Rose stood on the beach, her final moments with the Doctor fading fast.

"I-I…" Rose stuttered, tears suppressing her words and streaming down her cheeks. There was no point in holding them back any further.

"I…" She tried again through her sobs, "I love you!" She wailed as she looked back at her Doctor; Or a very good hologram of him at least. This was her final farewell to the man she had travelled the universe with.

"Quite right too," He murmured sadly.

She nodded and tried to smile, despite the bitter tears, binding Rose to her sadness.

"And I suppose, if it's my last chance to say it," The Doctor's eyes locked onto Rose's. She could see the pain and sadness, "Rose Tyler-" He faded. The hologram faded.

Rose didn't want to feel anything anymore. He was gone. The best part of her life was gone forever. She felt numb all over.

She turned to face her Mum and family. She didn't want to go and face them. She wanted to let the sadness take over, and let the tears flow down her face.

Before she could manage to drag herself away, she heard a faint whisper from behind her, "Rose Tyler," She turned around slowly to find the Doctor standing there once more. He had come back to finish his sentence.

"Rose Tyler, I-I hope you have a fantastic life, because you deserve one. You showed me that there was something worth fighting for in the universe, and that not all humans are bad. You are my entire universe. Rose…" He looked into her tearstained eyes, "I love you too,"

The Doctor wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into a passionate kiss that tasted of time and space itself. When they eventually parted, Rose fell into his arms.

"You said no touch," She murmured into his chest, "I thought you were a hologram…"

The Doctor smiled sadly, a few tears rolled down his cheek. "I lied,"

Rose looked up at his face. She knew these were their last moments by the look of finality in his eyes.

"Goodbye, my beautiful Rose,"

It took Rose a few moments to register she was staring up at air and her arms were wrapped around nothing.

She closed her eyes and looked up at the cloudy sky.

Goodbye, my fantastic Doctor…