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Sitting in the movie theatre watching "Transformers Dark of the Moon", Booth kept glancing at his son. He knew that the boy was unhappy with him, but he wasn't sure what he could do to fix the problem. He wanted his son to be happy and if he could he would have Parker live with him, but he remembered how as a child he'd been hurt that his mother had left without him. Leaving him with his father had been the worst thing his mother could have done and he'd had to live with the consequences. He never wanted his son to miss living with his mother.

Brennan, aware of Booth's restlessness, reached out and grasped his hand in hers. Leaning against him, she whispered, "Is something wrong?"

Not wanting to spoil their evening, Booth turned and kissed her on the cheek, "No, not really."

Glancing at Parker and then at Booth, Brennan squeezed Booth's hand, "I love you Booth."

Her love for him made him feel like he was doing the right thing and for that he was grateful. Placing his arm around her shoulders, he pulled her closer to him. "I love you too Bones."


Lying in bed that evening, Booth placed his left hand under the back of his head and sighed. Brennan, aware of Booth's unhappiness, turned towards him and placed her hand on his chest, "Do you wish to talk about it?"

Biting his bottom lip, Booth sighed again. "I want Parker to live with me, but he needs his mother."

Aware that he was torn in his wishes, Brennan made small circles on his chest, "Why not compromise with Rebecca, Booth? Why does it have to be all her way?"

Curious, Booth turned his head and stared at Brennan, "What kind of compromise?"

Afraid she might make a mistake, Brennan chose her words carefully, "Perhaps Parker could stay with us whenever school is out for the summer and he would also be here for all major holidays. He could live in England with Rebecca when school is in and he'd be with us when school was out."

Hopeful that Brennan really meant what she said, Booth asked, "If I could get Rebecca to agree to that, would you be alright with that? I don't want you to stress over this. Parker is ten years old and he'll be a teenager before we know it. I want to do what's right for Parker, but I also need to do what's right for you."

Sure that her plan was the best one for everyone, Brennan leaned her head against Booth's shoulder, "I love Parker, Booth. I would love for him to live with us. If you wanted to fight for full custody I'd be alright with that too."

Shaking his head, Booth put his arm around Brennan and kissed her, "Thanks, Bones, but he needs to be with his mother more than he does with me. If I can get her to agree to let him stay with us for the summer I'd be really happy. Let me talk to her and see what she says."

Still trying to be careful, but wanting her mate to be happy, she stared Booth's hand as he entwined it with her hand, "If she refuses to compromise we can take her to court. You do have rights, Booth. You've been paying child support since Parker was born. You're not an absentee father. The courts will recognize your rights if you just petition them to."

Not sure if he wanted to take a risk like that, Booth confided, "Let me talk to her first and see what she says. I don't want to drag Parker through the court system. I don't want to traumatize my son with fights in court. I've seen what that can do to children."

Grimly aware that a battle for Parker could be messy, Brennan replied, "Yes, of course. I just want you to know that I will back you up if you ever need to try to get the courts to right a wrong."

Filled with pride, Booth kissed Brennan again. "Thanks for being on my side, Bones. I really like that I can count on you when I need you. Besides Pops, I've never had anyone do that for me before . . . thanks."

Staring into his warm eyes, Brennan responded, "You can count on me just like I can count on you when I need you."


The next morning, Booth was in the kitchen making pancakes when Parker entered the room, "Hey Dad."

Turning to smile at his son, Booth informed him, "Hey, Buddy. I'm making pancakes. Want anything in them, fruit, chocolate chips?"

Still a little sleepy, the boy yawned and sat down at the island, "Sure, blueberries if you have them."

Turning to the fridge, Booth rummaged on one of the shelves, "Lucky for you, Bones, loves blueberries." Pulling out the carton, Booth turned back to the stove and sprinkled some blueberries in the pan and then poured some batter over them.

Watching the pancake puff up, Booth asked, "Parker I'm not going to promise anything, but I'm going to ask your mother if we can modify my visitation rights. I'm going to ask her if you can stay with me and Bones during the summer months when school is out and during the major holidays. What do you think about that? Would that be okay with you?"

Surprised at the news, Parker jumped down from his stool and ran over to where his father was standing. Throwing his arms around Booth's waist, Parker grinned, "Thanks, Dad. That would be great."

Leaning down, Booth hugged his son's back. "I'm going to try Parker. I have to talk to your mother, but I really am going to try to make this work . . . for you."

Hopeful that his mother would agree to the plan, Parker admitted to his father, "I was worried that you didn't want me to live with you. Now that Bones is going to have a baby, I was afraid that you wouldn't have time for me anymore."

Shocked at the confession, Booth knelt down next to his son."Buddy, I love you never doubt that for a minute. You're my son and just because you're going to have a brother or sister won't change that."

Staring into his father's eyes, Parker threw his arms around his father's neck. "Thanks Dad. I love you too."

Brennan observing Booth and Parker hugging each other, smiled. Placing her hand over her stomach, Brennan vowed to make sure that Booth understood that she would never do to him what Rebecca had done. She would never use their child as a weapon against him.


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