Dressed in white

Flickering light

In the distance

Holding the sun

In her hands

Darkness covers

The space in between

Hiding what is not meant to be seen

I'm on my knees

Can't get through

My choices few

But I see her

She's standing

She's waiting

Dressed in white

Flickering light

In the distance

Holding the sun

In her hands

I woke up with a start, another dream about something I didn't understand.

It was driving me insane.

I'd seen the same dream seven nights in a row now. Maybe I was losing it.

There was the same girl and the same poem.

What the hell was this about?

I stood up stretching and yawning.

I stared at the sunlight outside.

All the trees and all the hills stretched out in front of me and the birds sang in the distance.

I am Albus Potter by the way.

Yeah, jaw dropping isn't it?

I know I'm used to the reactions.

Anyway moving on I was at home at the time and was supposed to get ready to go to the station.

I was going to start my sixth year.

I unenthusiastically pulled on my t-shirt and jeans.

My room was the epitome of messy and I prefered it that way.

I dragged my trunk and broomstick downstairs to the living room.

I laid it in front of the fireplace and went over to the dining room.

James was there eating and deep in thought.

His eyes had glazed over as he stuffed another spoonful of cornflakes into his mouth.

I sat down beside him and said to my Dad "Good morning"

He looked up from the newspaper "Good morning Al"

James asked "Hey Al? Why does Mary hate me?"

I answered buttering my toast "Maybe because you're a total prat?"
James shook his head "Nah that can't be it, keep thinking"

I ignored him until Lily came flouncing into the room with her curtain of red hair swinging behind her "Good morning!" She sang in a cheerful voice.

Mum came into the dining room "Good morning, all set for another year at school?"

Lily smiled "yup"

Her cheerful mood had an ulterior motive I was sure. I squinted at her, I knew she didn't like mornings so why was she so excited?

Usually she looks like a zombie and anyone who got in her way would literally get incinerated.

I knew what she looked like in the mornings and trust me it's not something you want to see, she looks like a nightmare now she looked like the Lily she always is.

James put his spoon down and said "That's it I can't take this anymore, Mary has to like me"

Lily rolled her eyes "First deflate that big head of yours, maybe then you'll see some improvement"

James glared at her and muttered into his empty bowl.

Dad looked at me "Why so silent Al?"

I had evidently been thinking about the strange dreams I was having, but I said with a fake smile "Nothing just thinking"

Mum asked buttering her toast "Is something the matter?"

I shook my head "No, nothing"

Lily said "Probably still thinking about choosing textbooks over the clothes he has to Hogwarts"

I said "Shut up"

James patted my shoulder "You need to get yourself a girl Al, you can't be this sorry bookworm anymore"

I shrugged his hand off and blushed "Shove off James"

It's true I'd never had a girlfriend, I don't know maybe I was just too shy or silent or whatever.

Girls liked me but I didn't like them and it didn't help that I wasn't as cool or as outgoing as James was.

Maybe I was not good enough for them I don't know and honestly I didn't care.

I was still taller than James and it irritated James to no extent. But he still had the bigger personality.

I finished eating and said "I'm going to my room"

I went into my room and sat on the edge of my bed thinking about the dreams.

They were certainly not normal.

I felt like someone was trying to tell me something.

And it wasn't just this dream there'd been others before this one, I sometimes saw flashes of light, felt myself running from some unknown entity, strong winds and screams.

It couldn't have been just dreams, there was something going on.

I heard my Mum call "Al! We're leaving!"

I sighed and yelled "Coming!"

When I went downstairs I felt a strange sense of foreboding that I couldn't explain.

Sitting in the car with James and Lily bickering along the way I tuned out.

I knew something was going to happen.

That's when Dad said "Have you heard? That serial killer we caught last month is on the run again, it seems like Azkaban is not as good as it was before. The criminals are escaping, the reforms we're using are not doing much good. We aurors are having a hard time"

Mum asked with concern "Is it safe for us or anybody to go out?"

Dad shook his head "We're trying to curb the chaos Ginny, but our attempts are quite weak, so I'd say it's not"

Silence prevailed. James asked "Isn't there something you can do?"

Dad said "I'm working on it, Kingsley's given me permission to implement most of my plans. Although I'm going to have quite a lot of opposition from Eden Scrimgeour"

Lily sighed "Hope everything works out"

Dad said sternly "I want you three to be as alert as you can while you're at Hogwarts understand? These prisoners include the death eaters too. If anything happens stick together"

James gasped "You think they'll come to Hogwarts?"

Dad nodded "Why not? Striking terror is easy when you've got thousands of students with very concerned parents"

We stayed silent.

When we reached the station no one spoke much as we made it through the barrier.

Each one of us was consumed in our thoughts.

We met Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron.

I asked "Where's Rose?"

Uncle Ron glared "Off with Scorpius, that girl…"

I sighed "Alright, Mum? Dad? I'm getting on the train"

Mum pulled me into a hug "Have fun Al, take care of yourself, and take care of James and Lily okay?"

I nodded sincerely "I will"

She patted my back and let me go with a kiss on my cheek.

Dad hugged me next "Be a good prefect Al and you know…stay safe, don't let James do something stupid"
I smiled "I won't"

Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron wished me luck and I got onto the train.

I dragged my luggage through the corridor.

That's when a solid mass of brown hair hit me in the face and I toppled back.

I managed to steady myself.

I saw that the solid mass of brown hair belonged to a girl who had her back turned to me.

She took her wand out and pointed it at two boys who stopped laughing and now looked scared.

She said threateningly "Ever try something like that again and we'll see who ends up laughing, get it?"

They nodded vigorously and shuffled away quickly.

She tucked the wand back in her jeans pocket.

She turned and looked at me "What are you looking at?"

I was taken aback on seeing her face.

She had the sharpest features I'd ever seen on anyone. She had luscious brown hair that fell in messy waves over her shoulders.

She had eyes the colour of the ocean which were staring at me with determination.

She was of average height and looked like she could throw a very hard punch.

I said nervously "Sorry, I was waiting for you to move so I could go to the compartment over there"

I pointed at the empty one.

She rolled her eyes "You could have just said so, go"

I picked up my things and walked quickly to the empty compartment.

She entered the compartment behind me and made herself comfortable.

I was surprised, I just watched as she put her things away and sat down.

I asked "Um…why are you..."

"Sitting here?" She asked raising one slender eyebrow.

I nodded.

She answered "Everywhere else is full genius, where do you expect me to sit? On the roof?"

I had nothing to say.

She said "Don't worry I'm not going to kill you, so don't look at me like that"

I laughed uncertainly "I'm Albus by the way"

She leant back and looked at me.

She said "I know who you are, so there's no need to introduce yourself, I'm Xena"

Xena, I'd never heard of any Xena in Hogwarts.

I asked "Which year?"

She tucked her hair behind her ear and started digging inside her bag.

She answered "Sixth"

I was shocked "But I've never seen you before"

She stopped digging and looked up at me.
Pointing one slender finger at me she asked "And whose fault is that, mine or yours?"

I closed my mouth at that.

She sighed "I'm in Slytherin"

She bent over once again and began digging.

I nodded "Oh"

I marveled how her brown hair fell over her shoulder glinting in the sunlight coming through the window.

She said pulling out a packet of crisps from her bag and opening it "Now I know you think I'm a jackass because I'm in Slytherin, right? Aaaand you are correct!"
My eyebrows rose as she munched on her crisps "I am not very popular among students. I don't take shit from anyone. And I despise your little group called the wotters"

I asked shocked "Why? What did we do?"

She answered "You all act like god's gift to humanity, all of you so perfect in all senses. All of you are overly nice and righteous, what the hell is up with the 'I'm your guardian angel' attitude?"

I laughed and she looked at me "You find this funny?"

When I didn't stop laughing she threw a crisp at me

I nodded "very"

Her eyes narrowed into slits.

I said calming down "We're not like that, we're just normal people"

She laughed "That's funny, normal people? Sure! And I am merlin's apperentice!"

I told her "Try talking to my family some time you'll see we're nothing like people portray us to be"

She said still eating her crisps "Please, I'm better off without talking to them, otherwise I might turn into one of you"

She threw her empty packet into the bag and said "I wonder when the trolley's going to get here, I'm hungry"

I just stared at her, she was the most interesting person I'd met till now.

If I'd seen her on the street I'd have thought that she was just a very pretty rich girl who was into kittens and soft toys.

I asked "Where are you from?"

She asked "Trying to know which pure-blood family I belong to?"

I tried to cover my embarrassment "I…uh…I…"

She said over me "Bedowin, Xena Bedowin, my father is one of the most influential people in Britain, he has six seats in the wizenagamot and he heads the Magical Enforcement Department, my mother is a society pig. My brother is following in my Dad's footsteps. Is that enough for you?"

My eyes widened as I absorbed that piece of information. Aunt Hermione worked under Mr. Bedowin and she was all praise for him always. So why did Xena talk like she despised her family?

She said quietly "Why couldn't I be as lucky as Scorpius and just go to Gryffindor away the rest of my family?"

She looked out of the window with longing.

I asked "You don't like your family?"

She looked sharply at me "No. I don't want to be my mother and I don't want to do what my father tells me to do. My Dad might be a good man but he doesn't know how to be a good father"

I didn't say anything. I let her be as she spread her legs over the seat.

She took a deep breath "You ever tell anyone that I told you this and I will personally make sure that you have an early meeting with Hades understand?"

I smiled "I understand"

She told me "Now leave me alone, I'm going to take a nap. Wake me up when the trolley arrives. By the way Mr. Prefect you just missed the meeting"

I didn't get what she said at first then I understood and swore as she chuckled and closed her eyes.

I slapped a hand to my forehead and fled out of the compartment catching a glimpse of Rose and Scorpius snogging in their compartment.

I bumped into the head boy along the way, Jade Thomas "Al, you just missed the meeting"

I nodded "yeah I know, I forgot about it"

I felt stupid. He smiled "It's alright, go back to your compartment, it got over a long time back"

My heart sinking I walked back to the compartment.

Xena was passed out on her seat with a hand behind her head. She was such a tomboy it was unbelievable.

I passed the time staring at her and thinking about her personality.

Her hair was such a deep shade of brown that it reminded me of chocolate.

When the trolley arrived I shook her "Wake up, the trolley's here"

Her eyelashes slowly fluttered revealing her ocean blue eyes. I was positively captivated, she looked so vulnerable and….cute.

She looked up into my face "Wipe that look off your face before I smack you. Try to get rid of the that bit of drool as well"

My hand instantly rose to my mouth but there was nothing there and she laughed "What an idiot!"
She got up and walked to the trolley greeting the lady with a cheerful smile and I watched as she talked like they were friends forever.

I smiled to myself, how could anyone not like her?

She bought herself some stuff and sat back down.

She tossed me a few pumpkin pasties and chocolate frogs "That's for putting up with me for this long"

I grinned "Thanks"

She said "Whatever"

I asked "Where are your friends?"
She said simply "I don't have any friends, no one finds me worthy of being in their group"

She didn't look like she cared. I sat there thinking, who was this girl? She was so…..brilliant?

I'm not good with adjectives, sue me.

She said "Don't look at me like that, I hate pity, don't pity me Potter I'm warning you. I don't need it"

I asked "Do you feel lonely?"

She sighed for a second then she threw the pumpkin pasty in my face "Stop feeling bad for me, I'm not some sissy. I can take care of myself and I'm not lonely. Look my life is my life, the way I live it is none of your business"

I was in awe of her. I smiled until I saw a flash of something else in her eyes, a flash of sadness.

She told me "We aren't going to see each other after this train ride so just forget about me once this is done. Don't bother being nice to me, you'll just end up regretting it"

I looked into her eyes and she looked into mine and then I heard it in my head, that voice whimpering like in my dream "Help me, I-I-aaaaaagh!"

It sounded just like…..Xena.

Xena asked "Did something happen? Are you okay? You like you just saw Voldemort"

My heart raced as I tried to calm myself down.

She was the one I'd been hearing in my dreams, the one screaming. Those blood-curdling screams that haunted me for the first few weeks of summer, the ones I couldn't forget no matter how much I wanted to.

She said "Hey, you want to lie down, you're really pale"
I shook my head "no…I'm fine"

She said "Okay, but don't do that again, you scared me for a moment"

I hardly listened, I was having this horrible feeling.

Something was going to happen and Xena was involved.

She took a bite of her pumpkin pasty.

I made a promise to myself, I'd protect her.

She didn't have any friends and it seemed like her family wasn't helping much.

I asked "Hey Xena, would it be fine if we both could be friends?"

She glared at me "Absolutely not"

I asked "Why not?"

She said "I'm not going to join that band wagon, I am not after the lime light so save it. It would please my mother if I was friends with you but I have no interest of doing so"

She was stubborn

I didn't give up "Come on, it's not like you have any other friends"

She looked angry for a second I thought she'd kill me.

"That's it isn't it? An act of pity? Potter feels sympathetic and wants to rescue an insecure girl from the shackles of loneliness and make her feel special? That's why I hate you all, you just don't get it don't you? You think by being overly sweet and kind you can buy us all. Get this Potter, I don't believe in friendship and I've no intention of starting"

She stared out of the window fuming.

I smiled "I'm not doing this out of pity. I genuinely find you interesting and just to make things easier for you we'll be acquaintances not friends"

She looked at me "Sod off"

I said "We won't be seeing each other that much anyway"

She said "Sod off Potter"

I smiled "You know you want to"

I could see her resolve crumbling.

She yelled "Get out before I hex you you bloody git! What part of Sod off don't you understand?!"

I leaped to my feet as she whipped her wand out.

I left the compartment, maybe I was wrong, her resolve wasn't going to crumble that easily.

I spent my afternoon with Rose and Scoprius.

Rose laughed as I told them about Xena "She seems like a very interesting person"

I nodded "She is, attractive too"

Scorpius whistled "Now I see where this is going"
I rolled my eyes.

Rose asked "You like her Al?"

I told her ruffling my hair "I don't know but I like her more than the other girls, she's different"

Just then there was a knock on the glass door and then Xena slid the door open, she said "Sorry for earlier. I am feeling horribly guilty for kicking you out. If you want to come get your things then come"

I stood up "Yeah"

Rose whispered "A girl with a conscience, that's always good"

When I started pulling my trunk out I said "My offer still stands"

Xena said "I don't want to be a tag-along, I don't want people saying things. I-I-I….hate….attention"

I turned and smiled "Don't worry, nothing like that's going to happen, come sit with me in that compartment"
She looked hesitant, I said "I'll give you a bar of Honey duke's Caramel Delight if you do?"

Her head snapped up and her eyes were as round as galleons "I'm coming"

She grabbed her trunk and said "let's go!"

I laughed "You love food don't you?"

She nodded "Yeah and if you have a problem with it, I don't care"

She walked out of the compartment past me.

She smelt like summer, I can't explain it but her scent warmed me and reminded me of sunlight.

It was almost magical standing there as she walked by me.

I followed her out and I asked myself, what is happening to me?

I'd soon find out.

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