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Bound 16

"Do you think she'll go for the graduation ceremony?" Miki asked Miku, who shrugged. The tealette had heard rumours of Luka appearing for her exams, but she figured that since the pink haired girl did not look for her, it wasn't time for them to meet.

"Miku, aren't you… I don't know, I mean…" Neru mumbled, obviously concerned about her friend but reluctant to show it.

"I'm alright, thanks, Neru." Miku smiled. 'We'll meet if we're meant to, there's no need to specially look for her.'

A couple of years later

"Did you receive the invitation too?" Len asked, holding an opened envelope in his hand, the contents with Rin, who was unfolding and re-folding the letter again and again.

"Yeah, I heard Neru and Miki received it too." Kaito replied, his fingers tracing over the gold letters on the crisp white paper.

"What about… Miku?"

"I heard that she met Luka, and she… she didn't receive a letter, she heard about it from Luka herself."

"But… she must be devastated, right?" Len sighed, disappointed that the tealette wouldn't get her happy ever after in the end.

"She's Miku after all." Kaito replied, and changed the topic. "I also heard from Lily, who was in the same University as me, that Luka told Miku."

"She told Miku?"

"Yeah, about the accident and all?" Kaito grimaced. That was in the past and already settled, and he didn't really like to talk about it.

What happened in chapter 13

"She what?!" Gumi asked, blinking hard.

"She sees it as revenge, to get Miku to trust her completely. To love her completely, then leave her shattered and torn. To let her know that everything was just a game, a form of revenge."

"Just because of that accident?"

"Yeah, you gotta understand, Luka had her family taken from her. Every single member. She holds Miku responsible for the loss of her loved ones."

"But Miku lost her legs and her brother too." Gumi said quietly, taking everything in. She had no idea Luka was so vengeful.

"She didn't know about Miku's loss. Well, apart from the fact that she was handicapped, she didn't know much. She found out that Miku was going to attend the same school, and… well." Meiko looked away.

"She got closer to Miku on purpose."

"Yeah. You know that fiasco earlier this year?"

"The attack on Hatsune Miku?"

"Luka arranged for that to happen, so she could step in and be a heroine. She did that so that Miku would slowly fall for her." Meiko took a breath. "But like all cliché stories, she did not see herself falling for her target. She pitied her, she became more open to her, and before she knew it…"

"So she's conflicted now? I don't think it's a false relationship. I, no, we saw how she got hurt trying to help Miku. I don't think those tears were fake either."

"It's definitely not a false relationship anymore, but it started with bad intentions. Of course that idiot's conflicted. She doesn't have control anymore."

"What is she going to do?" Gumi asked, for the first time in her teaching career, not knowing what to do.

"I don't know. I really don't."

"So she broke up with Miku." Len finished, and beside him, Rin sat with her mouth open.


"And Miku found out?" Rin yelled, causing both males to cover their ears.

"Yeah. But I don't know what her reaction was." Kaito muttered, his ears still ringing from Rin's high pitched scream.

"Well that bitch should have been slapped." Rin muttered angrily, and Len nodded in agreement.

"Now now, be nice. I'm probably going for the wedding." Kaito said, his fingers tracing the golden words again.

"You're cordially invited to a wedding. And it's signed off as Megurine Luka." Len grumbled, unhappy that he didn't know who the mysterious other half was. He was tempted to crumple his pink envelope and decided against it.

"I see. Erm, It's in a week right? I'll see you then?" Kaito hung up soon after, folding the letter and putting it back in the blue envelope. It seemed that he would be busier than the others.

One week later

"Oh, so you're here too." Len turned around to face the source of the voice.

"R-ruko! And Lily too! How have you both been?" Len stammered and smiled. His voice had deepened with time, no longer Ruko was dressed in a smart dark blue suit with a black tie. Lily was in a white dress, and her usual bitter, haughty demeanor was gone along with her childishness.

"We're both fine. You have grown quite a bit in these six years." Lily replied, giving a small smile.

"So you've been invited too." Ruko stated, and Len flinched slightly. Somehow, the heterochromatic woman still intimidated him.

"Y-yeah. HEY! Rin! Meiko! Look who's here too!" Len shouted, and the two girls talking under a tree made their way to the man.

Both women were dressed in similar white dresses, and stopped short when they saw Ruko and Lily.

"Ah, how have you both been?" Rin asked, and bowed slightly.

"We're good. I see you've grown too." Lily repeated, smiling at the blonde woman.

"Ruko you dog, how have you been?" Meiko grinned and pulled a surprised Ruko in for a hug.

"Hey, since the both of you are here, any of you know who the groom is? Or the bride?" Len asked, still curious about who managed to steal Luka's heart again.

"No idea, she probably told us the same thing she told Meiko – that she's finally getting hitched to someone she met in University." Ruko shrugged.

"I really want to know who it is!" Rin excitedly said, for a moment looking like her younger self.

"Where's Kaito, and… is Hatsune coming?" Lily asked.

"Kaito said he would be late but still on time. You would expect him to be punctual for such an important event, but no." Rin scoffed, and nudged her brother.

"Erm, we don't know about Miku. She told Kaito she would be here though…" Len shuffled his feet nervously.

"So she got an invitation. Well, Luka isn't the kind to just…" Ruko trailed off, looking at her watch. "It's going to start soon, let's enter."

"Oh you kids are here." Gumi grinned, looking up when the group entered the church. The green haired teacher never seemed to grow old, much to Ruko's displeasure. "You all look… much taller, and so much more easy on the eyes." Gumi teased, winking at Ruko.

"I didn't expect to see you here, Gumi. Or the other teachers for the matter." Len grinned. "Sure feels nostalgic."

"Your grandfather couldn't make it?" Gumi asked Lily, who shook her head.

"I'm afraid not, but he told me to give Luka his blessings."

Gumi smiled, and the group found seats for each of them.

A pink haired girl walked out, standing at the altar, taking in deep breaths. She was dressed in a full white tux, her hair tied up in a high ponytail. The impulsiveness and restlessness in her eyes had been extinguished, and replaced by a calmness never before seen in Megurine Luka. She looked content, and also nervous.

"She looks good." Rin whispered, and Meiko slapped her shoulder.

"Well, that's pretty obvious, she's getting a bride. Well, unless it's a cross dressing wedding." Gumi said.

The door opened again, startling everyone. Sure it wasn't time?

"Oh my gosh, sorry we're late!" Miki blushed madly and quickly found a seat. Behind her trailed Neru, for once not obsessed with her phone.

While waiting, Lily took her time to register all the guests. Kamui Gakupo and Piko sat stiffly beside Yowane Haku, who was fidgeting in her seat. The row beside where she was sitting were filled with a small group she had never seen before. A man with an eyepatch, a girl with… were those cat ears? And a girl with pale pink hair were looking around anxiously.

Lily had never felt so proud of herself. Her first love was getting married, and the only thing she felt was happiness for the pink haired girl awaiting her bride.

Luka was nodding at the guests, and when she reached Lily, she grinned and paused before moving on the acknowledge the other guests. Lily remembered that Luka didn't want a priest to say their vows, so Ruko was granted the honour of doing so. The black haired one was nowhere in sight, although Lily was sure that they had all entered together.

"Where is that woman?" Lily sighed.

The doors opened again, and Ruko stepped in, walking straight up to the altar.

She nodded at Luka, who exhaled deeply.

"Alright, the moment we've all been waiting for." Ruko announced lazily, and Lily glared at her.

"The arrival of the bride!"

The doors opened for the umpteenth time, and everyone turned around expectantly, most of their eyes widening and their jaws slackening when they saw who it was.

Kaito was wheeling the bride, who was decked in a white dress, more elaborate then the guests' , and she was blushing.

"That jerk Kaito! All along he knew who it was!" Rin whispered angrily, and Len just closed and opened his mouth uselessly.

When Miku reached Luka, Kaito stepped back, smiling at the guests sheepishly.

"Please recite your vows." Ruko said, stifling a yawn. She did not do much research on this, and probably would be told off by Lily later. The others noticed how sloppy Ruko was, but who cared? What the two brides said was probably going to be more important.

Luka bent down on one knee, grasping Miku's hands in hers.

"Hatsune Miku. I, Megurine Luka, have hurt you before, I know it, and I am not proud of it. However, I ask for another chance, to prove to you all that I am. You melted my icy heart, you made me believe in love, you made me who I am today. Twice you made me fall for you. When I saw you again, I couldn't recognise the independent girl, no, you already were a woman then. You were different, yet you were the same Miku I had fallen for. To you I give myself, my heart, and the rest of my life. I- Oh my gosh I'm really nervous, I'm sorry." Luka flashed an embarrassed grin to the guests, who laughed, but quietened down as Luka continued.

"So here I am, holding your hand. And I'm never going to let it go." Luka bit her lip, her script long gone from her mind. Miku gripped her hand tighter, and Luka gripped it back, tears welling in her eyes.

"I will protect you, love you, and cherish you from now till the day I die. For better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, and in health, til the day death do us part."

Ruko saw that as her cue and passed Luka the ring, a silver band with pink and teal entwined around it. Luka slipped it onto Miku's finger, and the tealette sighed with happiness, tears flowing down her face.

"Erm, yeah. I love you." Luka finished, smiling stupidly.

"Oh my god, now I know why she got Ruko as the guest speaker. So that she won't feel that bad." Meiko smirked, and Lily sighed, shaking her head.

"Megurine Luka, you idiot! I love you, and nothing about you is going to change that. Even after high school, I never stopped loving you. I was sure of that when I met you in University, and nothing had changed. You still gave me that surge of happiness, nervousness, and excitement." Miku wiped away her tears.

"I'm bound to you." She whispered loud enough for all to hear, and Ruko passed her the other ring.

Luka felt an overwhelming happiness when cool metal touched her ring finger.

"And you're bound to me." Miku laughed joyfully as Luka – no, her bride swept her up from her wheelchair and spun them around.

"Finally!" Luka shouted, and the guests applauded loudly, a few cheers coming from the front rows.

"Damnit, you forgot to kiss the bride!" Ruko grumbled, and the crowd hooted.

"No I didn't!" Luka yelled, and Miku pulled herself up, taking the initiative herself.

Luka hugged her bride tightly, wondering why she ever felt anything other than love for the tealette. Maybe it was all a coincidence, their conflict, their meetings. Maybe they were bound to end up like this.

"They're so going to get laid." Meiko grinned, and behind her, Rin poked her.

"When are we going to?"

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