to get big sister to give into temptation (especially with the love medicine seeping through their pores). I padded silently into the trees surrounding the pond I had picked. I knew the picnic stuff would be okay; nobody stole stuff in the land of the dead. Or, nobody had done so in the years I had been here. I raced around the trees, tapping each sealing tag me and Grandma had placed to activate them.

I agreed with what Oba-chan had said, after seeing them kiss even as Jiraiya pulled them out of the water. These two belonged together.

Hopefully I wouldn't need to keep an eye on these two this time to make sure it happened right.

Tsunade's POV

I lay on top of Jiraiya, completely missing the fact that my little brother had, with the speed of a true ninja, snuck away without being noticed by either of us. I pressed my hips needingly to his erection. I hadn't felt this overwhelming need in years. . . I need him inside me. . . Like I've needed no one else, ever. . . Unbidden, the thought came into my mind I died when I lost you. . .I fisted my hands into his hair, unable to let go of the kiss I had been longing for far too long. Unfortunately, Jiraiya had more control than me. Wow. Things you never thought you'd say. . .

With a reluctant moan, he lifted my lips from his by lifting my upper half. Unfortunately for him, that meant my lower body placed more weight on his erection. He jerked slightly but held strong. I made a protesting noise. I didn't want to be separated. Onyx eyes stared up at me, a haze filming over them. His voice raspy, pleading, "I don't want this out of guilt. Or pity. Or spite for HIM. Do you want me for me?"

My eyes filled. Kami. I've been sending him so many confusing signals and given him so much hell. . . It's a wonder he hasn't given up on me over the years he's chased me. I leaned back over, my breasts pressing into and overfilling even his large hands as he tried to stop me. I softly kissed his lips, then drew back.

"Is that answer enough for you Jiraiya? I want you. Simply you. Hell, I don't WANT you." A look of confusion flashed over his face before I finished, "I NEED you. . ."
Jiraiya eagerly kissed me then. His experienced hands roamed over me, stroking over my still clad hips and warming my chilled skin. He came up for air long enough to slide my sopping shirt off, with a bit of help from me as he turned me over, so my back was to his chest.

I was, honestly, wary about this. He'd made so many grabs for my breasts it was going against the grain even now to feel his large, warm hands caress my more than ample breasts. I shuddered, a warm feeling spreading tingles through me. He was gentle as he stroked over my breasts, fondling them at length and teasing over the nipples. Apprehension vanished in the face of his touch, trailing fire over my body and making my nipples tighten. I hissed in pleasure, arching into his touch and a moan escaping me against my will. I heard a soft but audible noise of male satisfaction as Jiraiya carefully caressed over my stomach. Shuddering a bit as the fire building within me started to grow larger, I flipped over and started to kiss him, unable to stand it anymore. I moaned into his lips, knitting my hands into his hair.

My eyes closed as I moaned, the tears overflowing my eyes and dripping. I felt his hand caress my cheek, gently detaching us. Concerned black eyes, a little foggy with the lust both of us were feeling acutely, searched my face.

Huskily, I said, "I'm happy Jiraiya. . . That I can finally show how I've felt about you since forever. . ."

I leaned over and softly kissed behind his ear, a sensitive spot for him. I was rewarded with a slight shiver passing through his tall frame and a repressed groan. I started to caress his jaw with my tongue and lips, enjoying the responses I got. Especially the one that involved him cupping my ass and squeezing. I purred happily, squirming over his growing erection. He grunted, shifting and hands sliding my sopping pants off. I started to take liberties with him after this, sliding his vest off and my hands starting to roam under his kimono.

Fumblingly he helped me, sliding off his short kimono at last. My hands roamed over him, caressing the pecs I had craved for SO long. . . I started to kiss my way down his neck to his pecs. Arousal was growing and growing, making it hard to see straight. . . My breathing roughened, my tongue started to explore his mouth. He resisted a moment, keeping his lips together. Then, something about him loosened. His lips parted as his tongue danced with mine. His hands caressed me, but there was a sort of gentleness to him that I'd never known. His touch was completely unhurried, which just heated me up even more. . .

I growled softly, sliding my hands down to his erection. He grunted softly, swelling under my stroking. I smiled slightly as I started to kiss his abs, adding in a lick or two. He shuddered slightly, his hands cupping my left breast. I purred under his touch, releasing the stroking then squirming up him so he could feel me better. Jiraiya groaned, caressing my breasts, obviously luxuriating in the feel. I yelped softly when I felt his lips descend on my nipple, his mouth taking as much as he could handle. Then he began to suck.

I almost climaxed right there from the warm wetness on my sensitized nipple, and what with the caresses he was giving the other nipple, I might just climax without him inside me. A little bit of female pride reared its head. I WOULD make him come first. I squirmed loose of his hold, trying to ignore his slightly disappointed noise as I licked over my fingertips. I slid a little lower on his hot, hard body, getting my grip back on his cock. I began to return to the caresses before, with my fingers wetted.

"Tsunade. . . Woman, you're gonna. . ." He moaned, cock bobbing in my hand as I started to speed up the caresses. There was something that turned me on, just seeing him naked before me and fully aroused. I moaned softly at the sight, feasting my eyes on him hungrily. My own body was soaked and aching, aching like it hadn't done in years, but I wanted to see him satisfied. To put him first, for once.

There was no warning as he grabbed me, crushing me to him needfully. His kiss was hot and rough, making my need spike further. I groaned, wiggling my hips over his erection. He grabbed my hips quickly, freezing them in place as I felt him penetrate me. I yowled pleasuredly as I felt him start to thrust. My body arched into his, my arms clutching onto his shoulders as I felt myself rising dizzyingly towards climax.

Jiraiya's POV

I growled, hardening to nearly breaking point inside her as I felt her sheath clench heatedly about my cock. No! Not yet! I can't come yet! Somehow, some way, I managed to keep myself from coming as she climaxed. I was nearly beyond the hope I wasn't hurting her as I thrust deeper and faster, managing to keep it relatively smooth. Her caresses had very nearly undone me. But I wouldn't come that quickly. Not for nothing had I had all those sexual encounters throughout my life. Tsunade bit down hard on my shoulder, an unexpected surge of pleasure coming swiftly on its heels. She loosed her teeth's grip as she arched in climax. I watched her face as she came, trying to memorize every detail. She hadn't uttered a sound, but I knew to read her by different means.

I groaned seeing her face. From what I saw through need-blurred eyes, she was completely blissful. What warmed me to the core was that she had fixed her eyes on my face the entire time.

I muffled my roar of completion in a searing kiss on her lips as I came.

Tsunade's POV

I moaned into his lips as I felt his coming inside of me. My body automatically arched into his on top of mine, his release coming on one of the aftershocks of my first orgasm in too damn long. My eyes were closed as I just breathed. His lips slid off me as he eased us down. He can still function after that orgasm? Wow. . .Things you never thought you'd say. . . But he is damn competent. . . And handsome. . . Gah, I'm drif-. . . I didn't even finish the thought. I was just too tired. The good kind of tired, of course. My eyes fluttered weakly as he eased me up, still joined to him. I muffled a soft groan in his shoulder as he moved us into somewhere that was in shadow. I felt him gently move himself out of me, with a soft grunt of pain. I groaned, not liking the empty feeling his exit left me with. I was glad I was still cuddled to his heat, however. Until I felt something wet atop my head. I tilted my chin up, only to see something MOST unexpected.

Jiraiya was crying.

"Was I that bad?" I asked muzzily, gently wiping at his eyes with my fingers. With those red streaks under his eyes it always looked as if he was crying blood. Which still unnerved me, even as I knew he couldn't bleed out anymore.

"No!. . . Jeez Tsunade. . ."

"Then what is it?"

"I'm happy is all. . . Go to sleep. . ."

I yawned drowsily, nestling my head against his chest. I trusted him to tell me what was wrong when something was wrong. His heartbeat was slowly returning to its normal pace, and his hand settled over my ass while the other stroked through my hair tenderly. I smiled drowsily. Sex with Jiraiya had been. . . well, only one word for it: amazing. I couldn't believe what I had missed during my life. Refusing to let the thoughts of HIM nagging at my head in, I snuggled closely to Jiraiya, letting his scent and warmth envelope me. With Jiraiya, I was perfectly safe. He would never hurt me. Not on purpose, anyway. With that pleasing thought, I heard his heartbeat slow to a normal rate. It was so soothing to listen to. . .

That was when I fluttered out of consciousness.

The Morning After...

Tsunade's POV

I wake up drowsily to morning light shining on the back of my head and an extremely sore feeling between my legs. Groaning grumpily, I burrowed deeper into the warm flesh next me. Which was when the remembrance of what I had been doing last time I was awake hit me. My eyes snapped open, but, strangely. . . I could feel no regret for what I had done with Jiraiya. I felt lighter than I had felt in more than fifty years. Despite the soreness between my thighs, I was happy that Jiraiya and I had joined like this. I shivered a little when I remembered his searing kiss at the end. I still couldn't quite believe the fact that he had still wanted me, even after all the years of torment I had put him through. Granted, sometimes the punches were deserved (he was being a pervert, I couldn't let him get away with it), but the rejections, at some point, hadn't been so nesscesary.

I sighed softly, snuggling into his warm arms. I would remember yesterday forever. . . A warm feeling in my chest rose. A warm feeling that took a while to identify. Contentment? No, too strong for contentment. Joy? It didn't feel quite that strong. . . What was the word for it? . . . Right. I remembered the name of this warm, soft feeling.


Sweet happiness.

And Jiraiya had given it to me. My lips came upward in a smile.

I could believe he loved me now. He had freed my heart from its tailspin after Dan had left me by this simple act of love. I chuckled softly, growing a little drowsy again as I nestled closer to Jiraiya. He had given me back the ability to really love. . . And I owed him eternity for that. And, in all honesty, I didn't mind one bit.

When did my feelings for him grow from disgust to friendship? When did he steal my heart from inside of me? I don't think I'll ever know the answer, not really. Jiraiya is just like that. Weird, funny and sweet. Well, he has annoying moments, but don't we all have those? I snuggled deeper into Jiraiya, not bothering to freeze when I felt rather than heard him grunt sleepily. His scent was warm and masculine, a mixture of foreign spices and wood smoke. I drowsed comfortably on top of him as his shifting about ceased gradually. I could hear his breathing slip back into sleep mode, and I smiled quietly. Appreciating no disturbances, I moved to straddle his hips and started softly kissing him awake.

Jiraiya's POV

I grunted softly as I came awake. I felt the press of her soft lips on mine and a pleasured noise escaped my lips without my consent. I seemed to be doing a lot of things the somewhat more rational side of my brain would normally never let me do. Then again, maybe I had gone crazy. Because I swear I was sent to the Neutral Zone, but her lips and breasts on my chest felt like heaven. My hands roamed to her breasts, the warm, ample flesh overfilling my hand. It was a goods weight though. I lightly played with her nipple, rubbing a thumb over it until she moaned. Smiling, I lowered my lips and kisses her. She tilted her mouth up, her tongue industriously exploring my mouth, caressing my tongue with hers.

Her hips ground against mine, and I got hard. FAST. Too fast, dammit. I wasn't coming until she did. Hmmm. . . I wonder. . . I've heard that some women can orgasm with just breast play. . . I hardened at the idea. First, I'd have to figure out if she was up for it. Fondling a breast with one hand, I trailed my hands down her stomach lightly, returning to her breasts after a bit of teasing. She trembled at the touch, moaning loudly into our still unbroken kiss. Her arms wrapped securely around my shoulders, her hands stroking over the skin of my neck and spine, sending thrills of fire straight to my cock. I grunted softly, gently breaking our kiss. Her eyes were a tawny gold and lust filled, as well as a tad grumpy at me for breaking the kiss up. I smiled. I loved how her good and bad emotions showed when she was aroused. Kami do I love this woman. . . I caressed her cheek before I managed to gather my wits to speak.

"I've heard some women can orgasm from breast stimulation alone. . . Are you game?"

She smiled, a sultry invitation. Tsunade leaned forward, her teeth delicately nibbling on my bottom lip and her tongue caressed over the nips, soothing the pain. I caressed over her breasts softly, hardening more than usual at caressing the warm flesh I had ogled so many times in life. Her nipples were tight and pebbly, tempting me to roll them around between my forefinger and thumb. A moan and shudder of arousal was the reward I got for simply brushing my thumb over one nipple. The other, however, remained tantalizingly devoid of touch.

I could sense a round two coming on. . .

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