This is my attempt to write haiku, but then I eventually combined the haikus into a oneshot.

DISCLAIMER: Chrono Trigger doesn't belong to me.


Resentment is but
Such a crime of mind that brings
Chaos and sorrow.

It began because
Of my aversion towards
My crazy mother.

She caused misery
To me and my sister as
She craved for power.

Because of her zest,
She summoned Lavos and brought
End to the kingdom.

Then I understood
That she had become mad, for
My father was dead.

I had to admit
That animosity is
Only for a fool.

How stupid of me
To have let my lust blind me
And darken my mind.

I have been wishing
To stop that disaster from
Happening again.

And so I traveled
To the past when it happened
To prevent the doom.

Disguising as a
Great prophet to foil that doom
Was really fruitless.

My mother had called
That big red hedgehog and wrecked
The Kingdom of Zeal.

Scythe and spells I used,
But the beast beat me with ease
Only with a roar.

My mother stood there,
On the head of the wretched beast
And made fun of me.

Watching the palace
Caving in because of them
Hit my heart so hard.

I had truly failed
To stop the destruction that
Befell the kingdom.

On that day I learned
That revenge is pathetic
As it yields nothing.

Instead, I have failed
To protect Schala from them.
Now she is no more.

My sister has gone
And fallen into the dark
Realm of misery.

Now I am lonely
For she, Schala, my sister,
Has gone and left me.

I blame my folly
As it is the poison that
Has ravaged my life.