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Chapter 5: Payback (not-so-much-again)

Mira was, without a doubt, dancing out of happiness. Even though everybody wanted to know (and didn't want to know) their future, they were wary of the stress magic overuse had on Carla. After all, that in itself could make her and Happy getting together more probable, but it wasn't really worth it.

Although, Mira couldn't help but not-so-subtly hint for another jab for matchmaking. Not wanting to awaken the Demon, Carla consented, on the condition that she could take a nap afterwards.

Obviously, Mira got more than she bargained for. Unexpectedly much more. Which was already heavily implied with how Carla was reacting anyway. Because it wasn't like she couldn't get emotionally shocked either, especially at the certain irony of the certain scene Carla witnessed. An exaggeration, of course, but it wouldn't hurt anyone...much.

"Aww, Freed, look!" Evergreen cooed at the girl resting in Mira's arms, "She looks like you!"

"Her hair's even gonna be green, hah!" Bixlow cackled and slung an arm around Freed's shoulders. "How's if feel being a father, eh?"

"Uh, well, er..." Freed looked between his friends, wife, and brother-in-law, who looked torn between maiming him and coddling his new niece. Luckily, Elfman choose the latter at Lisanna's open affection for the little girl. Which came with multiple questions, some extremely awkward for Freed to answer, since Mira was still asleep. Although Freed normally liked watching Mira sleep peacefully, now he wanted her awake more than ever, even if she'd just be grumpy.

Suddenly, Elfman wheeled to him, "What's her name?!" he demanded, shaking Freed back and forth.

"Wha-?" Freed was stooped into surprise for a minute, until Elfman asked again before he could answer.

"SHE MUST GET A MANL-" Fortunately for Freed, Evergreen whacked Elfman upside the head with her fan before he could try to give his niece a "manly" name, whatever that meant.

"Mira...'she looks like her father'..." Carla muttered, still slightly surprised.

"Wait, really? Mira-nee doesn't really look like-" Lisanna started to interject, confused at Carla's phrasing.

"No no, not like that. That father," Carla pointed to Freed (still don't know how to spell his name, rah...) in a not-so-more-clarifying manner.

Silence ensued for a few beautiful seconds before the maelstorm, "FREED'S MIRA'S DAD?!" Freed reddened, then facepalmed after understanding what Carla really meant, though he was still embarrassed at the implications.

"I'm pretty sure she means-" Freed tried to explain better before getting interrupted.

"HAHA! Hey Freed, that means her hair's even gonna be green!" Bixlow cackled loudly, with the dolls echoing him, and slung arms around Freed and Laxus's shoulders.

Carla rubbed her temples to try to ease the upcoming migraine from the similarity of the prediction and the aftermath. Or maybe that was just because of Fairy Tail's lively spirit. But probably both.

"Carla, are you okay? Do you want a fish?" Happy offered with genuine concern. Meanwhile, Levy tried to lend a hand and explained that their resident matchmaker has found her match. Speaking of which, neither of the two people concerned have said much since the beginning of the conversation.

...though it was slightly understandable, since one was in shock and the other fainted. Hopefully, the distinction is obvious.

Shaking her head, though more to herself, Carla muttered, "I'm going to take a nap," with Happy flying along with her.

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