Well, here comes the fic I promised. Not very long, though. Sorry. D: This was for the Imagine your OTP prompt: Imagine your OTP running butt naked from the police at night because they got caught having sex on a park bench.

Not really the actual prompt, but the aftermath. :/ Hope you guys like it anyway, and expect a lot AoKuro because these babies are my OTP. UwU

Well, here you go, lovelies~! Enjoy!

Close Encounters

"Well," began Aomine in between huffs, "it could have been worse."

Kuroko's back was facing him, and while he wasn't one to show anger, Aomine could tell he was beyond just pissed. They were in front of their apartment complex, catching their breath. Aomine had the decency to not do or say anything while waiting, given that what had just happened had been his fault. Maybe.

"I told you to wait." Kuroko hissed. "We were in a park, Daiki. A very public park. Where kids, specifically my students, go out and play and where they could have seen us. Me." Daiki nodded and hoped to whatever was looking out for him would allow him to keep his life. "But," Kuroko raised an eyebrow, and an also his fist, but Aomine decided to ignore that, "it was so good."

Kuroko threw both his arms up in exasperation and whipped his head around, closing in on his lover while he pointed at his chest. "We- You ran around the city pants-less. After getting caught having sex" Kuroko made sure to lower his voice, lest someone hear them, "by your colleague, in a park." Aomine shrugged, standing up to his full height now that he had recovered. "He's heard worse. And Tetsu, come on. You enjoyed it, too." Leering at him, he leaned over Kuroko with his arm against the building. "Besides, you wouldn't have agreed to it if you didn't want it in the first place."

Kuroko pushed his hands against Aomine's chest, shaking his head in resignation. "You promised me 2 vanilla shakes a day for a month if we did." Aomine let out a throaty laugh that lasted for several seconds before answering. "Your dick still got ha-" He felt the air being knocked out of him as Kuroko delivered his improved Ignite Pass Kai on his stomach. Aomine fell to the ground, holding himself and then glared at his lover. "Oi, Tetsu, what was-"

"Daiki. You still don't have any pants on."

Aomine looked down and realized that indeed, he didn't have any pants on. He also realized he didn't know where his pants were.

"And you're not sleeping in here tonight. Find somewhere else. I can't imagine Momoi letting you in for her kids to see you like that, though." Kuroko quickly opened the door and got in, shutting it behind him, leaving a stunned Aomine behind. Aomine only had the strength in him to complain once.

"But, we didn't actually finish!"

Aomine made sure, once Kuroko opened the door again a couple of hours later, to let slip a remark on Kuroko's deep blush before he left. Kuroko wasn't sure if he should have let him out there or not, but then decided it was unsightly to have a naked, grown man outside such a beautiful building.

By no means was it because he couldn't actually bring himself to leave him in the cold.

I know it was short, sorry. T.T But I'm currently writing a longer one, so wait for that. ;D

Anyway, I love writing fluff (not sure if it's really fluff, though?)so this made me really happy. XD

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