2 different worlds. ( yao ming LS )

Name: tyler barrett

Age: 15


Crush: yao ming

Bio: hey thurrrr! Im tyler. Or ty. Whatever. My dad is the coach for the rockets. Hehe! I love him to death. Im really close with the players. They are like my brothers. We are getting a new player! He's Japanese. And hes really tall! Hes 7'6. Wow! Anyways. I love love love! Anime! And cosplaying and going to anime cons! Im really hyper and have ADHD. Well..got to go! Dad says I have to go with him and the team to meet the new player. byeeeeee!

Name:yao ming

Age: 21 ( when he first started)


Crush: tyler

Bio: I am yao ming. I am Japanese. I have been picked by the rockets to play professionally for them in the NBA. I don't know any English. Though they tell me I have a translator. Well, my plane has landed. I must go. さようなら.