bad karma.

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Prologue: bluebird.

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"I think we should move on…"


"What do you mean…move on?"


"I mean…see other people…"

…into a million pieces.

That moment in my life was terrible. I felt like someone had stabbed me in the chest with a katana. Multiple times; just pushing straight through, pulling out, and going back in for the kill. Don't let your minds wander. That was three years ago. Three years ago when times were simple and things were supposedly meant to be fantastic. Times were fantastic back then. But now, it was just a memory to look upon whenever I was sad or scared; mostly scared. People can consider doing something bad then receiving the same as 'getting bad karma', but I don't see how that works in my case. I never did anything wrong.

I'm sorry. I should probably introduce myself, eh?

I'm…Kiba Inuzuka. What? Did you expect someone else? I didn't think so. Anyway…my story begins today. Three years after that…interesting incident. I guess some description is in order? I have milk chocolate brown hair, which I usually brush through about once then let the wind outside do the rest. My eyes can be considered hazel or brown; depending on my mood, you won't really know. Some people call me 'Dog-Breath' or 'Dog-boy' because I am a proud owner of thirteen dogs. Yes, thirteen dogs. My family is a bunch of pet enthusiasts, you could say. Although I have thirteen dogs, there's only one dog that I care about the most: Akamaru. He's been my faithful pal since I was five. I got him for Christmas out of a box…in front of a Wal-Mart. Heartwarming, I know~

Another reason people call me 'Dog-Boy' is because my canine teeth are dog-like in a way. They're not the same as other people, which is an oddity I think. People sometimes think I'm a vampire because of it.

I'm medium height; not too tall, not too short. For my age (being seventeen), I'm average…? Most kids think I'm short, which I can agree with, seeing as how my best friend is in the six foot range and most people around me are as well. But that doesn't matter to me. From age four, it's customary in my family's lineage to get red tattoos of triangles on our faces. It was a very painful experience, but it was worth it in the end…I guess. Some people find them stupid, I find them clever. Some people find them intimidating, and I agree. Intimidation has become my forte; a façade to hide who I really am and who I really want to be…even since that incident, I've had my guard up.

Enough of that, though! I go to a private high school: Konoha High School for the Incredibly Gifted. Sounds like some 'X-Men' shit, don't it? Well, it isn't really gifted in the sense that I can bend metal with my mind or breathe fire, but gifted in the sense of intelligence or athletics or arts. Some kids were there for all three, some for only one. Some I found intriguing on HOW THE FUCK they got in, but that's beyond my knowledge. I, on the other hand, got into Konoha High for all three: My intelligence is something I like to hide, I'm like my friend (whom you'll meet later) Shikamaru who can seemingly do Calculus in his sleep. Literally, in his sleep. I cover that by being a troublemaker. Pranks and bullying is my strong point. Some people hate me for it, for example, the nerdy kids and Gothics.

My athleticism is nothing to be hidden. I am Captain of the Phoenixes, the soccer team of Konoha High. With the speed of a wolf and the senses of a hawk, I become the ultimate player. Not to brag, or anything. Girls (and guys) swoon over me when I score goals or even when they catch of glimpse of me lifting weights. They swoon and blush a color of red that I've never even seen on the spectrum before. It's actually quite funny, if you ask me.

And finally, my artsy side: I am a musician. This is something I don't like sharing with anybody. Of course, at school, people know I play the violin. That's about it. They have no idea that I write music and play the guitar outside of school. That is for me and for me only. Not even past girlfriends have heard any tidbit of my musical talent. And that wasn't being cocky, that's the honest truth; I'm highly self-conscious about my music and I don't like letting people know of it.

That's about me in a nutshell! But, regardless of everything I just said, I felt like there was something missing. Then it came; fast like a hurricane and blurred my vision and thought process like an electric shock. That it went by the name of Naruto Uzumaki.

The day he walked into my life was the day I started to realize that maybe bad karma was a bitch.

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