Placido laid the broken android's body on the tune up table. He wiped the trickle of blood from Antinomy's mouth.

"I'm sorry," Placido said. He repeated the phrase over and over. He sobbed it. He screamed it. He whispered it.

"I'm so sorry…"

He was supposed to deactivate him. But after an hour passed and Placido didn't come out of the operating room it became clear to Jose that Placido couldn't do it. He opened the door to find Placido crying into Antinomy's chest, clutching his hand.

"You didn't realize you loved him, did you?"

Placido shook his head, wiping at his tears.

"I h-h-hated h-human emotion s-so m-much that I l-locked a-away m-my own f-f-feelings," he gulped.

Jose sighed. Why had it taken such an extreme act to get Placido to understand and embrace his human side?

He took pity on the crying and confused android. Putting a hand on Placido's shoulder, he told him, "Alright. Go to your room and lay down. I'll take care of this."

"You can fix him?!" Placido choked out, whipping around to look up hopefully at the larger android.

"No. He's gone," Jose replied, causing Placido's hopeful expression to evaporate, "The kindest thing to do now is to deactivate him. But I won't make you do it."

"No… No, please…" Placido pleaded, "Please… Please don't kill him… Bring him back to me…!" Placido began to sob again. Jose sighed and scooped up the crying android. Placido screamed, "NO! NO! ANTINOMY!" all the way to his room. Jose dropped him on his bed and he scrambled up, attempting to make a dash for it.

"Placido, stay!" Jose barked, "I'm sorry this is so shocking and upsetting to you, but this is the consequence of your actions. Now say in your room until you calm down!"

Jose locked the screaming android in his room and went back to the operating room. He began the deactivation process. However, before he could shut him down for good, an idea struck him.

He then wiped most of Antinomy's memory. Then he removed his glasses and coded him new clothes and a new hairstyle.

"Maybe one day you'll come back to him," Jose said quietly. Then he ordered Lucciano to dump the body into the ocean.

Jose took the glasses and made his way back to Placido's room. It sounded quiet.


"Come in."

He sounded calm.

Jose opened the door.

"Are you okay?" Jose asked.

"I'm fine," Placido replied calmly. Something wasn't right.

"Here." Jose held out the glasses. Placido eyed them.

"Why would I want those?"

"They were Antinomy's. Don't you want something to remember him by?"

"I deleted my feelings for him. And my memories of him. I don't want those." And with that, Placido got up and made his way to the work room. Jose stared after him.


Just when Placido had finally understood, he relapsed. Maybe he just wasn't meant to have emotions.

Jose placed the glasses on Placido's shelf.

"Maybe one day you'll remember."