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Yokai Academy, Cafeteria

Naruto, Tsunami, Moka, and Kurumu sat at a corner table near the cafeteria exit door. Moka and Tsunami were glaring at Kurumu who hadn't left Naruto since earlier this morning.

"Soooo, how did you meet Naruto-kun, Kurumu-san?" inquired Moka with a polite tone, but her rosary had a red eye with a single slit looking out.

Giving them a huff of indigence, she detached herself from Naruto. "I really don't think that concerns you. Now please leave, as I've got many important things to discuss with my destined one, and it certainly doesn't involve either of you." She then turned back to Naruto, only to see he'd vanished. "Oh darn. Where did that boy go?"

She scouted the area, but was interrupted by a cry of "RAMEN!" Tsunami giggled at the familiar sound of his voice. "He won't be back for a little while. So Kurumu-san, would you care to tell us about how you met Naruto now?"

Giving an annoyed glare to the nosy brunette, she gave a sigh of reluctance and sat back down. "Fine. It started like this ..."


Naruto sprinting down the path, hell bent introducing that little shit to his war hammer Titan. He then felt a pulse of yokai down the path, and recognized Saizou releasing his power. 'Oh HELL NO! Look's like Dante was right about some yokai being too stupid to know their ass from their head. I just have to properly introduce 'em, then let 'em get to know each other real well!' (Don't ask. I'm pretty sure they don't have the rating for what he has in mind. Try imaging an inverted pretzel on fire, and go from there.)

He was thinking about how to bend Saizou's back without breaking it when he heard a loud slap followed by "YOU STUPID BITCH!" He was going to go on when he felt another pulse of yokai. It was weaker than Saizou, but closer. Deciding to take a look, he was surprised to see a young blunette being held in the air by a guy slightly taller than her. He had black hair that reached the top of his neck, and young model's face. His body was built like a swimmer's, and he only had on the school uniform's green pants. The two most outstanding features he had was a tail shaped like a shade and two leathery bat wings.

"Now were going to try this again," he said as if explaining something to a child. "You are now my mate. You will submit to me, and you will bear my children. Our two races are dying out, you ditzy succubus, and yet you insist on that 'Destined One' BS your elders have fed you."

"Fuck off, asshole! There's no way I'd mate with you, even if you were the last male on Earth," growled out the enraged blunette while attempting to use her Charm.

The incubus simply laughed at her feeble attempts. "A feisty one, eh? I like that. But you're stupid if you think your powers have any effect on me. We cancel each other out, and I'm physically stronger." He then pinned her down, and extended his claws to rip off her clothes.

Having seen enough, Naruto disappeared in a black flash. The incubus heard a muffled static burst, and turned around only to meet a gauntlet-encased fist. He flew back a few feet before landing in some bushes. Cradling a bruised jaw, he growled at the now visible demon hunter.

"Who the fuck are you? And why the hell are you interfering, you stupid fuck?!" he said while struggling to shake off the pain of the punch.

"My name's Ouch."

"Ouch?" asked the confused incubus, who was now on his feet. Naruto then appeared and slugged him in the gut, before sending his ass flying into the tree with a kick to the jaw.

"Yeah, ouch," he said with a cocky grin, causing the busty blunette to giggle at the punchline.

The incubus growled a bit more, but coughed up globs of blood from the pain. "You'll pay of bhat," he spat out as he cast an illusion, and faded into the greenery.

Sensing the incubus had fled, Naruto turned check on the young blunette. She wore a yellow vest over a white dress shirt and a brown plaid skirt. Her blue hair was held back by a purple hairband with stars at both ends.

"Hey are you ... MPPHH!" He was cut off by the girl burying his face into her ample bust.

"Oh thank you sooo much! That jackass tried to force me to have sex with him just because our races are dying out!" Kurumu then removed him from her bust and got a good look at his face. "Well, well. It turns my hero's not just strong, but handsome to," she said while flaring her succubus charm full force.

Naruto felt like he was getting dizzy all of sudden. He began to think about how cute this girl is, and how all he wants to do is please her. He was just about under her spell completely when a loud shriek of "NOOOOOOOO!", followed by an explosion of holy yokai reminded him of what he was doing before. Shaking his head, he pulled the young succubus off of him and placed her on the ground as gently as he could. "Sorry Ms ..."

"Kurumu Kurono."

"Right then, Kurumu-chan. I have to deal with some trash. See you around!" He then took off in sprint, leaving Kurumu behind in a cloud of dust.

She stood there processing what just happened for a moment, before she took note that he shook of the her charm. "Oh my. So my hero is also my destined one. Mom was right. When all else fails, play the damsel in distress card. Least I have an excuse to get to know him." Growing a tail and a pair of wings similar to the incubus, she took off to plot how to get his attention tomorrow, not noticing a pair of glowing blue eyes from the bushes.

Flashback End

Moka and Tsunami just sat there, surprised by what they heard. "So he saved you from getting raped, you couldn't charm him, and now he's your chosen one-"


"-destined one, right. It just sounds like you can't handle rejection too well," said Tsunami flatly, causing Moka to giggle and Kurumu to steam. "I mean, it's one thing to be grateful, but it sounds like you're taking it a little too far. If I were you, I'd just give up on him."

Kurumu was about to retort, but Tsunami's last comment caused a reaction that even she wouldn't have foreseen. "What the hell would you know about being a succubus anyway?! How would you like to see what its like?" Not giving Tsunami any time to respond, Kurumu's nails grew into claws that began to glow purple. She then plunged them into Tsunami, who let loose a low moan of pain. Kurumu then took off, no one noticing the stream of tears that began to fall.

By the time Naruto returned, he saw a crowd of students surrounding Tsunami and Moka.


Tsunami was hooked up to an IV and heart monitor. Off to the side, Naruto and Moka were asking the doctor on her condition.

"It's too early to say," said the attending nurse. "Her vitals are showing normal, and there isn't anything except a small trace of Kurono-san's yokai. But it should fade with time. Akashiya-san, are you sure that all she did was impale Aono-san?"

"Yes nurse. She seemed very angry about Tsunami-chan's comments though," said a somewhat distraught Moka.

"Right, well you two get back to class. We'll contact you if anything new develops."

"Thank you, nurse," said Naruto and Moka in unison before leaving the infirmary.

A few minutes of silence passed between Naruto and Moka as they headed towards Math. "Naruto-kun? Do you know what Kurumu-san could have done to Tsunami-chan?"

Naruto gave Moka a solemn look before answering. "Can't say. But I know someone who might. After classes are over, I'll consult them while you try to find Kurumu-chan. I have a feeling she's not going to show up for classes the rest of the day."

"Okay, Naruto-kun!" replied Moka in her usual bubbly tone.

Boy's Dorm

Naruto sat in a meditative state, and began to focus his mind. After a few moments, he entered his mindscape. From there he began going through a chain of hand seals until settling on the Tatsu seal. He began to channel yokai for a few moments before the mindscape was engulfed in a white light. In the real world, Naruto's eyes flashed bright white before closing once more.

Girl's Dorm

After asking around, Moka found out that Kurumu's room was on the third floor. Standing at the door, Moka was about to knock when she heard crying. Hesitating for a few seconds, Moka decided to knock. After a moment of silence, Moka was having second thoughts before the door opened revealing a puffy eyed Kurumu. She then hissed angrily at Moka, causing her to take a momentary step back.

"What do YOU want Akashiya-san?" asked Kurumu in a venomous tone.

"I- I was just seeing if you were all right. Did I interrupt something?" asked a nervous Moka. Even her inner self was a bit surprised at the venom in the blunette's voice.

Kurumu laughed coldly at her Moka's hesitation, unnerving her a bit. "That's funny. You and your friend make fun of me, then you have second thoughts? A bit hypocritical, ne?" she said with a mocking smile.

Moka then looked confused. "But we weren't making fun of you! You have to admit it does sound a bit ridiculous from our point of view."

Kurumu looked ready to pounce before a thought crossed her head. "True," she said after a bit of consideration, allowing Moka to relax a bit. Kurumu then looked angry, causing Moka to look even more nervous. "But that still doesn't excuse you or your friend." Stepping aside, she beckoned a confused Moka to come inside. "Well, get in here. I'm going to tell you little story about my culture. And maybe then you'll understand me a bit better."


Tsunami lay in comatose state for the past three hours. What no one noticed, however, was her slowly growing bust, or slightly sharpened nails.

Spirit Realm

Naruto was walking down what seemed like a never ending trail surrounded by a deep fog. Getting annoyed, he began calling out for who he was looking for. "Sparda-jiji! What the hell are you? I know you've got nothing better to do since you're getting blue balled by Eva-baachan!" Hearing nothing but his own, he began to get angry. "WHERE ARE YA, YOU LAZY BASTARD?! I HAVEN'T GOT ALL-"

"SHUT UP! I HEARD YA THE FIRST TIME, ALREADY! YOU DON'T WRITE! YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE THE DECENCY TO CALL AHEAD OF TIME! WHAT DO YA THINK THIS IS? BURGER KING!" Sparda then appeared wearing a pair of black pants and a white dress shirt, looking extremely annoyed. "Now what is it? I haven't got all day."

"Yes you do! You're dead!" growled an irate Naruto.

"Then let me rephrase it then. I have all day, but I don't plan on being harassed by a kid. Now, what is it you want, my master?" he asked sarcastically with an Igor accent and patented Sparda smirk.

Resisting the urge to deck the elder devil's face in, Naruto relented. "Sparda-jiji, what can you tell me about succubus, besides Nevan."

Sparda gave him a perverted look that would rival any of Jiraiya's. "About damn time your balls dropped. Anyways, succubi are very social creatures. I mean, this one time when I still worked for Mundas, we picked up these sisters, one of which had a unique birthmark located on her left-"

"NOT THAT KIND OF TALK YOU BASTARD!" yelled a red faced Naruto, leaving Sparda in mock shock.

"Not that kind of ... what are you! Catholic!" Seeing the serious look on Naruto's face, he stopped. "Okay. Maybe I went too far with that last one. But seriously, you need to let loose."

Naruto face palmed at that. "This is serious, Ero-Akuma. What do you know about succubi curses?"

Sparda then adopted a more serious look. "Succubi curses? Those can be some nasty pieces of work. Tell me what happened."

Naruto then began to relay what Moka told him.


The nurse had since left the infirmary to take care of a pile of paperwork that accumulated throughout the day. Tsunami had been left alone for the past thirty minutes, so no one had seen her transformation. Her normal C-cups had grown into a small E-cup, and continued to grow. Her figure had shrank even further while her butt became plumper. Her lips had pushed out a little bit, while her lashes became thicker. Anyone who saw her before would be shocked, but the transformation had only begun.

Kurumu's Dorm Room

Moka was sitting on a couch that Kurumu had pointed to. She was surprised to see the room had a comfortable feeling to it, but was mainly spartan. Kurumu could be heard humming as she was fixing something in the kitchen area. After a few minutes, she came out with a tray with two cups and a plate of cookies. Looking hesitant, she tried one of the cookies. Moka couldn't help but moan at the sweet taste.

"It's soooo good, Kurumu-chan!" squeaked a sugar high Moka.

"Thanks," said Kurumu in a neutral tone. "Would you like some tea with that?"

"Yes please!" she said with a bright smile that men would kill for.

Pouring some into both cups, Kurumu cleared her throat to get Moka's attention. "Now that formalities are out of the way, let me begin with my culture. What most yokai know is that we succubi thrive on sexual desires and energy. And in a place like this, it's pretty easy to find sustenance. Follow me so far?" Getting a nod of understanding, she continued. "We succubi use our charms and bodies to lure in men so we can feed on the raw lust." At this point, she grabbed Moka by her chin and kissed her. Moka moaned as she felt Kurumu grab her breasts in order to emphasis her point. After a moment, Kurumu released the kiss, leaving Moka in bliss. She then felt the feeling leave a moment later, and Kurumu's yokai felt a bit more potent. "We absorb the energy to strengthen our own, and leave them wanting more. That's how its always been. However, for any man, or woman in some rare cases, who can break free of our charm, that means they are a potential destined one, or mate. And for a race like the succubi who are dying out, that's a once in a lifetime opportunity. That's why Naruto-kun is so appealing. Besides his attitude and good looks. That happens to be a bonus," she finished with a dreamy smirk.

Moka realized why Kurumu reacted the way she did. "Oh Kami! I'm so sorry for what happened. But we weren't making fun of you. Honest!" she said with a sincere look in her eye.

Kurumu eyed Moka suspiciously for a moment, but finally believed her. "Okay. I forgive you, but not you're friend! She didn't even bother to apologize for her comments. even if they were an accident!"

Moka looked a bit confused. "Didn't you hear? When you attacked her-" She was stopped by a burst of KI.

"What do you mean I attacked her!?" she asked in an incredulous tone.

Moka then gave her critical look. "But you did. You said, 'What the hell would you know about being a succubus anyway?! How would you like to see what its like?', turned your nails into claws, and impaled her. She's in the infirmary right now, in a comatose state."

Kurumu really looked confused at that. "But I don't remember doing that honest. To be honest, though, its kind of a blur. I remember her comments, got really upset, then it starts to get clearer as I ran to my room." She then looked she was struggling to remember something else. "Do you remember seeing anything strange about me? Any odd details?"

"Well, you claws were glowing purple."

"Hmm ... I think there might be something in the book about this kind of thing." Seeing the look of confusion on Moka, she elaborated. "'Everything a Teenage Succubus Needs to Know'. It's basically a book for succubi going through puberty. If anything can tell us what I might've done to your friend, it's that book."

"But how are we going to find it?" mused Moka.

Kurumu smiled, and brought out two thick, leather bound books. "Looks like Mom was right again. You can look through one, and I'll look through the other from the back." With that, they took to the books with one hand on the page, the other near the cookies.

Spirit Realm

"Hmm ... sounds to me the young one got upset at your friend's comment, and reacted out of instinct," said Sparda sagely.

Naruto gave Sparda an impatient glare. "But what did Kurumu-chan do to Tsunami-chan?"

Waving a hand at his annoying descendent, he continued. "Give me a minute. I'm not some damn computer. If I recall correctly, that particular kind of curse was used on humans and yokai back in medieval times whenever they did something to offend a succubi. Only a master of the spell or a pissed off wielder could use it. It pretty much turns the victim into a succubus in order to teach a certain lesson."

"Okay, how do you cure it?" said Naruto and Sparda in a mimic.

"Seriously, it's been awhile, so little patience wouldn't kill ya," growled an annoyed Sparda.


"Ah, it's all right. Just be glad it wasn't Vergil. He'd have your head. Back to the topic on hand, it's simple. The succubus takes back energy used to fuel the spell, and they turn back to normal with minimal side effects."

"Side effects?" asked Naruto in a worried tone.

"Nothing major. But you have to hurry. Once seven hours have passed, the yokai will have created enough pathways to sustain and create more energy to fuel the spell. Basically, your friend will have become a permanent succubus. And that's not the worst part. Their need to restore the race is so great, they become nothing more than raging sex machines. They pop and drop until they waste away from a lack of nutrition. That's originally what caused succubi to be hunted down."

"Shit! I need to hurry and get the hell out of here! Which way's the exit?" asked Naruto in frenzied state.

"Calm down. I know a shortcut. Now let me focus."


"Good. Now face the other way."

"Fine." Naruto turned around as he was told. Looking into the mist, he was confused. "So, how does this help-"


'-meaaaaggghhhh!" Naruto was sent soaring by a drop kick via Sparda's boot.

"Have fun!" yelled an amused Sparda.


Sparda then let loose a hardy laugh. "No thank you." He then began to fade into the mist. "Hmm ... maybe I should've told that they tend to go after the ones who they have affection for. Nah, he's good," he left that line hanging as his form dissipated into many small lights.


It had been five hours since Tsunami had been brought to the infirmary. The nurse had since left earlier to deal with injuries from a group students fighting. Tsunami's breasts had grown to a full E-cup, while her figure was similar to Kurumu's. Her butt was nice and supple, while her legs were toned and slim. Her face had become that of a seducer, with full pink lips and lashes. Her hair was even the same shade of blue. Stretching her back, revealing a black spade tail and bat wings, she rubbed her eyes.

"Where am I? And more importantly, Devil-boy?" she said with a seductive smirk. Getting out of bed, she saw she was wearing a tight hospital gown. "Well this won't do at all." Using her new claws, she shredded the gown, and went over to the lost and found. Putting on a black bra and thong that fit snugly, she then looked for an outfit. Finding something she liked, she slipped on a tight fitting black T-shirt and a pair of jeans that hugged her figure.

Opening the window, she stretched her wings before taking off into the night sky. When the nurse returned, she found the remains of a shredded hospital gown, and a few items missing from the lost and found. She simply wrote it off as the patient leaving of her own power.

Kurumu's Dorm Room

"Moka, I think I found what happened. (See Above Conversation with Sparda)"

"Oh Kami. This is not good. It's already 7:30! And if what the book says it's true, she's going to go to Naruto first," said a panicked Moka.

"Good. You know where his dorm is, and we know where Tsunami will be. We just have to lay a trap, and then figure out how to reverse it."

"The book doesn't say!?" yelled an irate Moka, with Inner Moka adding her two cents via KI.

"Hey! It's a lost spell for a reason. This pretty much caused the downfall of my species," she huffed. "So calm down," she added.

Taking a minute to calm down, she startled Kurumu when she leapt up. "Naruto!"

"Yeah, what about handsome?" she asked, still peeved about being scared like that.

"He might know how to reverse this. He said he knew a guy-"

"This didn't cross your mind before because?"

"-who could help," she finished with her eye becoming red in annoyance.

"OK. OK. Don't interrupt the vampire. Well, let's book it."

Moka grabbed her bag, and was about to take off when Kurumu grabbed her and flew out an open window.

"What the heck?" yelled indignant Moka over the roaring winds.

"This is much faster," she said plainly. 'And so much more fun,' she added as an afterthought after seeing Moka's face.

Naruto's Dorm

Naruto opened up one eye after his rude awakening by Sparda. "Fucker," he growled. Checking the clock, he saw it was 7:35. "Great. A little under an hour and a half left. Time to get cracking. And speaking of cracking," he said as he felt an unfamiliar presence.

The TV in Naruto's room sprang to life, scaring the shit out of him. The static gave way to a smiling Mikogami. "Evening, Namikaze-san," he greeted with his signature smirk.

"What do you want now?" asked an annoyed Naruto, not really in the mood to yell at him.

"To the point as always. I figured you sensed that little disturbance on your roof?"

"Yeah, yeah. Check it out, and take care of it," he said dismissively.

"Very good. I expect a report by noon tomorrow. Think of it as your first homework assignment. Mikogami out." The TV then flickered by to a random anime.

Turning it off, Naruto picked up Yamato from its stand and walked out of the room. After a few flights of stairs, he kicked down the door to the roof. "Okay, who the hell ... Kurumu?

A girl with long blue hair turned around, and gave him a bright smile. "Hello, Naruto-kun. I've been waiting." She had on a tight black t-shirt that showed of her generous cleavage, and a pair of tight jeans that hugged her hips. Catching his attention however, was the bat-like wings and tail.

"OK. You're obviously not Kurumu, so Tsunami?" he said praying he was wrong.

"Right." So much for that option.

"All right. Tsunami, I know why you're here, and I'm flattered. But this isn't you," he said while slowly charging yokai to his feet.

"Aww. Now that's just mean. I got dressed up and waited here, all for you. It is rude to keep a lady waiting, or did your mother not tell you that," she said seductively while walking towards Naruto.

"My mom's dead," he said in a flat tone, trying to ignore her hips and Naruto Jr.

"Sorry about that," she said with a sincere frown, but then smiled. "How about a nice kiss to help you forget the pain?"

"Not before the second date," he replied with his own grin.

"Oh you're no fun," she said pouting. Tsunami had reached Naruto by this time, and began running a finger along his whisker marks.

"S-stop it," he growled while trying to ignore the pleasant sensations she was stimulating.

"But don't you like it?" she asked in an innocent tone and straight face. "I can sense it you know. I am a succubus. Just let me show you," she said while pushing her chest for him to see.

"Not listening," he said while trying to back away. But Tsunami moved faster, and used her succubus strength to grab his hands.

"Please don't leave me Naruto-kun. You promised to protect me, remember?" she said with quivering lips, unconsciously turning on her natural succubus charm.

"W-well." he began, but was interrupted by Tsunami wrapping her body around his.

She giggled and said, "Got you." He then felt a pair of soft lips push on his. She was going to deepen the kiss, when she barely avoided an ice kunai.

"The fact that you have to resort to that is sad," said a purple-haired girl. She wore a white sweatshirt with a black singlet underneath. She had on the school uniform's pleated skirt and light purple-striped stocking. Her eyes were a glacier blue, and she had a lollipop in her mouth.

Tsunami hissed and removed herself from Naruto. "Leave Ice-bitch. This doesn't concern you."

The girl just gave her a bored look, infuriating Tsunami more. She took to the air quickly, and tried to dive bomb her. The girl didn't even move as Tsunami slashed through her with her claws, knocking Naruto out of his stupor. Tsunami was about to gloat, but she had to avoid a burst of electricity. Looking to see who fired, she was hurt to see Naruto holding a black gun in his hand.

"Naruto-kun! Why are you trying to hit me?" she asked with tears in her eyes.

"Tsunami-chan! This is for your own good! You need to snap out of this! I refuse to let anyone who would kill someone for trying to help out!" he yelled out while preparing to summon his own wings.

Tsunami felt her heart begin to break. She felt a miserable feeling overtake her, before it was replaced by rage. "You son of a bitch! I offer to give you my body and soul, yet you refuse? I'll just beat some sense into you, and you'll be begging for-" she cut off by another electric burst.

"Stop that!" she growled, before diving to take out Naruto like she did the other girl. As she about reached Naruto, she was frozen in a block of ice. The purple-haired girl came out from behind a boiler, looking slightly confused.

"This is not Kurono-san?" she asked politely.

"Uh, no. But thanks. That would have gotten really messy."

"No problem. I'm Mizore Shirayuki. A pleasure to meet you Naruto-san," said Mizore with a bow.

"Likewise. So, my reputation precedes me," he said with a slight smirk.

"A bit. I saw you take care of that incubus, but heard Kurono-san planning something. I saw a shadow flying overhead towards the boys dorm, and assumed she was going through with it," she answered honestly.

"Okay. Could you help me find Moka Akashiya and Kurumu-chan? I kind of need their help with this."

"No need. They're already here," she said pointing to the sky.

"LOOK OUT BELOW!" yelled the airborne succubus. Moka grabbed on to Kurumu, praying the fall wouldn't be too bad. After a few seconds, though, all they heard was a pair of feet hit the ground. They both opened their eyes and blushed at the person who caught them.

"Nice catch," commented Mizore.

Before either of them could retort, Moka and Kurumu found themselves standing on the roof. "All right. Before everyone kills each other, can we at least help Tsunami-chan? I pretty sure she's tired of being an ice sculpture," said Naruto with a yawn.

"Gomen Naruto-kun."

"Noted. Now, Mizore-chan. Could you unfreeze Tsunami-chan. And I'll stop her from leaving," he added seeing the look on her face.

"Okay. Don't blame me if see tries to jump you," said Mizore evenly, though she was curious to see what happened.

Mizore raised one hand, and the ice surrounding Tsunami began to melt. After a few seconds, she fell into a puddle of cold water. "What the hell ... NARUTO!" she growled in a manner that told the half-devil to dodge. Not a second later, her fist was right where his head was.

Tsunami was about to deliver another punch that would make Sakura beam with pride when a block of ice reappeared around her. "Told you," she said while sticking another lollipop in her mouth.

"Kurumu-chan. Do you think you can grab her and take back the curse if I distract her?" asked a irate Naruto.

"Sure," she said with a bubbly grin.

"OK. Mizore, defrost her please." Getting a simple wave of the hand, Tsunami was once again unfrozen. Bracing himself, Naruto was prepared to take a punch from even Tsunade. Not be slammed to the ground by a freezing Tsunami.

"H-hold s-still," she stuttered out while stealing his heat.

Looking slightly confused, Kurumu looked at Naruto who signaled to do it. Appearing right behind the girl, Kurumu stuck her claws into Tsunami similar to what happened earlier, and her hands flashed the same purple from earlier. Gasping in surprise and pain, Tsunami only tightened her grip around the blonde. After a few minutes, her hair began to return its original brown, and her face originally morphed back into a familiar visage. Her build returned to the way it was before, albeit a bit fuller in certain areas.

Opening a half-lidded eye, Tsunami yawned. "W-why is i-it so cold? And who am I on a sitting on?" she asked before seeing Naruto. Both blushed heavily, Naruto helped Tsunami stand up.

"Moka can tell you everything that happened later," he said with a smile. He then turned to Moka, Kurumu and Mizore. Giving them a foxy smile, he bowed his head in gratitude. "Thanks."

"No problem Naruto-kun!" they said with matching blushes.

Unknown Location

In a well furnished lounge, sat five individuals observing the scene with various degrees of interest.

"So that's the Shinso," asked a gruff voice.

"She doesn't look like much, mind you. But that's because her power's sealed," answered a lighter and softer tone.

"The girl does not concern me. Lord Mundas is interested in the silver-haired one," added one voice that sounded like a middle-aged old man, but somewhat like static.

"Do not forget. I've been waiting almost ten millenia for a chance at the nuisance who ruined my plans," came the reply of a young man.

The last voice remained silent, satisfied to watch the scene unfold. Covered in shadows, the man's only identifiable trait was a single red eye with three tomoe. 'Enjoy yourself while you can, Namikaze. Because I'm going to take that happiness, and turn it into despair. Or as you once put it, Believe it.'

Three guesses as to who the first and third guy is. Anyway, I needed some way to introduce Mizore early and add a bit of conflict. Let me know how I did in explaining the curse. Feel free to send me any criticism that isn't an outright flame. Next chapter is where the story starts to pick up a bit. The winner of the poll was Akasha, Ms. Nekonome, and Akuha. Thanks for all those who voted. Until next time.