(The Bikini in the Soup)

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Walking into Cam's office, Booth stopped and watch Cam berate one of the interns. Noticing Booth standing in her doorway, Cam dismissed Fisher and placed her hands on her hips, "What do you want?"

Raising his eyebrows, Booth asked, "Wow, I just came to give you something; but, if you're that mad at the world I'll come back later."

Blushing, Cam clasped her hands in front of her and replied, "Sorry, I'm having personal issues and I shouldn't be taking them out on you."

Nodding his head, Booth walked over to where Cam was standing and held out his hand. "Hold out your hand."

Puzzled, Cam held her up right hand, palm up and asked, "What are you up to?"

Smiling, Booth dropped a friendship ring in Cam's hand.

Staring at the ring, Cam smiled and remarked, "It looks just like yours and Dr. Brennan's.

Nodding his head, Booth replied, "I consider you my friend just like Bones. You said you wanted a ring; so, I went and got you one."

Placing the ring on her right ring finger, Cam asked, "Friends just like Dr. Brennan?"

Shrugging his shoulders, Booth stared at his ring, "Well, almost."

Admiring the ring, Cam looked up at Booth's expectant face, "Thanks Seeley. This should confuse the issue very nicely."

Shaking his head, Booth replied, "I don't know what you mean, Camille."

Sighing, Cam replied, "Yes, you do."


A wedding planner had been found dead by her maid on Valentine's Day. Booth had arrived at the scene a few minutes after Brennan and Hodgins had and had walked into the room knowing that he was going to hate this case. He'd been told that the body had been found in a tanning bed. He really didn't want to see that body, not after it had been described to him as a soupy body.

When he'd informed Brennan that the victim had been a wedding planner, Hodgins had thought it was sad that someone who specialized in love had been found dead on Valentine's Day.

Hodgins, unable to leave well enough alone, looked at Booth and asked, "So Booth, what are you and your new girlfriend going to do today, maybe have a little intimate dinner and you know . . ."

Irritated, Booth glared at Hodgins, "You don't want to finish that sentence."

Hodgins, wisely, replied, "No, no, I don't."

Booth glancing at Brennan, who was standing behind Hodgins, saw that she was staring at him. Smiling, Booth remarked, "Hey, I don't need candy makers and flower growers making me feel guilty about how I should spent my day with my girlfriend. It's not a real holiday anyways."

Nodding her head, Brennan remarked, "Yes, I agree. It is a manufactured holiday."

Winking at Brennan, Booth turned and walked downstairs to interview the maid.


Angela decided that she'd had enough with Booth and his secret girlfriend, "I don't think Booth has a girlfriend. I think this is all an act."

Frowning, Hodgins asked, "Why would he do that? It doesn't sound like something he'd do. Booth is kind of a straight up kind of guy. If he didn't have a girlfriend it seems to me he'd just mope about it and make the rest of our lives miserable."

Shaking her head, Angela responded, "I think he realized that Hannah was a mistake, dumped her ass and he's just trying to keep Brennan at arm's length. He's protecting himself by pretending that he's taken again. . . . I mean come on when he gets dumped he doesn't find someone new in a matter of days. As far as I can tell, it takes him months to find someone new. Something is very smelly about his new girlfriend and I'm telling you she's a pretend girlfriend."

"Come on Ange, the guy is happy. He smiles all of the time. He is not doing what you say he's doing."

Sighing, Angela asked, "Then why haven't we seen this fabulous girlfriend of his?"

Shrugging his shoulders, Hodgins replied, "Maybe because he doesn't want us butting into his private life."


As the day progressed, Booth started to get irritated with the numerous phone calls Brennan was getting from former lovers and male acquaintances.

"Wow, Bones. That makes the seventh phone call today."

Nodding her head, Brennan slipped her phone in her jacket pocket, "Yes, I find it a bit insulting that they think I'm available at the last minute."

Smiling, Booth looked around and then put his arms around Brennan's shoulders. Pulling her against his chest, Booth looked down and remarked, "Well you aren't."

Looking up in his glittering brown eyes, Brennan smiled, "Yes but they don't know that. It's a ridiculous holiday. The banks don't even close."

"I agree. It is a ridiculous holiday. Nothing important ever happened on Valentine's Day."

Frowning, Brennan replied, "Well, actually several important events did happen on . . ."

Leaning down, Booth kissed Brennan. Soon, these important events fled Brennan's mind.


Brennan had been working at her desk, when a security guard brought in a big vase of daffodils. Smiling, Brennan looked for a card, found it and opened it. Looking at the card, Brennan placed it back with the flowers and left the room. She needed to look at the bones of their latest victim again.

Angela, seeing the flowers on Brennan's desk as she walked by her office, detoured into the room. Bending over the flowers, Angela took a deep breath. Smiling, she stood up and ran her fingers through the flowers looking for the card. Finding the card, Angela picked it up and read it.

Frowning, Angela saw a small heart with an arrow piercing it and the word "Always" written below the cartoon. Not seeing a signature or name written on the card, Angela grumped, "Damn, I hate it when they don't sign it."


Booth had decided to hang out at Brennan's office while she finished up doing whatever she had to finish up. They'd solved the case in one day and Booth was pleased about it. He had made plans just in case they did finish up work early enough and Brennan had agreed to let him make his plans as long as they included staying the night at his apartment.

Sitting on Brennan's couch, Booth fiddled with his lighter and stared at the flowers on Brennan's desk.

Angela, looking for Brennan, walked into her office to find Booth sitting on the couch. "Hey Booth, I thought you'd be with your girlfriend by now. It is Valentine's Day."

Smiling, Booth looked up, "Yeah, I'm supposed to meet up with her later."

Looking around the office, Angela walked over to the couch and sat down, "Booth, why are you pretending that you have a girlfriend?"

Startled, Booth flicked his lighter closed and put it in his pocket, "Why do you think I have a pretend girlfriend?"

Smirking, Angela leaned towards Booth, "Because, if you really did have a girlfriend you wouldn't be sitting on Bren's couch waiting for her on Valentine's Day. You'd be with your new girlfriend."

Smiling, Booth leaned towards Angela, "Alright, it's easier to pretend I have a new girlfriend than to have people feel sorry for me and think they need to fix me up with someone. I'm fine with breaking up with Hannah. She was a mistake and I mean a big one; but, that's done and I'm fine. I'm actually pretty happy. Me and Bones are getting to be close again as friends and right now that suits me just fine."

Sighing, Angela asked, "Is there any chance that you and Bren will ever get together?"

Frowning, Booth replied, "We're best friends, Angela. Isn't that enough?"

Shaking her head, Angela complained, "No it isn't. You two love each other and if you'd just try I think you guys would be perfect for each other."

Brennan, walking into the room, stopped and responded, "Booth and I are perfect for each other. He's my best friend and I'm his best friend. We're happy with our relationship, Angela. You should be happy for us. Not everyone gets to have a best friend like we have."

Irritated, Angela stood up. "You two make me crazy, you know that? Absolutely crazy!"

Walking to the doorway, Angela turned and stared at Booth, "Did you know that Daisy has a ring that looks just like yours? Cam said you went on a ring buying frenzy and bought one for her and Brennan too. I think Daisy saw Cam's and Bren's rings and ran to the store to buy one . . . By the way, why didn't you buy me one? Aren't I your friend too?"

Feeling a headache building up between his eyes, Booth leaned back against the couch and sighed.


Poor Angela, Booth and Brennan are playing a game with their friends. That ring thing is starting to be a pain for Booth. So how am I doing?