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When he first saw her, she reminded him of the perfect Barbie doll. Nice long ravishing hair, creamy white skin, red lips that pout and eyes that shone so bright. She was simply perfect or so he thought. How can someone so elegant, so perfect have such a hard life?

"Sakura ne… may I borrow some money to get some Miso Ramen… please" Naruto asked begging his pink hair friend of 5 years.

The pink hair girl looked at the boy with disgust as he kneeled on the floor begging her for money. She sighed. "Fine" she said, giving him five dollars.

He jumped up for joy. "Thank you so much!" he said hugging her.

"Naruto you have five seconds to let go of me" she said, angrily.

He quickly let go of her and rubbed the back of head. "Thanks" he said grinning.

"Well I think you should go. After all you have to study for the college exams" Sakura said strictly.

Naruto rolled his eyes. "Yeah-yeah" he said as he walked away.

Sakura twitched. "If he wasn't the old granny grand-son I would so kick his ass" she said shaking her fist in the air.


Naruto walked through the snowy pavement, his hands in his pocket. It was snowing in Konoha and it was mega cold. He wore his long brown coat and blue jeans pants with brown snow boots. He had a tan shoal that was wrapped around his neck and also covered his mouth. His nose was red and he was shivering. He hated when it was cold. Konoha was usually a sunny place that had a bunch of visitors, tourists as I should say, but when it got cold, GOSH! Business boomed also, because of the hot springs they had. But their climate was also strange. Why? Though it was usually sunny, the weather would change drastically; the snowy weather would last for at least 3 months, before turning back sunny. And Naruto hated that, though it was good for Konoha business.

He walked past the Love Café, Sport Yuki, past the arcade to his favorite ramen shop, Ichiraku's Ramen Shop. He licked his chattered lips. The taste of miso pork ramen entered his nostrils. This suspense was killing him. He quickly quickened the pace until he stood in front of the shop.

"Here I come" he said smiling.

But to his disappointment there was a sign on the door that read:

Family Troubles: We are quite sorry, but we should be back in 2 weeks.

Sincerely~ Ichi

P.S: Naruto we're sorry.

His head dropped down. "No… why must this happen to me" he said sadly dragging his feet in the snow. "Since its cold I should go to Love Café, maybe a nice French Vanilla Cappuccino will brighten up my day" he grumbled.

He opened the door, which made the bell ring on top. "Good-Afternoon and welcome to Love Café" a cute girl said wearing a cute maid uniform.

Naruto blushed. "Thank you" he said walking to the counter.

"Good Afternoon, what can I do for you?" a waitress, Sukiyaki asked smiling.

Naruto returned the smile. "I would just like a French vanilla cappuccino"


He waited for his cappuccino to come. As he was waiting he looked around the café which was like a home, a flat screen television on the wall, plants, flowers, round tables, chairs, free Wi-Fi. He made note to come back here again and maybe bring Sakura along. Naruto sat on the stool, getting impatient he got up and walked around the café. Quite wonderful they even had an upstairs. Being a curious fox he walked up the stairs, which was opened to customers. He entered a room. It was the same downstairs but it was much quiet. No television, only the round table, a big open window, plants, and… and the prettiest doll he had ever seen.

He stared in awe, as he studied the doll that was sitting down by the window, her head leaning to the side, as if she was sleeping. She had long hair, that reached down her shoulders, hanging down the chair, an elegant soft face, with long eyelashes, additionally her lips were red and pouted, her skin was a creamy white, that made her look so pretty, it reminded him of Snow White. She was wearing a lavender Lolita dress mix with white, with long white socks and black Lolita shoes. A blush tinted his cheeks.

"The Perfect Doll" he mumbled.

He walked back downstairs and saw that the waitress was looking for him.

"There you are sir, here's your cappuccino"


Naruto walked out of the Love Café, sipping his cap. "Why did they have a doll up there?" he asked himself. "She's so perfect"

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