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Valley of the End

"SASUKE! HOW DARE YOU SHOW YOUR FACE TO ME!", roared Naruto. While his jumpsuit was in sliced in places due to Sasuke's previous assault, Naruto barely had any injuries due to his tenant.

"Dobe, you're too predictable. You fell for my ruse too easily, and now, it's time to end this.", came Sasuke's cool response. Twin orbs bearing the Eien no Mangekyo Sharingan stared straight into cerulean, taking in every motion. "It's time to give up. Tsunade, Sakura, Gaara, Kakashi. They've all fallen to the might of the Uchiha Clan. You're the only Jinchuuriki left, and there's no possible way to win." With that, Sasuke vanished in a blur, aiming to finish Naruto.

Reacting from years of training and experience, Naruto twisted to where Sasuke landed, clashing his wind-infused kunai against Sasuke's Chidori-indused Kusanagi blade. Both then leapt back and performed hand seals at a blinding speed.

"Katon: Gookayuu no jutsu!"

"Fuuton: Daitoppa!"

Both jutsu clashed, neither yielding for the other. After a minute, both attacks gave way, leaving a crater while scattering debris and dust. Both adversaries glared at each other before preparing their signature jutsu for a final clash, much like 3 years ago. Leaping at each other, both yelled out:



Both attacks clashed in final showdown, neither combatants backing down. Naruto, however, had anticipated this clash. 'Now Kurama!', exclaimed Naruto in his mindscape.

'VERY WELL, KIT! I NEVER THOUGHT I'D GET TO DO THIS! SAY HELLO TO SHINIGAMI, UCHIHA PRICK! ' In a sudden explosion of power, Naruto slipped into Nine Tails Chakra mode (when Naruto and Kurama are in synch). Creating an Oodama Rasengan infused with that always help Bijuu chakra, he slammed it into Sasuke's gut. Releasing a anguished cry of surprise and pain, his focus slipped and released his control over his Chidori. Though most of it was absorbed by his previous attack, the remaining force of the regular Rasengan combined with the already devastating power of the Oodama Rasengan, sent the disgraced prodigy hurdling across the valley, careening him into the base of the waterfall.

"L-look's like ... this dobe's ... won", panted out Naruto as the battle fatigue set in. 'NARUTO! BEHIND YOU', roared out Kurama.


Suddenly, Naruto's vision blurred as blood began pouring out of a wound that appeared across his chest. "GUUAHHH!" As he collapsed into the water, he heard a familiar voice. "Sorry to ruin your little victory, but you have so much more to worry about than little Sasuke-kun." As Naruto slowly faded into unconscious, one word escaped from his lips.


"In the flesh," chuckled Madara, as Naruto finally embraced sweet oblivion. Turning to his left, he saw Obito materialize from the corner of his eye. "Obito," he ordered, "retrieve Sasuke's eyes. Now that he has served his purpose, his eyes can and will be used to replace yours." Obito walked up to Sasuke, observing his now usless puppet. "B-but ... you s-said-"

"Silence boy. As you told your former teammate, you fell for my ruse. Now that you've outlived your purpose, it's time for you to die. Oh, and be sure to tell Kakashi like a bitch. He'll know what it means." With that, Obito slit Sasuke's throat, and plucked the eyes out of Sasuke's now lifeless head, and dropped them into a jar filled with preservatives.

"Now, let's not keep our furry meal ticket waiting." With that, Obito and Madara into vanished into Obito's Kamui to extract the final piece necessary for the Tsuki no Me Keikaku.

Naruto's Mindscape

"Uh, what the hell happened? I remember fighting Sasuke, and then ... MADARA!" Naruto then looked around, but found himself in a familiar setting. "Kurama ... OH MY GOD! KURAMA! WHAT'S HAPPENING!?"

Naruto had every right to be surprised. Standing in front of an open gate was Kurama, also known as the Kyuubi no Kitsune. But instead of the once proud Bijuu, standing in the gate was a weakened shell of the once mighty beast. "Naruto ... th-here's not ... much time ... left," wheezed out Kurama. Naruto instinctively knew what Kurama met, knowing the Bijuu would not joke at a time like this. "Kurama ... what are we going to do?" The fox chuckled weakly before breaking into a series of violent coughs. "S-s-sorry ... b-but it ... looks like this ... is the end," sputtered out Kurama. Streams of red chakra began to escape from Kurama, causing his form to become transparent. Silence prevailed through the seal, Naruto being too shocked trying to comprehend the loss of someone, who admittedly he wasn't on the best of terms with for most of his life, but had still been with him through times both good and bad.

"Naruto." Shaken out of his stupor by hearing his name, Naruto looked up at the fading form of Kurama. "Even though we haven't been on the best of terms, its still been one hell of ride. I wouldn't change one moment of it. And of it's any consolation, you managed to help take away my hatred. Goodbye Naruto, my friend." And with that, Kurama, fiercest of the 9 bijuu, finally faded, having been drained using the last of his strength to speak to his friend one last time. At that moment, something within Naruto awoke. Throughout all his life, Naruto had a habit of burying all the negative emotions he experienced over the years. Rage, sorrow, envy, hatred. All compounded until it took the form of Dark Naruto. Having been recently reunited with the rest of his being, Naruto's mind was still trying to rationalize the the dark emotions, to adapt to them. But with the loss of his friends, those he considered family, and allies from the war, coupled now with the loss of a being who had been with him for his whole life, had finally caused to reach his breaking point.

"... no..." Tears streamed down Naruto's face. "...No..." A faint cold blue aura began to form around him. "No..." The aura began to grow, feeding on his negative emotions as a fire began to burn within him. "NO!" His eyes then became a deep red, the aura growing in power. "NO!" His spiky blond hair became a deep snow white, while his body began to grow. Reaching 6'3", his once slim body became more muscular, making them feel as hard as steel. Raising his head to look around his now empty mindscape, he spoke in a deep, menacing tone. "OBITO! MADARA! MAY HELL HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOULS, YOU PANSYASS SHIT STAINS! BECAUSE WHEN I'M THROUGH WITH YOU, YOU'LL BE LUCKY IF THERE'S A FUCKING STAIN LEFT! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" With a powerful roar the blue aura engulfed Naruto, and exploded towards the sky of Naruto's mindscape.

Akatsuki Base (3 Days Earlier)

As Naruto came to in his mindscape, Obito and Madara arrived at their destination. It was the Land of Demons, specifically where the Ridokou Sennin battled and sealed the original Juubi.

"Obito," called Madara. "Summon the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path. I want these fools to witness my ascension into godhood, and understand what true power is. Now, Kyuubi, serve your true master one last time. Become part of what you once were, and help me usher in a new age. Fuuinjutsu: Genryuu Kyuufuujin!"

Nine spectral dragons emerged from the newly summoned statue's mouth, and engulfed Naruto's body. Red chakra then emerged from around Naruto's seal, filtering into the husk of what was once the mighty Juubi.

Timeskip: Three Days Later

The sun began to fall, as the day began to give way to the night. The moon soon dominated the sky, glowing an eerie red, spreading the moon's ominous glow across the horizon

"Hahahahahaha! Finally, after nearly a century, my plan has finally come to fruition! It's as if the gods above agree, and have sent this blood moon as an omen. OBITO! Prepare the seal!" As the final piece of Kurama's chakra entered the statue, Naruto's seemingly dead body dropped unceremoniously dropped to the ground. As soon as it reached the ground, however, Naruto's body became engulfed in a chilling blue aura. Too enraptured with the apparent success of their plan, Madara nor Obito noticed the sudden shift in the already tense atmosphere. The statue suddenly shrieked as if it was in pain, as it's form began to crack and glow in an ominous black chakra.

Meanwhile, Naruto slowly began to rise, as his body began its own transformation. Blue yokai radiated around Naruto, as his normally warm blue eyes were a malicious red filled with murderous intent. Standing at an intimidating 6'3", Naruto stared at the scene with cold amusement. "So Madara, you believe that you can simply step on innocent people's lives, all for your sick goals? Fool. It's time I show you what true power really is." With that, Naruto vanished in a dark blue flash of speed.

Back with Madara & Co.

"Prepare yourself, Madara! I'm going to seal it now! Fuuinjutsu: Hakke no ...," he didn't to finish casting the jutsu, as a yell of Fuuton: Rasenshuriken echoed throughout the barren wasteland as he was consumed by the Rasenshuriken. A loud boom could be heard, before a fierce frenzy of wind scattered across the wasteland. A cloud of dust overtook the landscape, before being blown away by Madara's gunbai.


Madara's command was met with an creeping silence, before a deep chuckle was heard.

"Madara? Are you sure you want me to play with you?", came the taunting reply of the former Jinchuuriki.

"DO NOT TRY TO TOY WITH ME BOY! YOU ARE NOTHING TO ME! YOU HEAR ME! NOTHING!" Madara then felt an ominous presence behind his back, and used his gunbai to create a powerful gust of wind. "HA! Well, if you insist on playing these games, I suppose I'll indulge your pathetic whim. Consider it a gift from your new god, not that you'll be around long enough to enjoy my new world." Silence once again took hold of the battlefield, before a reply was heard.

"If you're a god, I'd rather be a devil," came the response, tinged with steel.

"Oh really?" sneered the elder Uchiha. "Well then, devil boy, come out and show me what you're really made of," taunted the cocky wannabe god.

"No need. I'm already behind you." Sensing a presence behind him, Madara suddenly turned, and was floored by what he saw. Standing right behind, was what could only be described as a demon.

At 7'6", Naruto now cast a shadow that engulfed Madara in its shade. He had two curved horns that began from the top of his head, and ended in two jutted points. His form was bipedal and reptilian in nature. His feet had three toes in the front, and one in the back, ending in sharp talons. His hands had five fingers like a humans, but ended in sharp claws. His chest was broad, and covered in black scales harder than adamantium. Located in the middle, was a deep blue sapphire, that gleamed beautifully against the red moon. Four huge bat-like wings jutted out against his back, granting him powerful flight capabilities.

"What the hell are you?!", yelled out Madara in fear and rage.

"I told you. If your a god, then I'm a devil," replied Naruto in eerily calm voice.

With that, Naruto delivered a jaw shattering uppercut, sending Madara jettisoning into the air. Leaving the ground with a powerful boom, Naruto spread his wings and quickly sped up to Madara's prone form. Delivering a devastating axe kick in midair, the aerial assault continued for 5 minutes, before Naruto grabbed Madara and finished with a incredible spinning aerial powerbomb into the ground. After a few seconds, Madara began regenerating due to the effects of Edo Tensei, then ooked frantically looking into the sky for any sign of the demonic predator.

What he saw would be the last thing in his mind before his demise. Naruto floated in midair, wings spread out and two fingers extended. A powerful flux of energy was then felt in the air. A circular red beam of compressed yokai began to spiral around the two extended fingers, before reaching the size of a basketball. Naruto then muttered one word. " Cero." With that, the beam launched forward at blinding speeds before the blast impacted Madara's partially regenerated form.

"DAMN YOU NAMIKAZE!" was the last thing the undead Uchiha said before the blast exploded outward, leaving behind a huge crater and any trace of the legendary nin.

Naruto then touched the ground with a barely audible thud, before reverting back to his human form. "Game over." With that, Naruto collapsed into the ground, falling asleep as the physical and emotional exhaustion finally began taking its toll.

While all this was happening, the newly reformed Juubi was watching with extreme curiosity. Changing into her human form, a beautiful woman stood in place of where a powerful demon was standing not even a few seconds ago. She had deep silvery hair with black streaks running through to the tips running down to her shoulder blades. She was extremely curvy, with perky D-cup breasts, and a nice firm ass. Her legs were toned, and appeared as if they could go on for miles. What really stood out, though, was her heart shaped face. With puffy pink lips, a cute button nose, and long eyelashes, she looked comparable to a goddess. The most amazing feature, was her only visible eye. While her other eye was covered, the visible eye was a dull purple, with four rings, complete with nine tomoe.

Looking at the battlefield, her curiosity was piqued. "As if I would give that foolish mortal an ounce of my power," she mused. Looking over to the fallen Naruto, however, she was impressed, if not a little turned on. "That boy, on the other hand, is definitely worth my time. To think the legacy of the Dark Knight Sparda lives on. He definitely inherited some of his looks. Not mention that power. That immortal idiot was manhandled by him like it was nothing. And foolish as he was, the mortal was no pushover, thanks to those cursed eyes granting him those unholy abilities." After thinking it over for a few seconds, she came to a decision. "I'll take the boy to Makai with me. I could use the company. Plus, he'll just might make a wonderful mate."

With that, she teleported to the spot where Naruto collapsed, picked him up with ease, then began to chant in a rough tongue. After a minute, a portal ripped open in front of Juubi. Stepping in, she and Naruto vanished from the face of the Earth, never to be seen again until 10,000 years after the cataclysmic battle.

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