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Naruto, Sasuke, Shikamaru and Neji rushed over towards the Kage box, from what Naruto could tell, the Third and Orochimaru were already on the move towards the roof of the stadium.

The four of them were just about to jump up to the Kage box and get to the roof. When the four of them jumped backwards in reflex, for there were now a dozen Kunai embedded into the ground and wall in front of them.

"Over there on the wall of the Kage box." Neji replied as he easily pointed out the masked Anbu that was now standing on top of the wall of the Kage box, looking down at them.

"Sorry, you cannot pass."

"You think you can take all of us Kabuto?" Naruto called out.

"Impressive, I didn't think you would know it was me?" Kabuto replied as he took of the Anbu mask he was wearing.

"Your chakra gives you away." Naruto replied easily.

"You are quite interesting Naruto-kun. You and annoying team of genin are becoming quite the problem for Orochimaru-sama. All of you seem to know a lot more than you should for your average genin." The Anbu replied.

"Yeah well, what can I say? We are just better than your average genin." Naruto replied.

"I see, well let's test you theory shall we."

Kabuto appeared suddenly in front of Naruto, with a Kunai positioned to strike. Naruto easily intercepted him with his own Kunai. In the next second Kabuto had jumped away from the small group to avoid the swipe at him from Shikamaru and Sasuke from the sides.

"Naruto, I think it would be best to leave him with me, and Neji. You take Shikamaru and see what you can do about that barrier." Sasuke said for the first time since Kabuto arrived.

"Naruto, I have to agree. Despite that it is more troublesome." Shikamaru replied.

Naruto nodded in agreement.

"Alright, let's do that." Naruto replied.

"I don't think so" Kabuto interrupted their small conversation, before rushing towards the small group, as his hand began to glow a light green color. .

Just as Naruto was about to rush forward to intercept Kabuto, Neji stepped in front of him. The Hyuga boy than quickly slid into the gentle fist taijutsu stance and stopped Kabuto in his tracks.

The Neji struck fast, and quickly blocked a few chakra points and then through in a kick to send Kabuto flying backwards.

"Go now." Neji told Naruto and Shikamaru as he turned back towards the med-nin.

Kabuto cursed to himself as he quickly righted himself, but barely had time to recover, as Sasuke appeared beside him. Which quickly lead to a small taijutsu fight, as Naruto and Shikamaru jumped up to the roof of the hokage box. They headed straight towards the large purple barrier that was now surrounded by Anbu and a few Jounin.

Sakura lead the way towards the academy. Shino, Tenten and Choji followed not far behind her. They had to make sure to get everyone to the safe houses. Most of the civilians that had not been in the stadium had already been escorted to the safe houses by the Anbu, Jounin and chunnin while the matches were going on.

It did not take very long for the four of them to reach the academy. They were almost there when Shino spoke up.

"My insects tell me that there are two sound shinobi standing outside of the academy. As well as three or more other Sound/Sand shinobi inside the academy. Why? Because they are looking for the students and the academy teachers. Luckily I know where the students and Iruka sensei and the other instructors are."

"We need to hurry then, so what is the plan of action?" Tenten asked.

"We need to get to Iruka-sensei and the others out of there; we will have to get rid of the Sound shinobi most likely." Choji replied.

"We should quickly take out the first two and head in. Doing that will make everything it easier to get everyone out of the academy and to the safe houses." Sakura suggested.

"Precisely, we can than head to the students and the sensei's. If we run into the other three we can split up and have Iruka and the other sensei's head to the safe houses with the kids." Shino replied.

"Also, my insects have already begun draining the two guards of their chakra. I sent more insects out to the other three shinobi that are on the inside."

"Ok, that sounds like a good plan." Tenten replied as she took out a handful of kunai out of her kunai pouch. The other three nodded in agreement with her, as they got ready to begin their plan.

Standing outside of the academy stood two sound shinobi. One of them was tall and skinny while the other one was a lot shorter. The two of them were looking around the area in front of academy. They seem to be waiting and watching out for any shinobi trying to get in.

The two shinobi jumped away from one another just as hundreds of Kunai began to descend upon them.

"Earth style: Earth Pillar Prison." Two voices shouted out.

Just as the taller Sound shinobi landed back on the ground he was surrounded by large earth pillars.

"Shit" The tall Sound shinobi shouted out.

It took a few minutes, but the Sound shinobi finally made it out of the earth prison after a small earth jutsu.

However, he felt drained of chakra for some reason after using the jutsu. The Sound shinobi quickly prepared for any attack that might come at him, and was glad he did, when he blocked a strong punch and kick from his right from Shino.

He was not prepared for the attack on his left though, and Sakura got a small chakra enhanced punch to his gut. Successfully knocking the Sound shinobi out. Sakura and Shino made work to tie him up and head toward Choji and Tenten.

The shorter Shinobi was almost run over by a giant rolling boulder.

"What the heck is that?" The short Sound shinobi asked aloud. He once again had to try and move out of the way as the giant boulder was flying towards him once again. Though this time he did not get out of the way fast enough, and was partially squished by the rolling boulder.

Choji quickly rolled away from the Sound shinobi and shrank back into his normal size. He then slid into a taijutsu stance facing towards the Sound shinobi.

The shorter Sound shinobi was already back on his feet and rushing towards Choji. The two of them went into a short taijutsu fight, but because Choji won, out and punched him away, sending him right into Tenten's trap.

Tenten set down the knocked out and tied up short Sound shinobi next to the equally tied up and knocked out tall Sound shinobi.

"Alright that was easier than I thought it would be." Tenten commented.

"Orochimaru must fight with number instead of how well they fight." Sakura replied.

"Most likely, let's continue on and get everyone to safety." Shino answered.

Lee, Ino, Hinata and Kiba made their way through town towards the wall of Konoha. Taking any Sound or Sand shinobi out as they went. Most of the shinobi they in countered were easy and going down quite fast.

They did not know when it started but the four of them were currently in a competition on how many shinobi they could take out and see who had the most in the end.

"That was number 34! I am so winning" Kiba shouted as he knocked out another Sound shinobi.

"Don't even think about it dog boy, I am at 37." Ino replied as she took out a Sand Ninja with a water jutsu.

"Excuse me my Youthful companions, but I am at 42!" Lee shouted as he sprinted pass the two, so he could fight off another Sound shinobi.

"I am…at 45." Hinata told them.

"I am not losing to any of you! Let's go Akumaru" Kiba exclaimed, followed by a loud bark from Akumaru.

The four of them continued for a while in the same fashion. They were just about to pass the main market area of Konoha when they found five Sound shinobi ganging up on a Konoha chunin who looked to be pretty injured.

"Guys, we need to help him." Ino said once the four of them stopped.

The other three nodded in agreement before making a plan of sorts before heading towards the five Sound shinobi and the Konoha chunin.

"Water Style: Water Bullet." Two voices shouted out in unison as multiple spears of water came flying towards the group of Sound shinobi. Three of them had jumped out of the way in time, leaving two of the Sound Shinobi tying to get up off the ground and soaked.

Hinata and Ino were now in view of the six older ninjas. The chunin from Konoha was shaking his head at them. Trying to tell the two of them to leave, and that they were no match for them.

"Damn it, more Konoha ninjas." A brown haired Sound shinobi said.

"More like Konoha brats, they are just kids." A dark haired female replied.

"At least this makes things more interesting." A black haired man added.

"This should be easy, let's kill'em." A dirty blond haired male commented.

Lee shot from behind the Sound shinobi and attacked the black haired Sound shinobi. Causing the other shinobi to turn towards the sound of fighting. Lee and The black haired shinobi were in the middle of trading blows back and forth. It was almost hard to see either of them.

"There are more of them!" A brown haired female shouted to the others just as Kiba's voice rang out.

"Fang passing fang" Kiba and Akumaru came spinning towards two of the shinobi and making contact with them.

With Kiba and Lee as a partial distraction. Hinata rushed into the fray and began to use Gentle fist on the black haired female. Ino was engaging in a small taijutsu/weapon fight with the dirty blond haired male.

The four Konoha genin were doing rather well until the Sound shinobi got over their slight surprise and actually started fighting back. The Sound shinobi definitely catching on that genin from Konoha were not ordinary genin.

"Fire style: fire ball jutsu." The two brown haired Sound shinobi shouted out. Spears of fire soared through the air cutting off the taijutsu fights and almost hitting Ino.

"Lightning style: lightning ball" the black haired female shouted out after going through a few hand signs. A ball lightning headed towards Hinata. Hinata was not fast enough to move out of the way in time and was hit by it and making it burst upon contact.

"Hinata!" Kiba shouted out in worry.

"I am ok." Hinata replied as she got up from the attack.

"I think it's time to show these shinobi our springtime of YOUTH!" Lee shouted as he shot back into the fray. The others agreed fully and they all went back to fighting the five Sound shinobi.

The Konoha chunin watching this fight could not believe how amazing these genin were. They were using elemental jutsu and fighting pretty much on par with these chunin and jounin of Sound. Right now, he had to try to rest as much as he could. That way he could help the four genin fight the Sound Shinobi.

Naruto and Shikamaru stopped right in front of the Anbu standing in front of the barrier. Luckily, the Anbu in charge was one that normally guarded the Third hokage. Hopefully, the Anbu would be willing to listen to him.

"Why are you here Uzumaki?" The Cat-masked Anbu asked.

"First, do you have a plan to get the Hokage out? He is going to need our help real soon." Naruto replied hurriedly. He wasn't too sure, how he was on time. Last time he was fighting a transformed Gaara.

"We know this; we are trying to work out a plan. Nothing we have tried gets through the barrier." Cat replied.

"I see. You have every single side of the barrier?" Shikamaru asked.

"Yes we have, we can't get through. There are four people standing in each corner of the barrier." A dog-masked Anbu answered impatiently. He didn't know why these genin were trying to help.

"So you are saying the four in each corner are probably the ones holding up the barrier?" Shikamaru questioned the Anbu.

"Yes, the four of them are the ones holding up the barrier." A Hawk-masked Anbu replied.

"Then if the four of them are holding the barrier up, then all we have to do is disturb the ground they are on. That will disrupt their concentration on the barrier, and then we can get in." Naruto suddenly said.

The Anbu and the few jounin around the barrier standing close enough to hear the conversation wanted to face palm themselves. Why didn't they think of that?

"Alright Uzumaki, your idea is the best we got, let's get on with it." A Hawk-masked Anbu interrupted.

"Ok, for best effect we are splitting in groups. Each group takes a corner of the barrier." Cat said talking charge.

"You two stay out of the way," Dog said to them as he led a group to one of the corners of the barrier.

Naruto and Shikamaru just rolled their eyes at him, before turning to each other.

"When that barrier goes down we get in there as fast as we can." Naruto explained when the higher ranked ninja were out of hearing range.

Shikamaru nodded in understanding as the two of them turned their attention back to the barrier.

Neji and Sasuke were having a hard time fighting off Kabuto, even with their combined skill.

Kabuto was a very well trained spy, and one that knew quite a lot of information about the elemental nations.

"You two are good for genin, but I think I am done playing with you." Kabuto replied.

Though Kabuto knew he was at a slight disadvantage, he was fighting them in the seats of the stadium, so an earth jutsu would not be smart to use, so he was stuck with the few water jutsu's he knew and some of his medic techniques. He couldn't give away everything he knew to a couple genin, even if they were geniuses.

The two of them he was facing were definitely good, and there was something weird going on with the genin in Konoha. All of their files were a lot different from the moves he had seen them use. He would definitely have to tell Orochimaru about this.

"Water style: Water shockwave" Water built up in front of him and raced towards Neji and Sasuke.

"Neji, fire wind combo" Sasuke said as he raced through hand signs. He was hoping they could cancel Kabuto's jutsu out with their combined force.

"Fire style: Fire Phoenix Flower Jutsu" "Wind style: Great Breakthrough."

The two attacks combined and easily made contact with Kabuto's water jutsu. The water quickly produced into a large cloud of steam.

Just as the steam started to clear, the roof about the Kage box above them started to shake and fall apart. Pieces of the Kage box fell everywhere and smashing into everything below.

Sasuke and Neji quickly moved out of the way of the falling debris and the steam finally cleared away, but Kabuto was nowhere to be seen and the large purple barrier was down.

Sakura, Shino, Tenten and Choji after fighting a rather large battle with the help of Iruka and the other sensei's were currently heading towards the stadium once more, where they were suppose to meet up with the others. The fight at the academy did a slight number on the four of them. All of them had small various injuries, and Sakura was able to heal a few of them for now.

The four of them after fighting with the enemy shinobi at the academy escorted the class and the rest of the teachers to the safe houses. Despite that, Iruka wanted them to stay with them and rest.

The four of them knew that they still needed to meet up with the others, and they were not academy students anymore. They needed to help the village the best they could, they could rest later when everything was over and done with.

They were almost to the stadium when they met up with Kiba, Hinata, Lee and Ino.

The four of them were arguing about some competition, and how someone was cheating, because there was no way, there was a four-way tie. After Sakura broke up their argument, the two groups shared each of their stories.

Kiba, Lee, Hinata and Ino had fought a group of five and winning despite that they each had quite a few injuries. The chunin that they had saved had rested enough to help them in the end. Ino and Hinata had healed any injuries the chunin had and then left to head to the wall of Konoha.

Once they were there they helped fight off any Sound and Sand shinobi. Since Naruto's clones disrupted most the summoning seals, there was a very low number of Sound and Sand shinobi.

The group of four then headed towards the stadium when most of the fighting was complete at the wall of the stadium. It especially helped when Jiraiya summoned a toad to help.

"So as far as our part of the plan, we all did really well. Let's get going and meet up with Neji, Sasuke, Shikamaru and Naruto." Sakura said to the group. Everyone nodded in agreement and headed the rest of the way to the stadium.

As soon as the purple barrier went down Shikamaru and Naruto sprinted along with the Anbu to the Third Hokage's location. Naruto didn't even question why he was jumping through a few trees on the roof of the stadium.

Naruto did not want to believe what he was seeing as he approached the scene. From what he could see, the Third was covered in injuries.

The long sword going through his gut wasn't good either. Naruto could slightly smell the blood seeping out. Orochimaru was only a few feet in front of him, stumbling a bit and was looking just as injured. His arms didn't look like they were moving either.

Naruto raced straight towards Orochimaru with a kunai in hand once he saw the Sannin in his line of vision. He raced right past the injured Third hokage and was just about to strike at the snake Sannin, but was stopped by Kabuto.

Orochimaru was then surrounded by the Sound four a second later. They must have gotten pass the Anbu that broke the barrier.

Anbu were now slowly beginning to appear, the medic Anbu went straight for the Third hokage, and the rest of the Anbu all began to surround the snake Sannin and his subordinates.

"I don't think so Naruto-kun. I am not going to let you harm Orochimaru-sama." Kabuto spoke with a smirk.

"I really think you should, that snake bastard really messes up things." Naruto replied.

Kabuto chuckled slightly, "Ah, but that's the fun part, now we really must be going. I am sure we will meet again Naruto."

Kabuto jabbed Naruto in the stomach with a glowing green hand almost faster than Naruto could see. Kabuto followed it up with a strong punch sending the blonde backwards. Giving Kabuto enough time to run through hand signs. A second later Orochimaru, Kabuto and the Sound four were gone.

Most of the Anbu hurried to try and follow the Sannin, but Naruto knew. They were not going to find him.

Naruto was cursing in his mind. This was not how the plan was suppose to go. His part of the plan was to stop Orochimaru and Kabuto during the Chunin exams, it was going to be a lot harder to defeat them now.

Naruto slowly got back up on his feat, and he headed over towards the wounded body of the Third hokage. Shikamaru was standing amongst the Anbu crowded around the area.

Naruto forced back a few tears when he saw the Third's body. He didn't even make it in time to save him. The Anbu were all quite for a moment before they started moving once again. They all had a job to do still, and knew what they needed to do.

Shikamaru placed his hand on the blonds shoulder to show try and comfort him and to let Naruto know that he was there if he needed anything. Last time Naruto hadn't found out about the Third's death until after a few days.

Naruto turned away from the scene and began walking back towards the middle of the stadium. The others were probably done with their parts of the plan, and they needed to be told what happened. After that, well they would have to figure something out.

Shikamaru sighed, everything was just so troublesome with Naruto. Thought the others better get ready, because most likely we will all be training a lot more.

Naruto and Shikamaru met up with the others at the edge of the damaged roof of the Kage box. Somehow, the thing was still stable enough to be still standing.

The others knew something was wrong the moment they saw the look on Naruto and Shikamaru's faces.

"Jii is dead." Naruto stated. "Orochimaru killed him. I didn't save him fast enough."

"Dobe, don't say stuff like that. Yes, the Third is dead, but it is not your fault." Sasuke explained.

"But I could have saved him. I was right there, and Orochimaru was there too. I could have stopped him from getting away, but I couldn't even do that! I could have thought up another plan, a better one even." Naruto replied.

" You can't save everyone. You are only a genin, you cannot just defeat every single person you come across." Sasuke yelled. The blond had to get out of this small funk, and fast.

"I know that! I know I cannot save everyone, but I am going to die trying to save everyone that I can. I didn't come back to the past just to give up and let all the people that I care about most die again." Naruto shouted.

Sasuke's, Sakura's, Shikamaru's, and Neji's eyes widened in surprise and shock. It was hard to tell if Shino was surprised or not.

"What?! From the past?" Kiba practically shouted.

"Die again? What are you talking about?" Tenten asked next.

"What the heck is going on here?" Ino asked. The others all nodded in agreement, as they all turned towards Naruto for explanation.

"Um…maybe we shouldn't talk about this here." Naruto replied as he rubbed the back of his head nervously.

I hope you guys liked the chapter. It was definitely difficult to write out. Also, I know I skipped the rest of the fights that the others were doing. I was just showing what they were doing while everything was going on. That way it wasn't just what Naruto was doing, and I wasn't planning on having the other members of the Konoha 12 knowing quite yet. It was a last minute decision, and I thought it was a good way to end the chapter. :)

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