Heyyy everyone! With all the positive reviews and requests for a continuation, I bring you the second chapter of what was supposed to be a oneshot! :)

It's a little short and not much AoKaga interaction, but this chapter was necessary for the sake of plot movement.

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A couple days had past since his... odd incident with Aomine, and Kagami was glad he hadn't encountered the bluenette since. The kiss, the gift, the way Aomine acted around him that day, he had to constantly push those thoughts down so he could train for Seirin's big match against Kaijou. Amazingly, he managed, and the days went by quickly leading up to today, AKA his rematch against Kise.

The match was about to begin when something caught his eye. At the highest seating row in the audience, Kagami saw vibrant, eye-catching blue. He assured himself that he only noticed Aomine in the crowd because of his freakish hair and uncommon skin tone in the mass of people. What surprised Kagami was that he didn't see a speck of pink anywhere. Had Aomine come on his own to watch? As Kagami stood there dumbfounded, Aomine noticed his gaze on him, and sapphire met ruby. What snapped Kagami out of the trance he was put under was the sound of the referees whistle initiating the game. Kiyoshi tipped the ball over to him and the game had begun.

The sound of the buzzer echoed throughout the entire room as silence fell upon the hundreds of hushed spectators. It rang for what seemed like an eternity, until the crowd and all of Seirin had won. We really won. It was a close game, dangerously had won because of the three-pointer buzzer beater scored by Hyuuga. It had put them two points ahead of Kaijou. Nonetheless, it had gotten Kagami's blood boiling like it had in their match against Touou.

After the initial celebrating and formalities, both teams had separated on their own sides. After a couple minutes of resting and gathering up their belongings, Kise began to approach Seirin's bench, or more specifically, Kuroko. As Kagami sat down, he felt a pair of eyes on him, the same eyes he felt throughout the entire match. He looked up to that same spot in the audience to see Aomine smiling at him, ...or Kuroko? He couldn't tell. His eyes were brought back to the blond in front of him. He felt sort of sorry for the guy, but there was no way in hell he would choose Kaijou's victory over Seirin's.

"Kurokocchi, Kagamicchi, that was... a good match. You guys have gotten better since our last match, you... deserved, to win this match... but I won't lose next time okay?" Kise strained, but managed to give his signature smile. As he was beginning to walk away to reunite with his team, he turned around and ruffled the hair of the now seated Kuroko. "Nee Kurokocchi, want to play some street ball sometime again? Like when we played against those jerks awhile back. That was really fun! I miss playing alongside Kurokocchi! Kagamicchi's invited again of course!"

Having given up on telling the blond to stop calling him by that stupid pet name, Kagami responded, "Idiot, what makes you think I want to be invited? last time I wasn't invited, if anything you stole Kuroko away and I had to barge in and take him back."

"Kagamicchi's so mean! Fine then, I'll just play with Kurokocchi." The blond then proceeded to walk behind the bluenette and drape his arms around the smaller frame, much to Kuroko's annoyance.

"Kagami-kun, please come, it will not be fun without you there. Besides, I'm afraid that I will not go if Kagami-kun does not come aswell." Why was it that all his problems started with Kuroko? Being glared down from the blond, Kagami felt bad for the position Kuroko was in, so as a favour to the shadow that was always right behind him, Kagami accepted the invitation.

And now a week later, Kagami finds himself in what could possibly be his biggest mess yet. Beside him stood Kuroko, and across from him... Kise was walking over to the court as happy and gleaming as could be. Memories that Kagami has been trying to suppress were rushing back into his head like a dam giving way to an overwhelming amount of water. A flush graced his features as his eyes met sapphire.

No one told him Aomine was invited too.